I Need a Way Back Machine!

I got up around 8:30 am and had the brilliant idea I’d go for my long run since the weather report was 81*.  I suited up, had my toast, almond butter and chia seeds and hit the pavement.  I definitely had some thoughts today!

  • The weather people are big fat liar heads!  81* my sweaty butt!
  • The clouds in the sky look like the Toy Story clouds!
  • I’m going back to peanut butter, I don’t care if it has some funky mold – it’s delicious!
  • How is it that I can turn left and am in the breeze but a moment ago, I couldn’t feel it at my side?
  • Whose stupid idea was it to come out here for this run?
  • Note to self: cocktails the night before a long run is the dumbest idea – EVER!
  • If exercise is supposed to help with depression, how is it that when you’re depressed it’s super, super hard to exercise?
  • I cannot believe I allowed this unemployment to derail my training…stupid, stupid, stupid!
  • When I get home, I’m going to slam a glass of chocolate milk..
  • I’ll slam that glass of chocolate milk after I chug ice cold water!
  • Trying to go to a happy place but instead I’m stuck here in this miserable place.
  • Wonder what’s killing all the birds?
  • I’m pretty sure getting cold chills right now is a bad, bad sign.

I ran/walked 6.02 miles in 1:16:34.  Yesterday, I ran 3.63 miles in about 45 minutes..it was the longest run I’d done in a month.

I’m trying really hard to not beat the crap out of myself for allowing my training to be derailed.  The Disneyland half marathon is in 2 weeks and I know I’m supposed to start tapering but I’m toying with the idea of scheduling myself a 10 mile run for next weekend.

Do you think I should do a 10 miler next weekend?

Do you have a “way back” machine I can borrow?  

What’s on the agenda today?


6 thoughts on “I Need a Way Back Machine!

  1. Glad to see you running!

    I am no expert but you are just ramping up for race season so a 10 miler next weekend probably won’t hurt you. Your training will continue after the race so not sure I see the point in tapering. However; I’d personally like to get to a place where 13.1 is a normal run so tapering is not something you do at those miles 🙂 I say do what you think your body can handle.

    No way back machine…sorry.

    Today I completed a run and am relaxing.

  2. Melissa says:

    I think you’d be fine with a 10 miler next week. Great job in getting out there today though. 🙂 did you have your chocolate milk? PS-I prefer peanut butter over almond butter lol

  3. I agree. Doing a 10 miler will be a good idea. Since you haven’t gotten in all of the training you wanted, the goal at the half will probably be to make it to the finish, not to PR. So the 10 miles will help make sure you are ready to go up a little more the next week.

    And I think I missed something. Moldy peanut butter???! What?

    • A PR was totally within my grasp when I did the 13 miles on July 14th. I could totally taste that PR. But…life happened and you’re right, the goal now is to make it to the finish line. I agree, the 10 miler is on the list for next weekend. Just need to get my body use to being on my feet and running for that long at this point. It’s use to the 1 milers and the 5k training with D and K but not much beyond that. Grr. And yeah..my friend M said I can’t eat peanut butter any more because of some funky mold. I’ll ask M to send me the link to the article again and share it with you! (Mold or not, I’m going back to peanut butter!)

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