What’s better than racing with friends?

What’s better than racing with friends?  Honestly, I can’t think of anything.  But M thought running a race that ends in eating chocolate sounded divine!!   I had to hold off on registering since we heard about it shortly before I lost my job.

But today..that all changed.  I am officially registered to run the Hot Chocolate 15K

M shared coupon code: PHXMOM2012HC to save 10%, basically the service fee for registration!  So if you live in Phoenix, wanted to sign up for the race but were holding out for a coupon code – get yourselves registered!

I need to do some research but I might register D to run the 5K all by herself!   Having run other 5K’s, I’ve seen plenty of kids along the route running alone…so..someone out there does it!

Speaking of D…we are moments away from the big surprise reveal.  I am so excited!!!!  I’ll be back later to share the big news with you.  Until then…have a great weekend!

It just occurred to me…I’m sitting here on the injured list..haven’t run more than once per week for a few weeks…and I just registered for a 15K.  I think this makes me officially nuts!

Have you run the Hot Chocolate race?

What do you run for: beer, chocolate, cheeseburgers, etc?

Would you let your 9 year old run a 5K all by themselves?




9 thoughts on “What’s better than racing with friends?

  1. Melissa says:

    Mmmmm, hot chocolate! I used to get skinny mochas from Starbucks after my long runs in the winter. 🙂 sounds like a fun race! Hope your leg recovers more quickly!

  2. Bean says:

    That race looks so fun! I feel registering for races while injured could be a huge motivator:). I run for all of the listed above.

  3. Run Eat Play says:

    We just did a Hot Cocoa 5k this weekend! Have fun doing the Hot Chocolate race!
    I think if D can run a 5k then you should let her!
    I run for donuts 🙂

  4. elizabeth says:

    skipping the hot chocolate race in atlanta. too expensive! i’d rather run a half. and if i had a kid, i would totally let them run at 9. go check out the lillywhite family…. they will have good advice! http://www.bloglovin.com/link/blog?blog=3555784&link=aHR0cDovL2xpbGx5d2hpdGVydW5uaW5nLmJsb2dzcG90LmNvbS8

    and, i run for all good food and BLING!

    • Challenged and Running in the Bike Lane says:

      She’s run 5K’s before…I’m just worried about the “alone” part. And the course info isn’t on the site yet so it’s hard to decide… I’ll do more reading at Lillywhite..I read the most current post. Love families that run!!!

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