Hi, My Name is Jac and I’m Addicted to Blitz!

I got up on Sunday to do my long run and when I checked the weather and it said it was already 99 degrees at 5 am..I crawled back  in to bed.

The good news is that the weather forecast for this coming Thursday has a high of 100*!  So I’ll do my long run Thursday morning!

On Saturday, D and I met up with M for some coffee.  We also did some shopping at the nearby craft store.

D was super excited that you can “make your own Jesus house!!”

We managed to get home before this monster engulfed our humble abode!

At the craft store we picked up a latch hook kit so D can work on something while she wears her eye patch every night.  We busted it out Sunday morning and she got right to it!

We did our weekly grocery shopping Sunday morning and I made a turkey meatloaf in the crock pot for dinner.  It was pretty tasty!

I wasted a great deal of time on Sunday playing this game on my phone!  What I love about the game is I don’t have to think about anything while I’m playing it.  All I can think about are those stupid colorful shapes!

Even as we settled in for the night, D was still hard at work on her project!

So tomorrow is Tuesday and as you know, Tuesday’s have not been a “good day” for me (emotionally speaking) in the past month.  But I’m going to take your advice and I’m going to show tomorrow (Tuesday) who’s boss!

How is your Monday going?

Do you latch hook?

Are you addicted to any games on your phone?


13 thoughts on “Hi, My Name is Jac and I’m Addicted to Blitz!

  1. Amy says:

    I don’t latch hook, and I’m not addicted to any games at all at the moment! But I do love making little miniature versions of buildings! I made something very similar to the Jesus house for a project about Route 66 (it was supposed to be a hotel).

    Sending positive vibes for a good Tuesday!

  2. Melissa says:

    Scramble, Words, and Matching with Friends…my addictions! Mmmmm..coffee! Dinner looks healthy and yummy. Yay for “only a 100*” on Thursday, lol. Kick tomorrow in the booty! Or just message me all day and I will tell you how awesome you are and how this is just going to be a distant memory soon! People were cranky today…I think they all had a case of the Mondays, lol!

  3. Run Eat Play says:

    I love Blitz too! I play that and Wheel of Fortune all the time!

  4. runfundone says:

    I loved latch hook when I was little!

  5. My only addiction right now is Pinterest. My addictions go through phases. Who knows what it will be next week. Wow, 99 degrees at 5 am! That is miserable. Thank goodness it isn’t that hot here. Our mornings are usually around 90 degrees. I cannot wait till fall.

  6. I did latch hook when I was younger! Well pretty much any craft or sewing project really. And I guess I still do. And good for you for running with a high of 100, I would have put it off even longer!

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