Disneyland Health & Fitness Expo

Friday continues…

After a surprisingly good lunch at ESPN Zone…now it was after 12 pm and the Expo was officially open!  We made our way over for packet pick up!  Along the way we saw what would become a “beautiful sight for sore eyes legs” in the very near future!!  The “Finish” line of the Disneyland half marathon!!!!

You never need to question if you’re in the right spot at Disneyland – there are signs everywhere letting you know exactly where you are!  Just look up!

Disney is very welcoming!

Loved the logo on the path leading to packet pick up!

The area for packet pick up was a bit insane hectic – so no pictures.  But we picked up our bibs (a total of 4), pins, confirmed my D-Tag worked, and picked up our theme park tickets in less than 15 minutes.  Then it was time to make our way upstairs for the Expo and t-shirt pick up!

If you look carefully to the left of the picture, you will see the light sign reading “Half marathon T-Shirt and gEAR Bag Pick-Up.”  There were lighted signs like that all over the walls making it very easy to figure out where you needed to be!

It wasn’t too crazy in the Expo, yet.

I hit up the booths I listed as “must do”, KT Tape, Clif, and Nuun!  I lingered at the KT Tape booth the longest to discuss my “injury“.  At the 2 other booths, I was in and out.  I find that going to the expo’s prepared with cash makes the transactions go a LOT faster!!  Consider that my “expo tip”!

While D worked on a cheering sign, I watched Dimity and Sarah Bowen talk to us about race tips!  I read their book, “Run Like A Mother!” awhile ago and learned a lot.  During their talk, and I can’t remember who made the point, but one of them shared that the half marathon is the “sweet spot for a mother runner.”  (I think someone in the audience asked about a full marathon?)  One of the reasons I won’t consider a full mary right now is because I don’t have that kind of time to train.  I really enjoyed listening to their talk and I was amazed how easily they seemed to transition from one another for speaking parts..they were totally in sync.  I was in awe!

I think it was Sarah that shared tips about the finish line and how so many runners are more concerned with stopping their Garmin’s than having a great finish line moment.  She urged us to forget about the watch for a nano second and have a strong finish line moment!  She demonstrated how we should lift our arms in victory – straight up and down over our heads (locked elbows), not bent at the elbows like a football goal post.  I loved it but by the time I reach a finish line, I can barely keep my elbows driving back, let alone raising my arms above my head!!  I think K took her advice..judging from the sights of his 5K finish line photos! 🙂  But her main tip was wait until you clear the cameras and then stop your Garmin – good tip for me, I followed it on race day.

After their talk, we hit up the “official” Disney race merchandise area but that area was a little insane so I told K I would return in the morning to go through it.

On our way out, K and D stopped for a must-do photo-op!

All my purchases from the expo…necessities!!!

No, I cannot just buy 1 of something.

BTW, the KT Tape Pro stays on a million times better than the other stuff did!!!  I give it two major thumbs up!!!

For the rest of the afternoon we splashed around in the pool, water slides and hot tub.  It was a chillaxed afternoon!

We went to bed pretty early since we were up SUPER early and we had an early wake-up time with the Cars Land 5K Rally to contend with in the morning!

I love taking pictures of my babies sleeping.

Up next…Cars Land 5K Rally!!!


3 thoughts on “Disneyland Health & Fitness Expo

  1. I love it when expos are not confusing as heck to get around in. Glad you were able to get to your prime booths and stock up a bit. Totally liking that forget about your Garmin for a hot second to enjoy the finish! Glad you listened to them too. 🙂 Your little girl is just precious.

  2. […] Like a Mother and I learned so much from that book. (I had seen Sarah and Dimity give a talk at the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo back in September 2012 and I really enjoyed what they shared.  In fact, I now use their suggested […]

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