We Found Nemo!

Yesterday we tried a new to us cafe called Hangar Cafe for breakfast.  While you eat, you can watch the small planes taking off and landing at the small airport.  K loved it, kept turning around in his chair to watch the different airplanes.  I ordered a vegetable omelette and was thrilled when you could actually identify the vegetables!  Sometimes I get veggie omelettes from places and it begs the question, “Where are the veggies?!!”

Cool airplanes!

After breakfast we went in search of Nemo!

Happy to report we found him and he’s back home safe and sound with his dad!

D has to wear an eye patch for a couple of hours every day to correct a lazy eye situation.  We discovered last night we are out of patches but, no need to fear, mommy to the rescue!

I haven’t run in 3 weeks and I can tell you that my schedule is all out of whack!  I’m nervous about doing any lower body exercise so I am thinking I’ll use a couple of my workout videos this week to focus only on my upper body.  I need to do something!!!

How is your weekend going?






6 thoughts on “We Found Nemo!

  1. Melissa says:

    Cool cafe concept! Your dtr is too cute with those band aids lol…my neighbor growing up had to wear a patch for awhile to correct his eye As well. The omelette sure does look tasty. 🙂

  2. Love the “eye patch.” Working your upper body is a good idea. I always feel like I’m going crazy when I can’t workout.

  3. Yummy looking omelette for sure! That’s a great eye patch idea. My kids would like doing that just for fun.

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