It is STUPID Hot!

Living in Phoenix and having an “excessive heat warning” until Sunday night is the irony of all ironies.  I’s Phoenix.  It’s hot here during the summer.  What’s the definition of “excessive”?  Some might argue 100* is excessive.  It’s “normal” to be over 100* here.  But when I got in the car this afternoon to go pick up D and saw this, I about freaked!

Granted, it wasn’t technically 122* out but it was for my car baking in the hot afternoon sun.  I don’t think the thermostat dipped below 113* as I drove to pick up D.  I started to think I either need to buy driving gloves or oven mits just so I can touch my steering wheel and move the gear shift.  It’s bad enough D and  I have to sit on towels in my car so we don’t burn on the leather seats!

I’m learning that the only way to survive walking the block to D’s school and waiting for her in the “parent pick up” area is to come equipped with ice water…heavy on the ice since it will melt soon enough!

D and I had to run some errands after school and I just knew we were going to be hurting being in and out of the toaster oven car.  Fortunately, it’s Starbucks $2 “treat receipt” time and since I got a coffee after my interview this AM, I had the golden ticket treat receipt.  D got a frap and I got an iced tea!

I bribed D to go on my 1 mile run with me with the promise of pool time afterwards.  I had absolutely no intention of running, though.  It’s just way too hot for that so I settled on a walk.  And you know what?  I’m going to count that as part of the #RWStreakExtreme challenge because it was “extreme” for me to be out there walking in this kind of heat!

D had the best time of all playing in the sprinklers as I circled the park..twice!

After we were home, we dressed for the pool and checked on my egg from yesterday!  24 hours later..this is how my egg looked!

It’s so disgusting that not even the bugs devoured it.  Can you believe it?

I’ve been saying it all day, “It is STUPID hot!!!!”  I think the heat is doing to people’s brains what it did to the egg pictured above.  This morning, the news reported car accidents all over the city, and they were having a hard time keeping up with how many accidents there were.  😦

I honestly do not know how I am going to accomplish my long run this weekend.  It’s only 9 miles but when it’s already 95* by 7 am, that’s trouble.  It was 103* when I dropped D off at school at 8 am!  Part of me is thinking I’m smart to not do the run..I don’t know.

Did you see all the storms developing in the oceans to the north?  😦

Am I old since I did an entire post about “weather”?

What is your definition of “excessive heat”?


6 thoughts on “It is STUPID Hot!

  1. Bean says:

    I agree. Stupid hot and it is a little bit cooler here in Tucson and I still want to die. I don’t know about my long run this weekend either.

  2. Melissa says:

    You’re smart for not running or cutting your runs short…that is honestly really dangerous to be running in that kind of heat and it’s not even enjoyable. Perhaps you could still get cardio in my doing some plyometrics at your house…in the AC, lol. They really work up a good sweat too and get your heart rate going. I am much more of a wuss than you and I honestly don’t like the temperature anything above 80 but I would say 87*+ is excessive for me. I just mill it when I am not feeling like dealing with it. Be safe!!

    • While driving back from D’s school today, I saw a runner and he was soaked (wearing a cotton shirt) and wiping the sweat from his head. He had NO water on him. (BTW, it was already 93*) I really wanted to pull over and get out and yell at him. My hope was that he lived at the apartment complex he was getting close to. I’ll have to look up plyometrics. One of the main reasons I really want to get a long run in this weekend is because my half marathon is coming up and I haven’t had a long run since the weekend before I lost my job. 😦 Seriously, wish I had the gym membership right now.

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