Organization is key!

Yesterday afternoon, K, D and I headed out for their 5k training run.  We are a day behind on keeping to our schedule, we were not able to run last Thursday.  Yesterday we completed Week 2 of the Ease Into 5k program.  It was very hot out but we opted to go earlier in the afternoon for our run so D could have some time in the pool.  She was not a happy camper and continued to run far ahead of us.

She would try to speed up to patches of shade and then linger there waiting for K and I to catch up.  In spite of all her complaining and whining, she did great!  Her ability to run nonstop for 90 seconds in this heat tells me she’s going to kill that 5k!  I’m really proud of K, too!  He doesn’t whine or complain while we run because he is trying to keep D’s spirits up – he’s such a good daddy!  We completed 2.37 miles in about 36 minutes.

Happy to be home, but she wasn’t happy I paused for another family photo.

But I guess she’s good at putting on her game face and playing along with her crazy mother!

Confession time, I did not do my longer runs on Friday and Saturday.  I stuck to the 1 mile and called it good.  I felt super guilty for skipping the runs, especially as I read all my blogger friends blogging about how awful their long runs were. I felt like I’d failed to be supportive of my running friends by not suffering with them.  Does that make any sense?  I cannot, cannot, cannot blow off my longer runs any more.  As of yesterday, it is 4 weeks until my next half marathon, Disneyland!  I want to do a 9 mile run this weekend and a 10 mile run the following weekend.  Then that will be it for long runs and I will taper in preparation for the half marathon!

I wrote in my journal every day this weekend, something I’m trying to do so I can get my crazy thoughts out of my head and work through them on paper.  I told myself yesterday that I might as well take advantage of this time off unemployment period and take care of some things that normally get neglected!  I wrote myself a list of 4 things to do today!

After I dropped D off at school this morning, I started working on the disaster we call a pantry! Took about 1 1/2 hours and now you can actually find things without having things fall on your head!

Pantry before and after


Side pantry before and after


And now that I’ve written this blog posting, I have accomplished 2 of the 4 things on my list “to do” today!

Do you write yourself “to do” lists?

What’s for lunch today?

What’s for dinner?

Can you tell I’m hungry


13 thoughts on “Organization is key!

  1. Amy says:

    I think having running blogger friends is very motivating! Everytime I complain about the heat, I find someone’s post about having a terrible run in worse heat or worse humidity, or someone who had the flu and went out and ran anyway. It makes excuses a lot less credible!

    Good luck with your upcoming long runs! You are so close to Disneyland time!

  2. Run Eat Play says:

    K is doing so great on her 5k training! We don’t have a pantry but our cabinets look pretty similar to your before pictures! I would love to have a pantry!

  3. Melissa says:

    That’s awesome that D & K are doing well with the plan and you will rock your longer runs in the next couple weeks! I write to-do lists which helps me focus on what I really need to get down. Your pantry organizing turned out great!! I had leftover pizza for dinner…lazy, lol. Cute family photo! 🙂 Have a great night!

  4. Bean says:

    Are you for hire? Will you come organize us for our move please:). Great job runs in bike lane family! Running Rockstars.

  5. Erika@YouJustDidWhat says:

    Yes! I am a strict ToDo lister. Ever since having a kid, my memory just got worse and worse so if I don’t make a list, I’m super screwed!!
    The 5k training sounds like it’s going well. Kudos to you guys running in the heat!!

  6. I always write myself to-do lists! I am so forgetful and if I don’t write it down I won’t get it done.. then I’ll remember it in the middle of eating dinner or something inconvenient! Way to take advantage of your time off to get some stuff around the house done!

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