The Weekend Situation..including Father’s Day!

I’ve been sitting here this afternoon feeling exhausted and now that I’m starting to reflect back on the weekend…it’s no wonder!

I was up at 5 am on Saturday to do my long run outside. I really didn’t want to try and attempt running 9 miles on an indoor track.  As soon as I was home from my run – you know, after I recovered and blogged – we went to a birthday party for a very special 4 year old!

We had a great time at the party catching up with friends and lovin’ on our favorite 4 year old!  We spent a good 3 hours outside in the heat and boy was it hot!!!  K succumbed to peer pressure and went down the inflatable water slide with D!

Loved that I was able to capture this moment, it’s priceless!

After the party, we came home and I worked on some homework while K ran in to work for a couple of hours.  Later D and I met up with my seester (still in town visiting from Boston) to shop for some Father’s Day presents.

Dinner was had by all at Kona Grill.  I wasn’t feeling well after my long run and afternoon in the sun at the birthday party so I wanted something light and easy. I chose the Philadelphia Roll – yum!

And a Four Peaks Kilt Lifter – or two!!!

K had the Spicy Salmon roll, I stole a piece and it was pretty good!

Ended the evening getting hugs by my Pro Compression marathon socks!

And exchanging texts with some really hammered friends visiting Vegas.  I was also drinking a couple of these new-to-me beers!

(I didn’t care for this beer too much, it had a weird after taste – too flowery for me.  But it boasted 9% alcohol content per bottle so if you pick these up – watch out!!)

Today is Father’s Day…in case you didn’t know.  I was up around 9 am but needed to do a couple hours of homework before we did too much.  Since K was in a lazy state of mind, he was fine with me getting the homework out of the way.  After two hours, I emerged from J’s old room/my new study room, and we readied for lunch at Red Robin..yum!

I allowed myself to have the cheeseburger but skipped the beer. I still needed to get my 1 mile run in and having a beer threatened that goal from becoming a reality. It’s freakin’ out here today, my car thermostat is registering at 112*!!  Yikes.  Beer + Stupid Hot Temps = A Good Excuse Not to Run!

But alas, running prevailed and as soon as we were home, I went out for my 1 mile run.  That was torture. I had no random thoughts because…all I could think about was not dying of heat exhaustion!

After some cooling off, I dragged K back out in to the heat to get some ice cream!

Wow, I’ve consumed far too many calories in the past 24 hours!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend and have enjoyed your Father’s Day!  I especially wish these two great Dad’s in my life the Happiest Father’s Day!!  I love you both!