Frying Eggs on the Sidewalk

Listening to the news this morning before taking D to school, the weather geniuses were warning of severe, record breaking heat.  113* was the forecast!  Holy Shitake Mushrooms!

When I pick D up from school, I park less than a block away and walk in to the “parent waiting” area. I could waste time and gas by waiting in the long line of parents attempting to pick their kids up at the curb but I don’t have the patience for that so I park and walk in.  Besides, it’s good to get some exercise.  But on a day like today, it means sweating my booty off and wondering why on Earth kids go back to school in the hottest months of the year?!

This is how I looked when I got back to the car. I don’t think you can quite see all the beaded sweat formed around my face but trust me, it was there.

The greatest news of the day: no homework tonight!!  I hollered louder than the kids with a “yes!” when D’s teacher made the announcement!  D and I made our way home, ate small bowls of ice cream, and jumped in the pool!

Except the pool felt more like a hot tub…  You gotta love living in Phoenix!

It was so flippin’ hot out that D and I had the great idea to see if we could fry an egg on the patio’s concrete!

D’s egg before and 2 hours after!


My egg before and 2 hours after!


The yolk of my egg was definitely firm.  But, as you can see, the white part of the egg did not turn “white”!

In all this insanity, I still went out this afternoon for my 1 mile run.  It felt like I was running in an oven with someone aiming a blow dryer at my face.  Cruel!  I’m officially at 73 days of this insane running streak.  I contemplated dropping out of the challenge today but there is something in me that just won’t let it go.

Believe it or not, today was the first time I’ve missed the indoor running track!  Bet you never thought I’d confess such a thing!  I don’t miss the blisters on my feet, the people in my way, or the short distance of the track…but I did miss having the ability to run in climate controlled temperatures!

I cannot wait for October…when our temperatures will finally drop and running outdoors will be a pleasure!!

What’s the temperature where you are today?

Have you ever fried an egg on the sidewalk?

What’s your favorite treat on a hot day?  



4 thoughts on “Frying Eggs on the Sidewalk

  1. Melissa says:

    Omg that fried egg thing is crazy! I’ve never done that. I give u so much credit for continuing the streak in those conditions! Its been in the high 80s, low 90s here..but humid which I don’t like. Fav treat on a hot day is a root beer float. 🙂 stay cool!!

  2. Amy says:

    We’ve been having that same heat wave (a little cooler here though!) Tuesday we did our intervals on the treadmill because there was just no way we could be outside, and I actually got up and did 5 miles before the sun rose today (surprisingly cool outside that early in the morning!). Stay cool out there! It is obviously out of control hot if you can fry an egg!

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