The Sunday Situation..

I normally do my long runs on Sunday but since it has warmed up here in PHX, I’m finding it easier to do my long runs on Saturday and sleep in on Sunday.  So “Thoughts” were shared yesterday instead of today.  Today, you get the Sunday Situation!  (Did you follow all that?)

But first…a couple of pics from the situation on Saturday!!

D and I had appointments with the eye doctor.  Because they dilated D’s eyes, I couldn’t justify saying “no” when they asked about dilating mine.  I decided to suffer with her (thankfully K was with us so he could drive us home) and it made for an awesome photo!!

J (my 18 year old son) is graduating from high school May 30th.  My parents (from Ohio) and sister (from Boston) are coming to PHX for the momentous occasion.  In preparation for their arrival, we started cleaning the house (top to bottom) yesterday.  As I was dusting, I came across this picture of J.  It made me stop and reflect on how fast the kids grow. I can remember when I took this picture like it was yesterday.

There was a lot of drama on Saturday with the house cleaning chores…

Now on to the Sunday Situation..

I was up around 6:52 am (how’s that for specific?), I suppose that is “sleeping in” considering my weekday schedule.

I started a load of laundry, prepped dinner for the crock pot and wrote out the weekly menu and grocery list.

(Italian meatloaf with ground turkey)

As soon as K was up and about, we went to the grocery store but stopped for coffee first. I have pretty much kicked my coffee addiction but today, coffee sounded good.  I knew there was a lot of work ahead of me in the day and after yesterday’s cleaning drama, I figured the additional caffeine boost might help!

I got a great laugh out of this!  (Insert your own awkward joke here!)

We finished our shopping in no time and were soon on our way home!

I did some cleaning in the kitchen but quickly realized J was not going to make the progress on his room that he needed to make today.  See..J is moving to Ohio after graduation and needs to have his room cleaned and packed before the weekend is over.  I should have taken some before pictures of J’s room but let’s just say…he’s a very typical teenage boy!  I had offered my help to pack up his room a couple of weeks ago and he refused (to put it lightly).  Today, I didn’t offer, I just took control to get this room cleaned and packed.  After a couple of hours, we had made a lot of progress and could finally see the floor!!!

I must admit, the layer of clothing, trash, plastic bottles, etc. that use to be on the floor probably protected the carpet! I think this carpet looks better than any other carpet in the house!

Another amazing thing about cleaning out his room, I found all our missing water bottles!  (Yes, we recovered all of this, less the steamer and Keurig machine from his bedroom!)

It was a bit stressful helping J with his room but thankfully, K provided me with this!

4 hours after taking charge, J and I finished up his room and now his closet serves as a “storage facility” for the things staying here.

J quickly retreated from the room (probably to call his girlfriend) and I stayed behind to bask in the glory of finishing the room.  And then I saw this..

We had designated a couple of shelves on his bookcase to put items that he was going to take to Ohio with him. This is Mr. Pinky (the penguin is “Blue”).  Mr. Pinky has been with J for the past 15 years or so.  Seeing Mr. Pinky sitting on the “going” shelf reduced me to tears.

Time for dinner.  While I waited for the side items to cook up, I went outside to get the mail from yesterday.  As soon as I walked outdoors, I noticed there was something different about the shadows on the ground and then remembered K said there would be a solar eclipse so ran back inside to tell him he was missing it.

Got some fun treasures in the mail!

New socks!

Do you know what’s better than Fage with cherries?  FREE Fage with cherries!!!

Last week I emailed Fage because one of my containers had curdled yogurt. Yuck!  So disappointing because I was at work and only had the one Fage with me ( did try to eat it but after two small spoonfuls, I aborted that mission – it was just wrong to eat it that way).  You know I get sad at the end of a cup of Fage – imagine how sad I was when I couldn’t even eat the cup I had!!  Boo!!  But all is good in my world now!

It’s been a SUPER long day/weekend and I’m drained.  Feeling a bit dehydrated with all the sweating while cleaning/packing J’s room and the beer drinking to level out my sanity so I’ve had some Nuun to help me feel better!

Now my feet are up, legs are getting hugs by my Pro Compression socks, and will soon settle in to finish a movie I fell asleep watching last night.

Leave a comment below and tell me what’s the most productive thing you did this weekend?  

The Saturday Situation 5.12.12

After my bumped up long run from Sunday to Saturday, I returned home and immediately started in on my chores wrote a blog posting!   Refueling included chocolate milk (I’m trying it out since it’s all the rage with runners) and Fage with cherries (and yes, I frowned when the cup was empty!)   The rest of my Saturday can be told in pictures!

First, I wrote our menu for the week accompanied by our grocery list!  Thus meeting Goal 3 from Thursday’s post!

(This is how the list looked after we shopped!)

Before shopping, we had lunch at my favoritest (that’s a word, right?) place!  We try to never grocery shop when we’re hungry.  I had salad with chicken, pico, and cheese. 8 points on WW (if you’re keeping track!)

I was feeling dehydrated (probably from my run) and had justified treated myself to my trenta green iced tea – no classic no water.  0 points!

Grocery shopping was pretty easy and as you saw from the picture above, got everything on my list!  Scoring brownie points with the Earth for being green and using reusable baggies!  Go us!

Put the groceries away and decided I deserved a snack/glass of wine for doing my long run a day early and accomplishing Goal 3.  So while I was folding laundry, I had some wine and cheese!

My friends on Facebook agreed it was completely acceptable for me to have wine at 1:45 pm.  Alright, fine, like 6 of my friends said it was okay!

Sadly, I polished off my little snack before I folded a single piece of laundry!

I then scolded my friends on Facebook for enabling me!  Ha ha ha!!

I was feeling pretty good so decided to give my legs a hug with my compression socks!

(I’ll do anything to avoid folding laundry!!)

Eventually I finished the task at hand and folded the laundry.   Fine, I only folded the laundry because it was taking up the space on the couch and I wanted to stretch and get even lazier!

Dinner was breakfast burritos (ironically, it’s the only “breakfast” meal my husband will eat as dinner).  It’s not the healthiest meal but sometimes I just have to limit my portions for the greater good of the family!

This made me smile when I opened the fridge.  A mountain of Greek yogurt!!!  Don’t judge!  This stuff is the shiznit!!

Got these awesome babies in the mail today.  Decided I must look ridiculous running in dark colors in this heat so ordered the white ones. (Yes, because it’s my black or purple compression socks that make me look ridiculous when I run!! ha ha ha!  Hey!  It’s okay if I lie to myself!)

I was forced had to buy a 6 pack of beer for a recipe on my meal list but only need 1 of the 6 beers for the recipe!  So I enjoyed a beer  or three while watching Bridezilla on NetFlix with K (my husband) and D (my 8 year old daughter)  (I took a picture of them watching the show but it wasn’t a flattering picture so I told them I would spare them from sharing it on my blog – I am so nice!!).  That show is hilarious – those bitches are crazy but they stressed me out a bit so we only watched two episodes.  Yes, I finished 2.5 beers in 2 episodes…that’s how I roll!!

I’m excited for Mother’s Day tomorrow because I’m going to allow myself to be as lazy as I wanna be!  The next two weekends I will be busy with my son’s high school graduation (preparing for company, having company, etc).

In case you miss it or I post too late tomorrow…Happy Mother’s Day!!  Running Moms ROCK!!!

The Saturday Situation

I love green tea!  When it’s hot out, I love Starbucks TRENTA!! green iced tea – no water, no classic!  Yum!
Organic produce scored at today’s farmers market includes: snap peas (makes for great snack at work), artichokes (my daughter can’t get enough of them), carrots, Granny Smith apples, pears, and strawberries!

These flowers are the beautiful culprit of my outraged allergies!!!  Do not be fooled by their beauty!

This is what these gorgeous hateful blooms do to my face (note the puffy eye and wattery eyelashes)!!

Tried this new (to me) allergy med but it proved to be futile!!

After crushing my hopes and dreams of a peace treaty between the attack the allergies made on my face and this not so clever little allergy pill, I took a 2 hour nap!  I surrender, allergies, you beat me!!!

Awoke in time to make a white-girl version of a Cinco de Mayo celebration for the fam!

While dinner was in the oven, I polished off a glass of my favorite margarita but soon found myself at the bottom of an empty glass!  Thankfully, there’s more where that came from but will save that for later!

Dinner was finally ready and definitely appealed to the growing teenage boy in my home (he had 2 servings!  That never happens when I make “healthy, organic crap”!).  There was nothing healthy or organic about this recipe!

This free Choco Loco cupcake was definitely a special treat on Cinco de Mayo.  I split it 4 ways for the family!!  Talk about portion control!

Now I have the bad aftertaste of sugar in my mouth and my margarita glass is still empty.  I need to do something about that situation and STAT!

How was your Saturday?  What situations did you find yourself in today?