Great News and Salad!

Happy Monday!

Yesterday my leg was sore but it wasn’t anything like it was after the Disneyland half marathon.  When I stood to walk, I didn’t yelp out in pain.  By the evening time, I didn’t feel much pain at all.  I didn’t let myself freak out yesterday worrying about “what if” but instead decided to see how things were on Monday.

Great news!!!…it’s Monday and my leg is feeling a’okay!  Know what that means?  I reinstate my regular running schedule on Wednesday.  *Doing the happy dance!*  I’ll still take it slow and easy but at least I’ll be hitting the bike lane again – running towards oncoming traffic, of course!

In other great news…today I transitioned from being a contractor to being a full time employee with benefits and everything!

Yesterday I did a little grocery shopping after my coffee date with M.  I normally shop with the family and do everything I can to get in and out as quickly as possible.  But since I was solo yesterday, I had a little more time to look around.  I was thrilled to see these!

Kid friendly salads!!!  Sometimes D has to take a sack lunch for field trips and it has to be something they can get in to easily!  On the last field trip she went, she chose a salad from the deli but it turned out to be too much food.  These little salads would be a perfect size for her.

In case you missed it – yes, my daughter chose a salad over some other preservative ridden junk!  It was a proud moment in my world! It made me realize that the example I am setting for her is actually getting through.

Have you seen these Disney kid-friendly salads?

Any great news to share this Monday?

Are you on or off the injured list?


3 thoughts on “Great News and Salad!

  1. Melissa says:

    Yay!! :))). So happy you’re feeling good! Maybe it was just trying to work out the last little kink, lol. My Monday was boring so no exciting news. 😉 congrats on bring FT! 🙂

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