She’s Crafty!

M is the kind of person that if she can make something herself, she will.

I’m the kind of person that if I can buy something instead of making it, I will.

I’m not crafty.

M is very crafty.

When M saw the cost of pretty, sparkly, running skirts, she gasped and refused to pay that for something she said she could “make for a fraction of the price.”

M happily volunteered to put my money where her mouth is.

She made me this!

My VERY first pretty, sparkly skirt to wear to a race!!!  Originally, I was going to dress in full costume for the Disneyland half marathon but life has a way of getting in the way and so we’re resigned to just the skirt.  But the skirt is FABULOUS!!!!!   I am really excited to wear it.  I will feel like M is right there with me every step of the Disneyland half marathon on Sunday!!!

In other news…my left leg is not feeling better.  I repeat, my left leg is not feeling better.  I thought a couple of days of rest would be all it took.  NOT!!!!  (Did I just show my age with the “NOT!!!!”?)   I was whining to M tonight about my leg issue and she asked what I was going to do, to which I responded I may not race on Sunday since I “already have the medal”. It was like an out of body experience when the words flew from my mouth and good thing M was there to call me on it – Who was I and what had I done with Jac??  Anyone that knows me knows I will pursue that bling like a boss!  True Story!!!

Seriously though, I always seem to get “injured” before a big race.  What is up with that, Willis?  (Again, age shining through?!?)

So..between now and Sunday I will be rolling, icing, taping, compression sock wearing, massaging, and willing my stupid freakin’ leg to get in line or GET CUT OFF!!!!

Why aren’t any of you running the Disneyland half marathon this weekend? 

Are you like me or M?  Do you craft or not?

Do you race in a pretty, sparkly skirt your bestie made for you? 



12 thoughts on “She’s Crafty!

  1. Melissa says:

    I’m not running it bc it’s too far and I’m cheap, lol. So sorry about your leg!…just ice roll and stretch like its your second job! You’re tough tho..I have no doubt that you’ll be fine and get that bling to go w that awesome skirt M made! the way…I’m like you..not crafty!..I have to get my hubby to sew on a button haha!

  2. Bean says:

    Sorry about your leg. Hope it is feeling better soon. Love the skirt!

  3. narnaboo says:

    So glad you like it xx

  4. that stinks about your leg! I definitely craft everything I can. My most recents are a dance bag for Alyssa, reusable snack bags for her preschool snacks, and I am about to get going on halloween costumes for the girls!

  5. Run Eat Play says:

    Hope your leg gets better fast!! Love the sparkly skirt!

  6. runfundone says:

    Yay! I’m with M! I make everything! I have also made a running skirt. I don’t like sewing with stretch fabrics, but I also would never pay more than $10 for a running skirt, so sewing it is!

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