I’m a Procrastinator and I Know It!!

I blew off homework all weekend and waited until the very last minute to complete an assignment.  Doing so puts me under a lot of pressure and makes me really irritable.  You’d think I’d learn to NOT procrastinate on my homework but NO!!!  I’m a slow learner, I guess!

So today’s Daily Mile report left me thinking I may be a procrastinator on homework but I am an overachiever on logging miles!  They may not post my GPA on my tombstone but do you think they could post my total miles run in a lifetime?  I think that would be awesome!!

Yeah, that’s one thing about me – when I’m in to something – I am ALL IN!!  I can’t register for 1 race, I have to register for 9.  I can’t have 3 medals, I need to have 16!  Although I don’t run the speeds of some of these bloggers that blow my mind and I may not log the miles they do…but that’s the awesomeness about running!!  It’s about your own individual path.

I often downplay my running achievements because I know others do more than me: they run faster, they log more miles, and they look like the runner I want to look like!!  I saw this today and loved it!


Do your runs come 1st over other tasks (homework, laundry, etc.)?

 Are you a procrastinator?

Have you figured out your fall/winter racing schedule?


8 thoughts on “I’m a Procrastinator and I Know It!!

  1. Yes! Runs come first. Because without them, the other stuff doesn’t have a chance of happening. That’s so funny because I just wrote a post about prioritizing — but with race scheduling. I feel so ADD with it and can’t narrow it down. Help! And you are an amazing runner! You are out there busting your butt all the time and making things happen. So many people are out there just dreaming of doing what you are already doing every day.

  2. Yes! Running takes priority over most things, lol. And I stopped comparing myself to others just a little while ago and it’s liberating!…there’s always going to be someone taller, skinnier, faster, prettier, smarter, etc, etc, but who cares, right!? A least we are out there doing our thing and are happy and healthy doing it!…that’s all that matters in the end. And it’s nice to encourage each other and challenge each other to improve and then congratulate each otheres success! 🙂 I’m eyeing 3 marathons in the fall but haven’t officially committed, lol…procrastination at its finest! Oh and I procrastinate with laundry too! Awesome job on your running streak lady!! And hope that homework isn’t too much of a pain! 😉

  3. You should just show your professor your running log! He/she should understand!

  4. Bean says:

    Love that quote! Running comes first most of the time. Okay all the time:). NO I have not figured out my fall/winter race schedule since I am applying to some jobs out of state I don’t want to commit to stuff in case I move and it is freakin driving me crazy.

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