It’s Like a Divorce!

I woke up around 8 this morning and refused to get out of bed. I decided now was a good time to catch up on my Tivo recordings of         “Secret Life of an American Teenager“!   Yes…I’m a grown ass woman and I watch this show.  What of it?

Oh…by the way…I’ve entered the “anger” stage of unemployment. I don’t think I’ve dropped so many F bombs in my life than I did today.  It might be a new world record!  I also used a lot of other choice 4 letter words.  It was awesome!!!!

So you know how I said the worst part of being laid off is that I would miss so many of my wonderful co-workers. 2 of those wonderful co-workers contacted me today and said my belongings were packed and they’d like to deliver them.  That was awesome because then it meant that some of my stuff wouldn’t get broken in “shipping”!  So D and I met them for lunch at On the Border.

I ordered a salad and mushroom & spinach enchilada.  The enchilada was nothing to write home blog about but at least there are pictures!

I’ve talked about one of my old co-workers here before but I’ve never named her. She’s officially being named now because 1) she’s awesome and 2) we’ll be doing some races together in the future.  So A and my other co-worker and I had a nice lunch catching up.  It was hard to look them in the eyes and see that they were really feeling for me.

This leads me to my next rant…you know who your true friends are by the actions they take!  I learned a very long time ago that words are “words” – they mean nothing. It’s the actions that people take that reveal their true character!

So here is all the stuff that use to fit in to my cubicle!

Yes, I had a lot of stuff.  I worked there for 9.6 years!  My cube was very decorated and full – it was my home away from home.  And here it all sat, in 2 large boxes!

I decided that being laid off is not like a death in the family – it’s like a divorce!

This afternoon I ran 1.08 miles and ran as fast and as hard as my legs could take me.  I was feeling so very angry and it felt good to take that frustration out on the pavement.

So for some good news…this morning I weighed myself and to my surprise, the scale said 175.0!  Wow!!  I’ve officially lost 20 pounds since December 8, 2011.  Here’s the breakdown since I started posting my weight on this blog:

  • 6-21-12 = 178.2
  • 6-28-12 = 178.6
  • 7-12-12 = 179.8
  • 7-19-12 = 175

I’ve lost 3.2 pounds in the past month.  I’ll take it.

Do you watch Secret Life of an American Teenager?

Do you run while angry?

What’s your favorite curse word?



8 thoughts on “It’s Like a Divorce!

  1. Congrats on the weight loss! I love running when angry. We’re going to have to get u swimming too, it is peaceful and a crazy aerobic workout.

  2. I like to say swear letters, like “what the h” or “holy s.” Then I can still use it with the kids but feel like I’m getting it out sort of.

    And I’ve been watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. Equally embarrassing show choice!

  3. I haven’t seen that show yet but I’ve heard good things. You know yesterday, I was going to post the Kubler Ross Stages of Grief and I thought you may be teetering on the angry phase…so glad your run helped a bit…it definitely helps me if I’m ticked off. Favorite 4 letter work…shit…my best friend and I said “shit tits” a lot, lol…random. And I totally agree…actions speak louder than words!…definitely weeds out who really cares and who doesn’t! Today is a new day! And awesome job on the weather loss!!! 🙂

    • Today is a new day and I don’t think I’m feeling quite as angry this morning. I really hate feeling this way so it’s an internal battle of not wanting to feel it but yet, that’s how I feel. So annoying! I love the “shit tits” though. That’s awesome!! Good news is I haven’t dropped any F bombs today but…the day is still early! ha ha ha!

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