Unemployed Housewife Makes Ribs

Confession time: we are not a family that eats at home as often as we should.  When I was working, with all the hustle and bustle of work, school, running, trying to spend time together as a family..we found it easier to eat out.  Except, it’s not the healthiest option.  Nor is it the most economic option.

Unemployment often forces the hand of changing habits.  Even if it’s just for the duration of the season.  When K was unemployed last year, we were very good about eating at home.  As soon as he was back to work, we were back to our eating out habits.  I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Thursday I started preparing for our Friday dinner by putting together a potato salad.  On Friday, around 2:30 pm, I started the long, slow process of cooking ribs. I’ve never made ribs before so I was nervous they weren’t going to turn out right. I reviewed a lot of recipes online until I settled on this one, except I didn’t have the meat tenderizer, celery salt or ginger so I skipped that part.

I wanted to make a  nice meal for K to help him  unwind after a long week so I swung by our favorite brewery, San Tan Brewing Co., and filled our growlers!

Nothing says, “Ahh, it’s finally the weekend,” than a nice home cooked meal and a fabulous beer!

A couple of hours later, the ribs were finished. I was pretty stoked they actually turned out exactly as they should have!

Yummy potato salad!

The only thing missing from this plate is something green!

I was going to make spinach but D doesn’t like potato anything (or spinach) so I compromised with the corn.  I felt wrong putting 2 starchy items on the table but..I think we’ll live.   The ribs came out perfectly but next time I’d like to try the step I skipped!

Before dinner I went for a 1 mile walk and finished in 13:58 minutes.  (During the walk, I figured worse case scenario, I could walk the Disneyland half marathon and still finish in the required time limits.)  It was about 113* out and running was just not an option.  I checked the weather report to determine if I’d do my long run on Saturday and saw that it was going to be 90* at 5 am.  I told K it sounded too dangerous to attempt 9 miles in that kind of heat.  Our excessive heat warning is supposed to lift at 8 pm on Sunday so I was thinking maybe I can do my 9 mile run on Monday?  Then this girl ran 6 miles this morning and Tweeted about it.  She said it wasn’t “unbearable”..so now I’m contemplating going for the 9 miler tomorrow instead.

What are you doing this weekend?


6 thoughts on “Unemployed Housewife Makes Ribs

  1. Melissa says:

    My husband would love that dinner…and that beer! Lol smart move about skipping the run…90, 100* is way hot!

  2. Wow, I really wish I was eating at your house today. Yum. So far this weekend I did a long run and then slept and ate the rest of the weekend away. Too bad running long saps all of my energy.

  3. Run Eat Play says:

    My hubby would love that dinner too! I have never made ribs before, I might have to try!

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