Celebrate Good Times…C’mon!!

It’s a celebration!!!

Remember how happy I was on August 20th when I got a job?  I was pretty stoked.  What I didn’t explain at the time was that it was a contract job and came with a pretty hefty pay cut…but that wasn’t very important to me as I was just happy to be going back to work!

Fast forward to today…I got offered a permanent job with the same company and…a promotion!!!  The cherry on top of this delicious sundae..a comfortable bump in pay!!

I have always, always, always believed that God had a plan, He is in control, and He would provide.  Prayers answered!!!

Tonight, K, D and I had a celebratory dinner and beer (for me and K…Mr. Pipp for D) at ? – you guessed it – San Tan Brewing Co!!!

D enjoying her cheesey goodness!

Today brought a huge sense of relief for me and my family!!  So thankful to God and all His blessings!!

Tomorrow I will be going to my favorite running store to purchase a new pair of running shoes..going to test out Brooks, Asics and my original brand, Pearl iZumi!

I plan to run again, post injury, on Wednesday. I am really looking forward to running again.  I have another half marathon November 4th and to celebrate my new permanent job, I’m going to sign up for a 10k on Thanksgiving!!!

BTW..for anyone keeping track (like me) I got offered a permanent position 2 months to the day I lost my other job.  Yay!!!

What great thing happened to you today?

Do you have a favorite running store?

When is your next race?