Woo hoo…witchy woman!!

A couple of weeks ago, my boss gave all of us witch hats with instructions to decorate them and bring them back in to the office for some Halloween spirit.

The hats  were due back in the office on 10/15 but since I was out of town all weekend, I didn’t have time to work on my hat until tonight.

Warning: I am not crafty.  I have never been huge on Halloween.  I don’t like scary things.  That said…here is my hat!

K made the bow for me!

I stuffed the pointy part of the hat with newspaper and K cut out a cardboard piece to secure the paper in the hat.  We stapled the hat to the cardboard and covered the staples with the flowers.  He’s far more talented than I am when it comes to this crafty stuff.

Witch hat meets FLOWER POWER!!!  As you know, I’m pretty new to this office and as I finished my hat, K said, “Company, meet Jac!”  He thinks this hat definitely reflects my personality…minus the “witch” part, of course!

Is it me or does this hat make you want to eat Lucky Charms??

On to running related matters… My alarm sounded this morning for my run and I…chickened out.  My leg is feeling so good and I’m so scared to test those waters and have the pain come back. I felt so guilty for wussing out so all day today I would power walk when I was up and about and see how my leg held up.  First off, I was actually able to power walk and that hasn’t been something I’ve been able to do since…August.  So that made me feel a bit better.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m really having a hard time getting myself motivated.  I am scared to feel that pain again.  I have a really hard time getting up early for runs (unless it’s a race day and then I have no problem getting up early)!!  I’m struggling.  And then I read all my favorite bloggers and how bad ass they are and then I just feel guilty.   **Insert music from world’s tiniest violin here!!**

*Heavy sigh*  It was about 68* on my extremely short drive in to work this morning and I counted at least 10 runners out on the road.  That just made me feel even guiltier for not getting up and running.  After all, that should be me out there!

Any words of advice to get my @$$ up and out the door for an early morning run?

Does your work get in to the Halloween spirit?