Let’s Talk About My Injury..

I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog reading and it seems to be injury season!  Boo to that.  Speedy recovery wishes to all my blogger buddies!!

So it’s been one week since the half marathon and I’m still limping along, if you can believe it.

  • I have to lean against the bed to pull my pants on.
  • I can’t lift my left leg more than a couple inches off the ground without screaming.
  • If I get up too fast from a sitting position and turn to walk, I scream out in pain.
  • I’ve been using the heating pad to relax the muscle.
  • I haven’t been able to unpack from the trip because if I’m up and moving around too much, my leg gets super sore and painful.
  • I can hardly walk – running is out of the question.

Finally this past Thursday, K asked when I was going to see a doctor.  He wasn’t the first person to suggest it may be time for a doctor but when K suggests a doctor then maybe it’s really bad?!?

I called my chiropractor Friday morning and she agreed to see me after work Friday afternoon.  Once I got to her office, I explained to her all my problems and she told me it was the tendon connected to my rectus femoris.  She did all kinds of technical doctor talk and explaining how the muscle wraps around the leg and all the other doctor talk that made sense as she was telling me but please don’t ask me to repeat it here.  I told her about the presence of a bruise in the area I felt the most pain and she said that would have been from the tendon breaking blood vessels?  Don’t quote me – like I said, it makes sense when she’s talking but I forget a lot of exactly what she says as soon as I leave the office.  All I gathered was 1) I had done a doozy on myself and 2) there wasn’t much she could do for me.  When I asked her to break it down in “dummy” terms that I could relate to or possibly Google ideas on how to tape, she suggested the thigh abductor!

I’ve had hip alignment issues in the past that she’s treated me for so she adjusted me for that in hopes it would take some pressure off my rectus femoris issue.  Normally when I walk in to my chrio’s office with pain, I walk out with no pain at all.  Magic!  But this wasn’t the case on Friday.  She told me that I can do absolutely NO exercise for 2 weeks and that when I do start running again, I’ll have to take it slow.  Story of my life.  Get injured = start all over again.

Honestly, I walked out of her office feeling a mix of emotions:

  • Happy, it didn’t sound like anything too serious.
  • Satisfied, I had gotten a PR in spite of the whole thing!
  • Frustrated, I keep getting injured.  Maybe I’m not meant to be a runner?
  • Angry, I really hate the shoes I’m in and seem to have had nothing but problems since I started running in them.
  • Determined, I love running – nothing is going to stop me from sticking to it!

Friday night I found this video for tips on taping my injury.  It seems to be helping.  Trust me, I’ve tried taping my leg for a hamstring, quad, and groin injury and nothing seemed to help.  The only sense of relief I have felt with taping has been after following that video so, by golly, I think we’ve figured out what the problem is.

And since I really hate it when I don’t have pictures to add to a post..I’ll share with you this one.  After all, this is what it’s all about, folks, the BLING!!!!

Are you currently injured?

Did you know you had a rectus femoris? (I had no idea!!)

I’m in the market for a new pair of running shoes, what brand do you swear by?


8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About My Injury..

  1. Melissa says:

    Rectus, lol…I really lol’ed at that..I’m immature, haha. Glad you went to the doc but I’m sorry you’re still in pain…looks like rest s going to be the trick and the exercises/stretches. I love Asics and brooks but I tried on no joke,5 different brands at the running store to really get a sense into what my feet like.

  2. Run Eat Play says:

    Hope you get better soon! Having an injury is the worst and I’ve had plenty!

    I love my Asics running shoes!

  3. elizabeth says:

    i got sad when I read “maybe i’m not supposed to be a runner” and then smiled at determined. whew! 🙂 i think injuries come and go and your body will continue to get stronger. you cross train,right? i think pilates, weights, and yoga have helped me a ton.

    i was a loyal brooks girl until i got a pair of mizunos from the mezmashii project and i’m now a mizunos convert! but i still wear both pair.

    • I have cross trained. I am doing “no exercise” right now, doctor’s orders. I do like pilates and hand weights. I just get bored with cross training and would rather run! 🙂

      Okay, I will try on a pair of Mizunos when I hit up the running store this weekend. I just know the brand I’ve been in will NEVER grace my feet again! 🙂

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