Not Your Ordinary Wednesday!

Around 3 pm I had the brilliant idea to go out for my run.   D was home with me and I gave her the option to ride her scooter or bike.  Fortunately, she chose the bike!

2.08 miles in this 104* heat was BRUTAL!

As soon as we were home and changed, we hit the pool! refreshing, relaxing and void of thoughts!!

K stopped for dinner on the way home…

Eh…I haven’t had this in awhile but wasn’t in the mood to cook but this definitely did not look appetizing!


I read an article earlier today after I Google’d, “I was laid off now what”.  The article suggested I take a day or two to just mourn and process what was happening.  So that’s exactly what I was doing this afternoon…with awful food!  Ick.

To be honest with you, my head hasn’t worked right all day.  I’ve been in this fog.  D and I went to the eye doctor to sort out her new prescription and that was about all I could handle today.

I’ve decided to give myself a pass until Monday morning.  I have until Monday to kick this…whatever it is.  I did apply for a couple of jobs today but that’s all I’m going to focus on until Monday.  Most people put off diets until Monday but I’m going to put off unemployment until then!

As I dried off from our splashy time in the pool on this wonderful Wednesday evening, I looked towards the sky and saw this!

And I thought that under normal circumstances, I would not be laying there – looking towards the sky, seeing the beauty, hearing D giggling in the pool and having just enjoyed a fun hour of playing in the pool with my family.  Under normal circumstances, I would have been sitting at a computer, working on homework and preparing for the next work day.

I’m thankful for today!

Do you feel guilty when you eat food that’s bad for you?

What is one great thing that happened to you today?

What is one of your blessings?




8 thoughts on “Not Your Ordinary Wednesday!

  1. bestmommie says:

    Do you feel guilty when you eat food that’s bad for you?
    NEVER….it is there for a reason….to comfort when needed.

    What is one great thing that happened to you today?
    I was blessed with another day with my kids

    What is one of your blessings?
    Having good people in my life no matter how often or not I see them… you Jac.

  2. I feel bad any time I pull up to McD’s. I think it’s because I watched Super Size Me and can never forget it. But other fast food places are just as bad, and I feel ok about them because I didn’t watch movies about them.:) But I love not cooking! So I would trade a little feeling bad for no dirty dishes! You definitely earned your cooking break!

    • ha ha, I’ve never seen Super Size Me..maybe I don’t want to. Honestly I ate that food down so fast I didn’t have much time to think about it. But I did stop after that first bite and think, “This doesn’t even look tasty”! I think this is why they say you shouldn’t eat after you’ve consumed cocktails…then you just don’t seem to care!

  3. I think it’s great you’re giving yourself a few days…I’m sure your mind needs it. I feel guilty when I eat not as well as I should. I usually try to hit the gym again to offset it but I know that’s not healthy either. A great thing that happened..this presentation I did went really well. And I am always thankful that I have an amazing family…they’re my rock.

  4. Aw man! Good luck with the job hunt!

    I like the retro happy meal packaging!

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