Cleaning out my…fridge!

A few years ago, a psychiatrist told me about a theory; when people experience trauma in their lives, the brain remembers it even if the person doesn’t on a conscience level…  So say you were 2 years old when your parents split up and it was around Valentine’s Day.  You’re 2, absolutely incapable of knowing what Valentine’s Day really is, and you actually forget, as you grow older, that the divorce happened around that time of year.  But ever since then..when Valentine’s Day rolls around, you just hate the day.  You could have the love of your life and all the happiness in the world but you cannot figure out why when Valentine’s Day you are just in a foul mood and go in to a funk/depression..whatever you want to call it!

I got laid off on a Tuesday.  Tuesday’s are becoming my “low” day in the week.  I don’t even think I make Tuesday a bad day on purpose.  For example, I jolted awake at 2 this morning and my brain immediately started flooding with all the fears and anxieties that I currently have.  I escaped to the couch as to not wake K with my tossing and turning.  I watched “Spanglish” on TV (thankful for some decent television at such an odd time of night) and just cried my eyes out.  Oh…wait..are you still stuck back there on “Spanglish”?  I love watching “Spanglish”…I think it’s a super cute movie .  Any way..I didn’t get back to sleep until almost 5 am and just knew it was going to be a rough day.

After I dropped D off at school this morning, I had every intention of coming home and going back to bed.  After all..Tuesday’s seem like a great day to spend the day in bed!  WRONG!!!  I watched “Real Housewives of NY”, declared those bitches CRAZY and got up to clean out the fridge.  After all, tomorrow is trash day and our fridge was in serious need of a clean out.

I didn’t bother to take any pictures of the before and after of the fridge but trust me when I tell you, before picture would = DISGUSTING!!!  So disgusting, I didn’t realize it ruined my lunch appetite until it was 3 pm and I was waiting to pick up D and could hear my stomach growling over all the noise of the elementary school children!  True Story!  I frightened 1st graders with the noise coming from my stomach.

Tonight, D, K and I went for our Week 3 Day 1 Ease Into 5k training.  We started with a 5 minute warm up walk and then:

  • Run 3 minutes
  • Walk 2 minutes
  • Run 90 seconds
  • Walk 2 minutes

We repeated the above 2 times.  On the first 3 minute run, K was not a happy camper runner.  In his defense, there is a heat advisory issued for Phoenix today and here we were shuffling along in the bike lane.  It was difficult to run in this kind of heat but we just took  it slow.  We wrapped it up with a 5 minute cool down walk.  1.7 miles in 27 minutes.  It’s important to slow your roll run when the temperatures are stupid extreme!

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this posting.  But you should thank me for sparing you the pictures of the disgusting contents that once inhabited my fridge.  You’re welcome!

What movie do you love to watch and most people would skip it?

When’s the last time you cleaned out your fridge?

Don’t you hate it when blog posts don’t have pictures?


11 thoughts on “Cleaning out my…fridge!

  1. bestmommie says:

    Men in Black (all 3), my fridge AND freezer need to be cleaned…I am afraid teh stench will begin to creep out, my blog dosn’t have pics so I don’t mind if others don’t.

  2. runfundone says:

    I hate it so much when blogs don’t have pictures that I draw them myself if I don’t have anything that fits. This takes a long time, and I wish I didn’t have to do it, but without pictures I feel vulnerable and lost!

    Don’t avoid Tuesdays! Face your fear! Challenge for next Tuesday: cute outfit and makeup + at least 3 resumes sent on Tuesday! You show that Tuesday who’s boss! 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    I like runfundone’s idea for next Tuesday! 🙂 yay for a nice clean fridge and successful run in bad conditions!

  4. Run Eat Play says:

    I love the Men in Black movies too! And A Walk to Remember. I watch it every time it’s on tv.
    Hopefully your Tuesdays will get better! Maybe you’ll find a brand new better job on a Tuesday! When one door closes, another one opens.
    Have a great day!!

  5. KC says:

    So happy it’s WEDNESDAY!! 🙂 Hoping it is a WONDERFUL day for you my sweet SEESTER!

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