I’m a Procrastinator and I Know It!!

I blew off homework all weekend and waited until the very last minute to complete an assignment.  Doing so puts me under a lot of pressure and makes me really irritable.  You’d think I’d learn to NOT procrastinate on my homework but NO!!!  I’m a slow learner, I guess!

So today’s Daily Mile report left me thinking I may be a procrastinator on homework but I am an overachiever on logging miles!  They may not post my GPA on my tombstone but do you think they could post my total miles run in a lifetime?  I think that would be awesome!!

Yeah, that’s one thing about me – when I’m in to something – I am ALL IN!!  I can’t register for 1 race, I have to register for 9.  I can’t have 3 medals, I need to have 16!  Although I don’t run the speeds of some of these bloggers that blow my mind and I may not log the miles they do…but that’s the awesomeness about running!!  It’s about your own individual path.

I often downplay my running achievements because I know others do more than me: they run faster, they log more miles, and they look like the runner I want to look like!!  I saw this today and loved it!


Do your runs come 1st over other tasks (homework, laundry, etc.)?

 Are you a procrastinator?

Have you figured out your fall/winter racing schedule?

Water….It’s What Hydrates You!

It’s 97* here in Phoenix today, that’s like 14* cooler than it’s been lately!  14* is a HUGE difference.  Normally, when I run my 1 mile outdoors, I go through 1 – 1.5 of my bottles of water.  Today, I had 2 sips of water.  That’s how much of a difference 14* makes.

Speaking of my 1 miler…today’s run marked 47 days of running!!!

I normally run longer than a mile on Friday’s but since I have it on the schedule to run 13 miles tomorrow, I decided I’d let my legs rest a bit tonight.  It’s supposed to be in the mid-80’s from 5 am – 8 am tomorrow so my hopes is I can drag my butt out early enough to do all 13 miles outdoors.   Please think positive running thoughts for me, I really don’t want to do those 13 miles on that indoor track!

After my “Feel Good” post on Wednesday, I thought it might be a good idea to share with you how I manage to drink all the water I’m supposed to most days of the week.  It’s not an easy habit to get in to and for me, it required some trial and error.  The strategy I’m about to share with you has been successful for me for the past few months!!

I start with a water jug and a large drinking cup with a straw.

When I get to work, first thing I do is fill the jug!

I then pour myself a “Trenta” sized cup of water and start sipping on it.  I like to use a cup with a larger straw because I seem to drink it faster that way. While I read my emails and assess my day, I sip on the water!

The jug I use is about 100 ounces of water.  I’ve read recently that you should drink half your weight in water ounces.  I weigh about 178, so I should drink about 89 ounces of water.  I drink a little more than 89 ounces because I live in the desert and am active – it’s important that runners hydrate!

Throughout the day I keep the jug of water in a highly visible area on my desk!

Having the jug front and center on my desk serves as a reminder of  how much water I’ve had how much more I need to drink.  My goal is to drink the entire jug by 2 pm so I have plenty of time to get it out of my system before I have to make my drive home. (There’s nothing worse than being in rush hour traffic and needing to potty – I speak from experience!!)

When I empty the jug and drink the last drop out of the cup, I instantly message a friend of mine, “Water done – BAM!”  It’s a fun way for us to compete and encourage each other.  Some times she will message me first and I still have an entire cup to drink so I’ll hurry and drink it down!  BAM!

If you need something to flavor up your water, you can take any citrus fruit (lime, lemon, oranges, etc), cut them in to slices and freeze them in freezer bags.  Put the frozen slices in your water cup (like ice cubes) and as the frozen slices thaw in your water, they will flavor the water nicely!

Truth be told, I’m not so good about drinking this much water on the weekend.  So my goal this weekend is to do the same thing at home that I do at work.  That way I have a good and accurate measure of how much water I’ve had on the weekend, as well.

If you want to, you can send me a Tweet on Twitter, my handle is RunsInBikeLane, when you finish your water every day – “Water done – BAM!”  It could be a fun way of letting everyone know you drank your water and can also serve as a reminder to others to drink some water!

Got any fun plans this Friday night?

Have any additional tips for drinking water?

 Do you prefer your water with or without ice?

A Message From my Fat Pants…

The Monday after a 5 day weekend is always pretty rough.

It’s even rougher when the zipper to your comfy pants busts 2 hours in to your work day!

I keep a lot of “in case of emergency” items in my desk drawers at work but “pants” aren’t one of them!

Then I got to thinking about this issue. It’s not like my zipper busted because my belly is pushing it to it’s limit.  It’s actually quite the opposite.

I’m at the stage that my fat pants are “too big” for me but I’m not made out of money so I haven’t wanted to invest in more pants.  I was trying to hold out until I could skip from my “fat pants” back to my “skinny pants”.   I didn’t care that the bottom of my fat pants were dragging on the floor as I walked, I thought it was a great reminder that I’m making progress.

I have hated shopping for years now.  Hate it with a passion!!!  I hate trying on clothes but it’s an absolute must if I’m buying something because I’m so oddly shaped so I just avoid buying clothes until I absolutely have to!  I am small in the waist and then I have these huge…what do you call them, hips?  saddlebags?  butt?  All of the above?  Either way, it’s really hard to find pants that fit me!

Which is why I have hung on to these babies!

My sentiments exactly…..the “ideal fit”.  They (used to) fit great!

Wanna know what has happened in the past when I get to the stage that my fat pants are too big but my skinny pants are way too small?

I stop paying attention to my food choices and fitness and throw in the towel.  In the past, that’s been easier than shopping for new pants!

More truths…these Dockers aren’t the only “fat pants” in my closet that have been trying to call it quits.  Truth is, I look a little ridiculous at work wearing these oversized pants!

So what am I going to do?  I thought about this long and hard today.

I’ve decided on the following:

  • I’m not quitting – I’m tired of this yo-yo game I’ve been playing!
  • I’m throwing these pants away instead of begging my friend to try and fix them for me!
  • I’m going suck it up and go buy a new pair of pants (maybe even 2)!  Instead of crying in the dressing room or rushing home and not speaking to K for the rest of the day because I’m so disgusted I can’t fit in to a pair of pants, I’m going to celebrate what I have accomplished this far and appreciate that I am going to take it even further!

I think it’s exactly what my old fat pants would want me to do!

Are you attached to a clothing item you’ve outgrown (for better or worse)?

Do you like to shop?

Have you ever been stuck at work with an embarrassing blow out like a busted zipper?  Tell me (us) about it!

Motivated Monday

Happy Monday!!!

Today is Day 36 in the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak Challenge.  You know what that means?!  Only 2 more runs until the challenge is over!!!!!  I am really looking forward to a rest day on Thursday…or am I?  I had a quick thought yesterday that maybe I should keep the challenge going..  We’ll see.  I’m entertaining the idea.  Only because I am so motivated by what I’ve seen on Daily Mile!!!

In June I exceeded the most miles I have ever run in a month.  Insane!!!  83 miles. I never thought I’d see a month I ran 83 miles.

Then I saw this!

My pace is decreasing!!  I’m very excited about that since I have a goal to PR at my next half marathon!!!  I really feel like that dream may become a reality for me!!!  I’ve been working hard and I really want it. I don’t necessarily have a PR time in mind because it is a Disney race and they tend to bottleneck in certain areas.  I don’t want to set myself up for a disappointment by saying, “I want to do it in X time” because that may not be realistic.  But…in looking at this, I think it’s a very real possibility I should be able to pull something off!!!

Then this weekend I got a huge boost to my self esteem when I pulled those jeans on.  This journey to lose weight has been difficult.  Sometimes I don’t see results as quickly as I’d like to.  But I keep working at it and doing what I’m supposed to do in hopes that one day it will pay off. I feel like on Saturday I got that little pay off  – that little nudge to keep me on this path!!  I am feeling confident that I’m doing the right things on this journey to a healthier me!

I’m in a good place right now and I like it!!

Did you have a good Monday?

What are you doing for 4th of July?


Motivated Monday on Memorial Day..

I just woke up from an afternoon nap and exclaimed, “I need to write my Motivated Monday post” but..I’m not feeling very motivated..and K quickly pointed that out!

I started my day with a 1.32 mile run.  I’m participating in Runner’s World Summer Running Streak challenge.  I don’t normally run on Monday’s but I do love adding miles to my Daily Mile account!!

Before the crazies in Phoenix swarmed the stores for their liquid lunches, my Dad and I went to the grocery store to secure necessary items for today’s Mexican BBQ feast!

After we were home, I made Mexican Pasta Salad!


And guac..sorry, no picture of the guac since I don’t eat it but all of the “tasters” in my house confirmed it was pretty tasty stuff.

While I was making the house smell rich with jalapeno, cilantro, onion and the likes…my seester, mom and D were securing me this beauty!!

Now that everyone was back in one place, K grilled us some arrachera…translation meaning – yummiest meat you could stuff in a burrito!

Put it all together and you get this:

It was delish.  We stuffed ourselves silly!!!

In an effort to procrastinate writing my “motivated” post…we all dined on yummy Sprinkles cupcakes.  The Peanut Butter Chip is my absolute favorite!!!

But when I stop and think about it…I am motivated this week to keep at my runs.

For the past two weeks my weekly report from Daily Mile has shown more of my friends logging miles.  Although some of them aren’t doing actual running miles, K being one, it’s still cool to see them reported  on my Leaderboard.  And I’m not going to lie, I like seeing that I’m at the top!   But it’s cool to see they’re logging in and posting workouts.  That motivates me to keep at it.

I’m gonna be honest, my eating and drinking habits these past couple of days has been poor.  I know when I go to my Total Body Conditioning class tomorrow, I’m going to struggle because of the poor choices I have made (and because I’m a tool and have better form running than I do strength training).  But..at least I plan to go to the class.  And..I did get up early this morning and went for my run (even if it was a short one)!

Along the journey of living a healthy lifestyle, I’m going to come across days that I don’t make the best choices and that’s okay!  I think this is part of life-you win some, you lose some.  As long as I’m aware of it and limit it to a few days here and there.  It’s not every day my parents and seester are in town to visit.  I’m pretty proud of the spread we had for our BBQ, I did limit myself to only one burrito and all in all, the meal wasn’t that bad in terms of healthy choices!  (Yes, the cupcake “takes the cake” and I have no excuse for that..but it was good!)  With that said, I’m going to make a commitment to have much better eating habits the next couple of days because I still need to fit in to that dress!!!

Hope you’re having a great Memorial Day!!

How are you staying motivated today?

How are you feeling about the  food choices you made this weekend?

If you started the RW Running Streak today, how’d it go?


Motivated Monday 5.21.12

Happy Monday!

I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Christa!  We met in 2007 on a Disney Cruise and have been friends ever since even though we live clear across the country from each other!  She’s a lot of fun with a really great outlook on life.  In the past year, Christa has lost 58 pounds!!!   Wow!!!   She’s shared her progress on Facebook and I have found it very inspiring and many times, motivating!!!

1) What have you done to lose the weight?
As simple as it sounds…you have to move more and eat less. I weigh, measure and log every ounce of  food and liquid that goes in my mouth.

Find good online support as in food trackers and weight loss forums.  I personally use SparkPeople.  The message boards are full of success stories and support from people going through the same journey.

I faithfully use the app for my phone and I find the ranges they set for my nutrition way easier to follow than a structured plan.

I just eat what I want in my set ranges. It has worked so far. Only 1.6 pounds to go until 60 pounds gone…Only 20 till goal!

2) How do you maintain your motivation?

Every week I challenge myself to reach some goal large or small.  By setting all types of goals long-term and short term..some are calorie based….some are exercise based and some are personal growth based.

I take tons of pictures (of myself) to keep me honest and to have a visual about where I never want to go back to.

I also keep a spreadsheet with my weekly  weigh in with notes about that week. It helps to see the treads over time versus just seeing the one weigh in.

3) What tips do you have for anyone wanting to get healthy and lose weight?

Listen to the experts and don’t call it a diet…you are not going to diet for the rest or your life. You have to admit to yourself that is now your life. You will never be able to not exercise for the long periods of time and you will always have to be mindful of  what you put in your mouth.

Enjoy your treats. Whether it be a beer or a Snickers bar. Enjoy it for that day and get right back on track after you have happily, and with no guilt, enjoyed your treat.  None of this “Oh, I’ll start ….Monday…next week…next month..next year” stuff!

If you had a bad calorie day on a Wednesday then Thursday you start fresh…not Monday.  You only had one day of being naughty, you didn’t do much damage…but if you go days, weeks, months or years…… One day you wake up 80 pounds overweight!! I know because it happened to me.

(Christa then..)

(Christa now!!)

Earlier this month Christa participated in a marathon relay race with some of her friends and I couldn’t have been more jealous of her bling prouder.  Although running is not her exercise of choice (she’s a Zumba girl!) I give her major props for stepping outside her comfort zone and rocking her leg of the race!

Christa, you rock!!  Thank you for sharing your story with us and I can’t wait to see your pictures when you reach “goal”!!

Motivated Monday 5.14.12

I wear a lot of hats – wife, mother, employee, friend, sister, doormat, whipping post, runner, cousin, niece…you get the idea. Lots of hats – one little head.  Organization is a strong suit of mine except, lately, I feel like I’m losing that battle.  The thing about organization is you have to stay on top of it and two steps ahead of it.  So today I stopped for a second, gathered my thoughts (some of which I have while running) and wrote a list!

Please note that not only do I have listed to remove Black Eyed Peas from my playlist, I have a reminder to sync!!  I am so smart!!!

What prompted me to write my list is my mom (who lives about 2,000 miles away) reminding me I needed to make an eye doctor appointment for D!  I proudly told my mom I already scheduled the appointment, to which my mom responded with the following:

Isn’t my mom clever?

To motivate me to stick to my cross training goal, I hung the class schedule for the gym right next to my future half marathon course maps so it can also serve as a reminder that I need to stay on track!

I also took a picture of the schedule with my phone so if I’m out and about, I can refer to it in the event I want to take a class..which just so happened today!

For the 2nd week in a row, I’m on the top of the Leaderboard on Daily Mile!!  Yes, I realize just me and another friend posted miles but I’m still happy I’m on the top!!

I did stop by my running store tonight because my running shoes have bothered me on the past few runs.  I love my running store because it’s small, privately owned, and the people working there are runners!  The guy that owns the place always seems to be there and he’s a hardcore runner!  He runs 100+ miles a week – I don’t even average that in a month!  I also LOVE talking to other runners because runners really love what they do.  When I took my shoes out of the box, he immediately noticed what the problem is and showed me how to relace the shoes, using the hole that is on the far outside to secure the shoe more around my ankle.  Well, what a big fat “duh” moment I had.  Wow.  But after we he figured that out, he turned my shoes upside down and asked what I use my shoes for.  I thought that was an odd question but responded with “Running! I don’t wear my running shoes for anything but running!”  He told me that was good, how not everyone does that but reiterated that running shoes should only be worn for running.  He then said that he asked because the tread on the shoes was worn down a bit and he knows I bought the shoes just a few weeks ago.  He then said, “You must do a lot of running!”  OMG!!!  I wish I could have seen my own face because I am sure it lit up like a Christmas tree.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so reassured and confirmed as a runner until right then!  Naturally, I don’t do the amount of running he does but he said, “You still do quite a bit!”  OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! Made my day!!!  Moral of that story – the tread on your running shoes don’t lie!!!

Feeling so good about being acknowledged as a runner, I discovered I had time to make it to the ab workout class at the gym.  Whoo hoo!!!  I learned quickly in the class that  my ab is in serious need of strengthening so it’s a good thing I was there.  Even though I struggled in the class, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to move without intense pain tomorrow, I’m really motivated to strengthen my abs because I’m determined to see amazing changes when I run my next half marathon in September!

I’m feeling really good today and even made dinner for the family because I had achieved one of my weekly goals and meal planned!

It feels good to sit here and not have this running tally going nonstop in my head of things I “need to remember” and “can’t forget”!!

What are you motivated to accomplish this week?

Motivated Monday

As soon as I schedule a race, I post the course map, or some other memento, of that race to serve as a reminder that it’s coming up and I need to stay focused.  Course maps keep me motivated to continue my training!  This is the view to the left of my computer monitor at work!

Another thing that I found motivating today was the report from Daily Mile that I lead the Leaderboard!  It’s the small things in life but I celebrated my little victory. I’m rarely at the top of the Leaderboard so I’ll take it when I can get it!

As we move in to hibernation summer season here in Phoenix, it will become increasingly difficult to remain motivated to stick to my training schedule.  Having the Disneyland Half Marathon on the calendar is a great motivator because the race is over Labor Day weekend, which means I can’t blow off my training over the summer.

I’m glad I had these visual reminders posted to my cube wall when I walked in to work this morning.   These reminders  really helped me with all the bling race envy I had of my friends from around the country this past weekend.  Yes, my friends got bling I didn’t, but I have bling waiting for me in the future!

When the going gets tough, or the weather ceases to cooperate,

how do you maintain your motivation to stick to your training?