D’s Surprise Revealed!!

K and I picked D up early on Friday from day care with a surprise for her birthday!

Happy Birthday (on Monday), D!  We’re going to Disneyland..jump in the car!

Yeah…we’re nuts.  Arrived in Anaheim really late Friday night and left town super early this (Sunday) morning!  We determined we were in Anaheim less than 36 hours…fastest trip EVER!!!!

Naturally, D was very excited with the surprise.  Here are some of the highlights of our whirlwind visit!

Always happy on the tram going to the park!

Big Nightmare fan!

Has the ink..and shirt..to prove it!

D asked to ride in the front row, wish granted.  From then on out, she seemed to score front row seats (without asking)!

Amazing character interaction with Cruella.  This moment was a lot of fun!

Big fans of the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay in the Haunted Mansion!

Originally, D wanted to go horseback riding for her birthday.  Those plans didn’t pan out so this was the alternative..

Our most favorite castle in the world!

The park was SUPER busy and I can’t recall the last time we visited on a Saturday.  Sadly, we encountered a few times where we’d get to the front of the line and the ride would break down.  We’d then have to get out of line – TRUE STORY!!  It was a bit frustrating but what can you do??

What could make this weekend any more perfect for D?

Why…a stop to put her feet in the surf, of course!  Honestly, D would stand with her feet in the surf all day long if we’d let her.

This trip included throwing rocks in to the surf…

Of course, I’m all kinds of curious as to where these random black rocks come from.  The beach we visited wasn’t “rocky” and these rocks seemed completely random to me.  But D sure had a lot of fun hunting them down and then throwing them out in to the surf!

She also got a kick out of using the telescope!

I can neither confirm or deny if she used them to check out the surfers! Ha!

Sadly, we weren’t able to stay at the beach for long and after an hour and a delicious fish taco..we were back on the road making our way home to Phoenix!

In running related news…My leg managed to hold up really well during the trip.  In the beginning of the day at Disneyland, I noticed it was sore and sometimes I would get off a ride and bear all my weight on the left leg and I would feel a twinge.  But as the day went on..I noticed the pain disappeared.  Is it possible I walked out my pain?  It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened to me.  Last year when I went to visit my sister in Boston, one of my legs was hurting but then after a long weekend of doing a ton of walking..the pain was all gone and never returned.

Do I dare to dream this has happened again?!?

Needless to say…or I should say…a run is on the schedule for Wednesday. I plan to wear my old running shoes (not the ones I despise but the ones before that) and see if the new shoes may be contributing the issue.  I’m excited to find out!

What is your favorite childhood birthday memory?

What’s the last weekend trip you went on?

Have you decided what you’re going to be for Halloween yet?

Birthday Celebrating Part 2!

K and I took our birthday celebrating to San Tan Brewing Co. because we love that place!!!

K ordered a “guest” beer and the description on the menu said you had to sniff it like a wine snob (seriously, it said that)!!

I took a sip but I didn’t sniff – I’m a rebel like that.

I stuck to my tried and true HopShock I.P.A.!

We hung out for a couple of hours – eventually ordering dinner!

OMG! I am in love with their Pork Enchiladas!!!!!  Yum!!!!

In between beer drinking and enchilada chowing, I took a whole bunch of goofy pictures including this one of me stealing K’s hat!

Then this one of K’s super long eyelashes – I’m happy to report his daughter inherited his eyelashes so she’s not stuck with my short and stinky eyelashes!

Eventually we went home and boy was it quiet!!!  D was out with my sister and you  know J doesn’t live here any more.  I’m not sure I liked the house being that quiet.  I tried to enjoy it but..I sure did miss my babies.

K and I watched a movie and then I broke in to the cupcakes!

Sprinkles was so nice and put a Happy Birthday sticker on my box!!!!

I woke up this morning and put a big pouty lip on my face because it’s not my birthday any more so I can’t run around saying, “It’s my birthday, bitches!!!”  Oh well…there’s always next year!

Birthday Celebrating Part 1!

K’s birthday was Wednesday but D’s early morning puke fest terminated all future plans of the day..  Poor K…and D (she was the one throwing up, after all).

I reassured him I’d make it up to him so I had every intention of making Saturday all about celebrating K’s birthday…after I did my 8 mile run, of course!

We started the celebrating by seeing Madagascar 3.  K and D have seen the first 2 movies but I haven’t because I’m a Disney snob.  It’s true – I own it.  While I waited to buy snacks, I was wishing we were seeing this instead….

But alas, it hasn’t been released yet.  I don’t only see Disney movies, there are times I have been dragged to branched out, Despicable Me (non-Disney) is the shiznit!!  Me and K laughed our butts off at that movie!!

Madagascar 3 was pretty good for a kids movie.  The theater was packed and a family sat their 3 boys next to K and then sat 3 rows away.  Who the hell does that???  Thanks for letting us babysit your Icee slurping, chair rocking, “Where’s the popcorn?” askin’ brats!!!  So irritating!!!!  I keep saying I’m going to quit going to the theater because of all the rude people there but..we still get suckered in.

After the movie…we finally made it to The Keg for K’s birthday dinner!!!  K and I fell in love with The Keg during a visit to Niagara Falls, Canada a few years ago.  They make the bombest screwdrivers with fresh squeezed OJ!  OH Yeah!!!!

I was thoroughly entertained watching the butter for my crab melt!

I’m really a simpleton, if you haven’t figured that out yet!

Ahh!!!  The crab is attacking my filet mignon!

Fear not, I showed the crab who’s boss!

Fab dinner!!  Always amazing and delicious!!

Finished celebrating K’s birthday with shots at home!

Now it’s time for my birthday!!!!!!

I was up early because my allergies decided to flare up, lucky me!  Around 8:30, I decided to get my 1 mile run done and over with for the day!  I highly doubt I’ll be in any condition mood to do it later this afternoon!

After my run and a shower (you’re welcome); K, D and I went to breakfast.  We visited The Good Egg for the first time.  K picked it because it boasted “healthy options”.  I ordered the 7 vegetables (minus 2 of the featured veggies – onions and bell pepper) and egg white omelet!  Yum!

After breakfast we hit up Sprinkles for my free birthday cupcake (we picked up cupcakes for everyone, including my seester because Sprinkles makes the bomb gluten free cupcakes – or so she tells me.  The way she inhales them, I believe her)!

After we were home, it was present time!

Someone’s been reading my blog!!!  🙂

I don’t know that Part 2 of the birthday celebrating will be as long as Part 1 since it sounds like K and I are on our way to our favorite brewery!!!  Oh yeah!!