There Better Be a Cool Medal!

On Sunday we went to a birthday party for a very special 6 year old in our lives.  She and her family are moving to Colorado later this month so it is likely the last time we’ll see them for awhile.  I’m thankful D had so much fun at the birthday party!

Face paint!

Balloon art in the shape of Repunzel’s hair!

Too cool for school (which started today)!!

With less than 6 weeks until the Disneyland 5k, I decided it’s imperative I start training D this week.  I’ve been putting off her training because it’s so hot outside!  I worked out her run schedule to be Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday since those don’t conflict with my normal training runs of Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  I absolutely believe that beginners should never run consecutive days so the S, T, Th schedule works great for D, allowing rest days, and even assists me in achieving my goal of running at least 1 mile every day.

Around 5:30 pm last night, D and I headed out to do Week 1 Day 1 using my Ease into 5k app!  (This isn’t the first time D has trained for a 5k but it has been awhile since she ran one.)  For our first run segment, D does what she always does – goes all out, full steam and tries to show me that she can run faster than me.  The first run segment was only 30 seconds long and I kept up with her but reminded her that she has to remember to pace herself.  The second run was 45 seconds and she was losing steam.  By the time we did the third run segment, it was 1 minute in length and she was really struggling.  In all fairness, it’s hot out and she hasn’t run since March!

She’s an absolute trooper.  She never cried or whined to go home and she started listening to me about slowing her pace and not trying to “beat Mom”!   There were times she wanted to reduce to a walk during a run portion but I would just encourage her with, “You can do it!  You’re doing it!”

During the cool down walk home, D says, “There better be a cool medal at the end of the race!!”  Ahh…she is totally my daughter!!!

We logged 1.82 miles in 26 minutes – a 14:33 pace.  The pace is perfect for Disney’s standards but I’m eager to see that get better as I imagine D will want to take advantage of many photo opportunities during the race!

What face paint character do you want on your cheek?

What balloon animal do you request?

If you have kids, do they run with you?


8 thoughts on “There Better Be a Cool Medal!

  1. Melissa says:

    Ahh, that balloon art is awesome! That’s so cute and cool that you and your daughter are running together. When I have little bambinos I’ll have them run with me unless they hate running, lol. Stay cool and have a great day! 🙂

  2. Run Eat Play says:

    Good job D! I love the balloon hair! My kids have run short distances but they don’t really enjoy running. The like other sports though, like skateboarding, swimming, tennis, and karate.

  3. Amy says:

    How fun! I love the Rapunzel hair! She is going to have so much fun at the Disneyland race!

  4. Did you say she started school already?

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