Butterflies in my Tummy!!

Something rare happened at work today..I finished up early and thought, “If I leave now, I could get a run in!!”  I instantly got butterflies in my tummy as I quickly grabbed all my stuff and headed towards the door!!!

I was home in no time flat…you know, because my commute is super short now.  I dressed, loaded up my water belt and out the door I went.  It’s a cool 85* here in Phoenix, gorgeous, bearable running weather!!

For today’s run, I laced up my old Pearl iZumi’s and my feet felt like they were home.  You know what I mean??  They felt great on my feet, like they were made for me!

Didn’t take long to get lost in my thoughts…

  • Shoes feel good, but I can definitely feel where my big toes have made indents in the shoes.
  • Walking pace is a lot faster than it was a week ago..feelin’ good.  Muscles in my left leg definitely feel less tense.
  • I bet people on the east coast would consider 85* too warm to run in and here I am, thinking this is perfect!
  • Running pace is definitely faster, but there’s that pain again.
  • The half marathon is 2 weeks from Sunday..I don’t see that I’m going to get in a long run before then.  Maybe a 10 mile walk on Sunday to prepare?
  • A 10 mile walk, are you insane??   I’d rather run and suffer than walk…
  • Okay…maybe no rehearsal run for this race and just go prepared to walk the course..
  • Interesting, when I try to focus on my form, the pain is noticeable.  When I just lose myself in the run, I don’t feel as much pain.  Wonder what that’s about?!
  • Maybe I should do some Pilates tomorrow and give my legs a nice good stretch.

I ran/walked 2.13 miles in 27:01 minutes, a 12:41 pace.  Last Wednesday, I did 1.79 miles in about 28 minutes, a 15:31 pace.  As you can see, there is vast improvement from last week!

All in all, I’d sum up the run as this!

There’s improvement and for that I am happy…but the pain is still there.  So the run gets an “eh” ranking!

After the run I immediately stretched and it really seemed to release the tension I was feeling in my left leg.   As I write this post, I am following Yo Momma‘s tips to ice my foot!

I don’t know what to make of this mysterious injury I have but I can no longer sit and do nothing.

Do you get excited to go for a run?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Have you ever done a half marathon you weren’t prepared for?


Woo hoo…witchy woman!!

A couple of weeks ago, my boss gave all of us witch hats with instructions to decorate them and bring them back in to the office for some Halloween spirit.

The hats  were due back in the office on 10/15 but since I was out of town all weekend, I didn’t have time to work on my hat until tonight.

Warning: I am not crafty.  I have never been huge on Halloween.  I don’t like scary things.  That said…here is my hat!

K made the bow for me!

I stuffed the pointy part of the hat with newspaper and K cut out a cardboard piece to secure the paper in the hat.  We stapled the hat to the cardboard and covered the staples with the flowers.  He’s far more talented than I am when it comes to this crafty stuff.

Witch hat meets FLOWER POWER!!!  As you know, I’m pretty new to this office and as I finished my hat, K said, “Company, meet Jac!”  He thinks this hat definitely reflects my personality…minus the “witch” part, of course!

Is it me or does this hat make you want to eat Lucky Charms??

On to running related matters… My alarm sounded this morning for my run and I…chickened out.  My leg is feeling so good and I’m so scared to test those waters and have the pain come back. I felt so guilty for wussing out so all day today I would power walk when I was up and about and see how my leg held up.  First off, I was actually able to power walk and that hasn’t been something I’ve been able to do since…August.  So that made me feel a bit better.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m really having a hard time getting myself motivated.  I am scared to feel that pain again.  I have a really hard time getting up early for runs (unless it’s a race day and then I have no problem getting up early)!!  I’m struggling.  And then I read all my favorite bloggers and how bad ass they are and then I just feel guilty.   **Insert music from world’s tiniest violin here!!**

*Heavy sigh*  It was about 68* on my extremely short drive in to work this morning and I counted at least 10 runners out on the road.  That just made me feel even guiltier for not getting up and running.  After all, that should be me out there!

Any words of advice to get my @$$ up and out the door for an early morning run?

Does your work get in to the Halloween spirit? 

Crocs, FroYo, Clouds…and a Surprise!!! Oh My!

See this..

It contains a surprise message for D!  She won’t get to read it until tomorrow afternoon.  But all week K and I have been plotting and planning to pull off this birthday surprise!  She turns 9 on Monday!

In recent months, I would wait until the very last minute to get things in order for whatever event may be occurring.   But not this time.  I’ve been working all week to prepare.  I took D to get new shoes last night – they are needed for the “surprise”!

I have never seen Crocs like these and D loves them!!!   She says they’re very comfortable.

While we were out, we were less than 25 feet from Yogurtland and I told K and D that I would have my blogger rights revoked if we didn’t stop!  We each got a very little bit, it was probably the cheapest trip to Yogurtland….ever!!

I worked 10 hours today, another plot to get stuff done at work so I can leave at my intended time tomorrow to pull off the “surprise” for D!

After work, I had to swing by the grocery store to pick up some necessities for the SUPER surprise!  Check out this view!

That’s a street light and clouds rising up behind it.  I thought it was wicked cool and as I stopped to snap a photo of it, I noticed other shoppers around me taking a moment to admire the beauty!!  It was like 85* here in Phoenix today..it finally felt like fall with the weather and clouds.  RELIEF!!!

I’m not going to run tomorrow.  I’m not going to run again until next Wednesday. I swear the injury is actually in my foot and just radiating to other areas of my leg.  You know how when you go to the dentist and point out pain on one side of your mouth but the problem is actually from another side??  Yeah..I think that’s what’s happening here.

That’s my theory…I could be wrong…but I’m starting to believe I’m not!

In other non-running, non-surprise, completely random news…K and I are finishing up the final season of Weeds.  Can’t wait to see how this all ends!

Have you ever planned a big surprise for someone?

Do you wear Crocs?

What’s your favorite froyo place?

Do/did you watch Weeds?




Great News and Salad!

Happy Monday!

Yesterday my leg was sore but it wasn’t anything like it was after the Disneyland half marathon.  When I stood to walk, I didn’t yelp out in pain.  By the evening time, I didn’t feel much pain at all.  I didn’t let myself freak out yesterday worrying about “what if” but instead decided to see how things were on Monday.

Great news!!!…it’s Monday and my leg is feeling a’okay!  Know what that means?  I reinstate my regular running schedule on Wednesday.  *Doing the happy dance!*  I’ll still take it slow and easy but at least I’ll be hitting the bike lane again – running towards oncoming traffic, of course!

In other great news…today I transitioned from being a contractor to being a full time employee with benefits and everything!

Yesterday I did a little grocery shopping after my coffee date with M.  I normally shop with the family and do everything I can to get in and out as quickly as possible.  But since I was solo yesterday, I had a little more time to look around.  I was thrilled to see these!

Kid friendly salads!!!  Sometimes D has to take a sack lunch for field trips and it has to be something they can get in to easily!  On the last field trip she went, she chose a salad from the deli but it turned out to be too much food.  These little salads would be a perfect size for her.

In case you missed it – yes, my daughter chose a salad over some other preservative ridden junk!  It was a proud moment in my world! It made me realize that the example I am setting for her is actually getting through.

Have you seen these Disney kid-friendly salads?

Any great news to share this Monday?

Are you on or off the injured list?


Do I Dare to Run??

I missed my chiro appointment on Friday because I had to work late.  So I do not have doctor’s clearance to run.

But…I’m thinking of going for a 3 mile run in the morning.  I vow to do the following:

  • Run slowly..it’ll be more of what I call a “runner’s shuffle”.
  • Head home the moment I feel any kind of pain.

I just gotta get back out there and run again.  The bike lane is calling my name – it misses me and I miss it!

Due to my extremely hectic work schedule this past week, I didn’t do any of the workouts I had planned to do.  Lesson learned…the last week of the month will require morning workouts – whether I like it or not.

Do you think I’m crazy to attempt a small run without doctor’s “okay”?

Sunsets and Tens Units

Remember how I bought new running kicks on Tuesday with plans to run on Wednesday?

I had rested my injury for 2 full weeks post half marathon as instructed by the chiropractor!

Wednesday morning, I woke up and my leg was sore.  WTH?!  I have done ZERO exercise and only ran on Tuesday long enough to test out 3 pairs of shoes.  I ran for, what, 2 minutes?!

Fast forward to Friday and the leg is still sore.  I went back to my chiropractor tonight and she told me that when you injure the smaller tendons and muscles, it can take awhile to heal.  How long?  6-8 weeks!!!!!!!!  You can imagine my facial expressions but she quickly assured me that doesn’t mean I have to stop running.

She hooked me up to the tens unit with a heavy focus on my left buttocks and hamstring.  Gotta admit…it felt good!

Final verdict…less soreness in my leg after 15 minutes on the tens unit and an adjustment.  Doctor’s orders – I can jog 1/2 a mile a day.  I told her I don’t even have to dress in my running clothes for that – I can just do that in my stupid jeans!

My chiropractor said us runners are funny people and when we’re told we can’t run we have very obvious reactions to it.   Imagine that!

At least there was this amazing sunset to greet me as I left the doctor’s office!

Of course, I’d much rather be running while seeing this amazing sunset!

My next half marathon in November 4th.  My chiro said I should consider buying a tens unit so I can hook it up to myself after some of my harder runs.  SERIOUSLY considering that.

Do you have a tens unit?

Do you think I should try the half mile a day?  Do you see any benefit in that at all?

Got any fun plans this weekend?


The I’s of Me

Injured.  Injury started 8/23.  I really pissed it off with the Disneyland half marathon on 9/2.  Doctor’s orders on 9/7 for no exercise 2 weeks from the time of the half marathon.  On Wednesday, 9/12 I felt absolutely no pain in my leg all day long.  Been going strong ever since.

Ill.  Mid morning on Thursday, 9/13 my nose started running.  Perhaps it felt sympathy for my legs not being able to run because it started running and would not stop!  I left work early on Friday because I was running a fever.  I’m still sick.

Inclined.  Before I run again, I need to visit my local running store to pick up a new pair of shoes. I’d like to return to my running routine on Wednesday…nice and slow like the doctor said!

I miss Boston.  The blog world is all a-buzz about Boston right now.  I have my fingers crossed for many of you that you’ll get in!!!  Chances are excellent I will never run Boston…for 1) I don’t have a desire to run a marathon  – a requirement to qualify and 2) I am a slow runner – people finish full marathons in the time it takes me to run a half!

D is Arizona born and raised so in October 2010, I took her to visit my sister in Boston for the very first time.  I absolutely love Boston, fall is my favorite time of year there, and I think everyone should visit this amazing city!  To further spike the Boston marathon fever, below are a couple of my favorite pictures from our first 24 hours in Boston October 2010.

Hitching a ride from the North End!

Make Way for Ducklings…and D!

Sending the Boston-marathon-acceptance-good-vibes-to-my-blogger-friends!

What is your favorite season?

What is your favorite city?

What is your favorite fall treat?



Let’s Talk About My Injury..

I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog reading and it seems to be injury season!  Boo to that.  Speedy recovery wishes to all my blogger buddies!!

So it’s been one week since the half marathon and I’m still limping along, if you can believe it.

  • I have to lean against the bed to pull my pants on.
  • I can’t lift my left leg more than a couple inches off the ground without screaming.
  • If I get up too fast from a sitting position and turn to walk, I scream out in pain.
  • I’ve been using the heating pad to relax the muscle.
  • I haven’t been able to unpack from the trip because if I’m up and moving around too much, my leg gets super sore and painful.
  • I can hardly walk – running is out of the question.

Finally this past Thursday, K asked when I was going to see a doctor.  He wasn’t the first person to suggest it may be time for a doctor but when K suggests a doctor then maybe it’s really bad?!?

I called my chiropractor Friday morning and she agreed to see me after work Friday afternoon.  Once I got to her office, I explained to her all my problems and she told me it was the tendon connected to my rectus femoris.  She did all kinds of technical doctor talk and explaining how the muscle wraps around the leg and all the other doctor talk that made sense as she was telling me but please don’t ask me to repeat it here.  I told her about the presence of a bruise in the area I felt the most pain and she said that would have been from the tendon breaking blood vessels?  Don’t quote me – like I said, it makes sense when she’s talking but I forget a lot of exactly what she says as soon as I leave the office.  All I gathered was 1) I had done a doozy on myself and 2) there wasn’t much she could do for me.  When I asked her to break it down in “dummy” terms that I could relate to or possibly Google ideas on how to tape, she suggested the thigh abductor!

I’ve had hip alignment issues in the past that she’s treated me for so she adjusted me for that in hopes it would take some pressure off my rectus femoris issue.  Normally when I walk in to my chrio’s office with pain, I walk out with no pain at all.  Magic!  But this wasn’t the case on Friday.  She told me that I can do absolutely NO exercise for 2 weeks and that when I do start running again, I’ll have to take it slow.  Story of my life.  Get injured = start all over again.

Honestly, I walked out of her office feeling a mix of emotions:

  • Happy, it didn’t sound like anything too serious.
  • Satisfied, I had gotten a PR in spite of the whole thing!
  • Frustrated, I keep getting injured.  Maybe I’m not meant to be a runner?
  • Angry, I really hate the shoes I’m in and seem to have had nothing but problems since I started running in them.
  • Determined, I love running – nothing is going to stop me from sticking to it!

Friday night I found this video for tips on taping my injury.  It seems to be helping.  Trust me, I’ve tried taping my leg for a hamstring, quad, and groin injury and nothing seemed to help.  The only sense of relief I have felt with taping has been after following that video so, by golly, I think we’ve figured out what the problem is.

And since I really hate it when I don’t have pictures to add to a post..I’ll share with you this one.  After all, this is what it’s all about, folks, the BLING!!!!

Are you currently injured?

Did you know you had a rectus femoris? (I had no idea!!)

I’m in the market for a new pair of running shoes, what brand do you swear by?