A Body In Motion..

Have you ever heard the saying, “A body in motion stays in motion”?  Or is that a Bible verse?  I could Google it but I’m pressed for time but..you know the saying, right?

I made up my mind Saturday that I had to get myself back in to the habit of taking care of things I’ve neglected and I’ve been holding to it!

I cleaned this out of my wallet!

Two months worth of receipts!!  I do keep a checkbook in Excel so I had to enter all that info before I could take the stack to work and shred it!  This is what I did early Sunday AM when I was up early with a sick D!

I’m on this “eggs for breakfast” kick and have been fixing eggs for D and me every morning!
One day I didn’t have time to make us eggs and I noticed I was starving less than an hour later.  So..definitely making a point to make sure that both D and I have some source of protein in the morning with breakfast!
I think D loves the idea of mommy fixing her breakfast every morning…and brushing her hair..and pulling it out of her face..and brushing her teeth.  SPOILED!!

I was so proud of my packed lunch this AM!

Mostly because of the honey crisp apple – delicious!

I love getting surprises in the mail…like this!

Meeting C 12 years ago changed my life-TRUE STORY!!!!  D is super excited about the Starbucks gift cards!!  Thank you, C!!!!  I love you!!!

In other fun, exciting news, M and I booked our flight for the Tinker Bell half marathon weekend today because Southwest is having a fabulous sale!!  Our travel dates fell within their travel restrictions so..score!  Round trip for $139 can’t be beat!  Imagine our excitement when we registered for the race and then our excitement when we reserved the hotel room and now our excitement that we have our flights booked!

Been busy but I’m feeling good.  I’m getting my mind and body prepared to go for a run tomorrow morning.  I am just way too tired in the afternoon to run so I need to change things up and get my runs done in the morning’s.  This is a total switch for me so it’s going to be an adjustment.  We’ll see how it goes!

What’s your favorite kind of apple?

Do you keep a checkbook register and balance it every time you get a statement?

Are you running the Tinker Bell half marathon?

Do you pack your lunch or buy every day?

Lunchtime…Party Time!

Most people on a Friday take the opportunity to have a nice lunch with friends.  Maybe instead of packing a lunch, they go out to eat.  Not me!  Oh no!  I woke up at 4:30 am today, instead of my usual 5:20ish, with my allergies on fire. I quickly made a date with myself that I would go to CVS on my lunch hour (the CVS’ in my area aren’t open until after I get to work), because I know how to get down and funky!!

I clipped my coupon for Zyrtec and drove in to work (earlier than normal) with great anticipation for lunchtime!!

I tore in to this bottle of Zyrtec like a kid tears in to a package of M&M’s.  I needed my fix and I needed it pronto (since it takes about 60-90 minutes for this baby to take affect)!

As I strolled back in to the office, I took a moment to admire the fact that the source of my killer allergies is slowly, but surely, dying!

Okay, it’s not dying but the tree is losing it’s blooms and by the time I reach the end of my 30 count Zyrtec bottle, I should be back to normal–well, as normal as I can be all things considered.  What’s “normal” any way?

Now it’s time to eat..I have Amy’s Chunky Vegetable soup in my trusty lunch bag and I’m ready to put it in my belly!

What’d you have for lunch today?

Did you go out with friends?