Birthday, Puke and Running…Oh My!!!

Today is my husband’s, K, birthday!!  Happy Birthday, babe!! I love you!!!

Too bad the day started at 12:30 am with a puking D!!

Doctor said she thinks it’s just a stomach virus and they gave D a shot to help stop the puking and knock her out so she could get some sleep.

(Look how clever K is, he used Bruce (the shark from Nemo) to support the iPad!!)

With D being sick on K’s birthday, our dinner plans to go to The Keg were out the window.  (Insert huge, pouty, sad K face here, I won’t make him pose for that kind of a picture because his birthday is already pukey sucky enough as it is without me torturing him for a picture!)  I did the next best thing – picked up Olive Garden To-Go!

I like how they set up the salad and didn’t add the dressing to the lettuce. I tend to eat my salad sans dressing!

If you’re a blogger and a runner, a running blogger, you run while you blog, you blog while you run, then you probably know today is National Running Day.  If you’re not a blogger or a runner…then..guess what!!  Today is National Running Day!!  I did my 1 mile run tonight but not because it’s National Running Day but because I’m still going strong in the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak challenge!

As a result of running every day for the past 9 days (I normally take at least 1 day off in between runs) I’m noticing more tightness in my legs.  So I need to do more stretching.

I love this thing for stretching my calf muscles.  Takes the soreness out of my feet when I get a good stretch on this baby!

I feel bad that today is K’s birthday and we’re stuck at home and worrying about a poorly D.  I still haven’t figured out what to get him as a birthday gift…I know, I know, I know – it’s the “day of” and I’m still figuring it out.

What did you do to celebrate National Running Day today?

Do you have any birthday gift suggestions I can use for K?  

What clever items do you use to prop up your iPad?