I Crossed the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon…

On Monday I emailed K and told him I felt like I was depressed.  His response, “cause you are injured?”  My response was no.

Why was I depressed?

I wasn’t sure. I just wasn’t feeling happy.

Maybe it was because it was the anniversary of 9/11?  I’m not going to go in to all the reasons why 9/11 is so important to me but..9/11 changed my life completely.  Yesterday, I allowed myself to feel sad.  I watched the History channel all evening and cried when I wanted to cry.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with allowing yourself to relive that day and feel whatever emotions you feel – as long as you don’t cause harm or pain to anyone else!

A couple of things I’ve been doing this week is returning to the eating habits I had before my unemployment.  This week I’ve had my Fage yogurt, my vegetable soup, and my veggies as snacks during the day.  I haven’t paid a great deal of attention to my eating habits since I lost my job – I’ve had other things to consider.  But maybe I can help this “funk” I’m in by being better about what is going in to my mouth?!

Since I saw the chiro on Friday and she told me “no exercise,” I have followed her orders to the T!  I have always listened to every word and instruction my chiro has given and I bounce back as quickly as she says I will!  There have been days I’ve been tempted to go for a walk or come home and do some pilates but she said “NO EXERCISE” and being the rule follower that I am…I have done NO EXERCISE!!!  *gasp*  But today…there has been a significant difference in my leg.  There has been ZERO pain, some soreness at times but no pain!!  Do I dare to dream there may be a run in my near future?

I keep reading from people on Twitter and in blogs that fall is hitting the rest of the country.  In Phoenix..we don’t have fall.  We just go from “freakin’ hot as H.E. Double Hockey Sticks” to you can actually stand outside for a moment without bursting in to flames.  I love fall, especially in New England.  For the past two years, I was able to visit my sister in Boston around this time of year.  In fact..last year, I crossed the Boston Marathon as my sister watched on in hysterics!

Because I will never cross the finish line in the actual race, I went out on to the street, facing oncoming traffic and “crossed” the finish line.  True Story!!!

Did you register for Boston this week?

Do you follow doctor’s orders to the T?

Have you crossed the finish line of  the Boston Marathon?  For real or for fake (like me)?

10 thoughts on “I Crossed the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon…

  1. Amy says:

    Didn’t register this year 😦 I bet you’re going crazy without the exercise! Isn’t it weird how much you want to when you can’t. Hope your disposition improves!

  2. Melissa says:

    I can register on Monday and I hope I get in!! Sorry you’re in a funk but hopefully it’s only temporary. And everyone needs a good cry now and then! So happy you didn’t feel any pain…maybe doctors do know best, lol!

  3. runfundone says:

    I’m a rule follower as well…with the very significant exception of the time I ran a race when I was specifically told by the doctor not to run. I ended up in so.much.pain. That’ll teach me to follow rules!!!

  4. Kimberly says:

    True story….YES!! I LOVED being there to witness your victory!! Proud of you my seester! Love how your expressing yourself frees others to feel, instead of trying to hold on to emotions they cannot bear to carry. You’re an inspiration. I love you!

  5. Ugh, not exercising puts me in the worst funk, but you are smart to listen to your doc. I love the you crossed the boston finish line! That may be my only way to do it before I’m 85. It feels so impossible some days.

    For some reason, I waited to do all of my 9/11 grieving on 9/13 this year. Not sure why, but it just hit me on that day when I was talking to the kids about it. My brother-in-law unknowingly helped train one of the 19 pilots from that day. If you feel like it, you can read about it here: http://brockbooherblog.blogspot.com/2011/05/usama-bin-laden-is-dead-yippee-i-guess.html. Anyway, I was sharing that with the kids and got really emotional. It’s always a lesson for me and for my family to avoid hate in our personal feelings and actions because it causes so much sorrow on a small and large scale.

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