This is What a Hot Mess Looks Like!

With the Disneyland half marathon next weekend and my training plan derailed, I think we were all in agreement that a 10 mile run this weekend was necessary.  I wasn’t thrilled when the alarm sounded at 5:30 this morning but you do what you gotta do.

I checked Twitter last night and saw that Melissa over at Run Scoots Run was going to be heading out for a 4 hour run this morning. She has a way of challenging me to not call it quits on my own ridiculousness, because my ridiculousness is nowhere near her ridiculousness.  Since she was going to run 4 hours, I couldn’t really blow off my measly 2 hour run…because at least it wasn’t 4 hours!  ha!

During the hotter months of the year in Phoenix, I do my long runs close to home so I can refill my water bottles.  Today I ran out of water after 6 miles.  Do you know how hard it is to go in to an air conditioned house and stay motivated to get back outside and finish the run?  It’s torture!!!

Fortunately for me, the final 4 miles seemed to go by faster than the first 6.  I took this picture on the last .20 miles during my recovery walk.  I couldn’t find my visor this morning so I had to kick it with my sweat band.  Seriously, this is what a hot mess looks like!

Once I was home, I took a more posed picture but…I still think the hot messness shines through!


Results from today’s run!


I quickly made myself some chocolate milk and poured myself a glass of ice water!


That chocolate milk didn’t stand a chance, I slammed it before it had time to let any chocolate settle to the bottom of the glass!

Now I feel like a zombie.  I’ve showered and pulled on my Pro Compression socks.  I have plans to chill with some lady friends tonight so I might have to take a nap this afternoon so I can stay awake later!   Sorry I don’t have any “random thoughts” to share with you from today’s run..I literally lost myself in the lyrics of the songs playing on my iPod just to get me through the run.

Do you run listening to music?

Did you get your long run for the weekend done yet?

What’s the temperature where you are today? 


12 thoughts on “This is What a Hot Mess Looks Like!

  1. Melissa says:

    I was an idiot and thought it’d be good not to run with music…let’s just say tomorrows run will have music, lol. You are looking h-o-tt hot after that 10 miles…I wore a hat so no one coud see me hahaha. I’m glad you downed your chocolate milk just as fast as I did. I’m glad you got that run in…I think you’re going to feel a lot more confident come next weekend! 🙂 now its time for both of us to relax 😉

  2. Kelina says:

    Proud of you Jac! You’re amazing!

  3. OK, you were tricking us.:) You are totally ready for next week! Plus you will have a lot cooler stuff to look at during the race. And plenty to drink! It was hot today, but not too hot. Wow, I should be a weatherlady with my keen observations. Love the sweatband! I have several that I use, but I usually wrap them twice around my arm (instead of around my head) to wipe sweat out of my eye. But maybe the sweat wouldn’t be there in the first place if I just wore the darn thing.

  4. Christina says:

    Awesome run! I swam laps today in an indoor pool and didn’t make it out to run. I am totally exhausted and ready for a nap. Have a wonderful time tonight. You’ll do great next weekend!

  5. Bean says:

    Nice job on the run! I am excited to hear how Disneyland goes!

  6. Good luck at Disneyland. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Enjoy the race and Happy Running!

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