The Great Jasmine Green Tea Quest!

I took a vacation day today because it was my birthday yesterday!  My sister came over around 11 am and we soon headed out to lunch with plans to go spend my gift card at Teavana.

At Teavana I asked if they had more than one Jasmine Green tea and she said they didn’t but they have a Jasmine Oolong.  I like Oolong so I figured I’d give it a whirl.  I should have paid attention as the girl packed the tea in to the bag because you pay by the ounce…holy price tag, Batman!!!

This bag was nearly $40!!  Ouchy!!!!  It better taste really good, that’s all I’ve got to say on that subject!!   Also I wouldn’t recommend transporting this stuff around in any other container than the one that clearly labels what it is!

Later my sister had the brilliant idea to introduce me to a tea she likes to drink so we drove over and got Boba tea.  *shrugs*

I picked the Jasmine flavor.. I liked that you had to stab your straw in to this sealed plastic lid.

I ordered mine unsweetened and no tapioca.  I’m still not exactly sure what this was but it tasted pretty good and was refreshing on this hot June day.

In the same parking lot of Boba’s there is a huge Asian market. It had once been suggested to me that I check out the teas in an Asian market as they tend to be less expensive and really tasty.  So we headed over.

Holy Tea Aisle and Holy Most of the Packaging is not in English!!!

We spent a lot of time in this aisle because I was having a very hard time figuring out what the differences were between teas.  Take the picture above, for example.  Both say Jasmine Tea, both list “green tea” in the ingredients.  But what is the difference between the red tin and the yellow tin??  And this wasn’t the only brand that had this issue.  There were multiple sets of Jasmine Green tea where the only difference between the packaging would be the color of the tin.  Is one decaf and the other not??  It was maddening!!!   I felt like I was in The Matrix – which one to choose!?!

I picked up this box of tea because it was 89 cents!  I think the packaging looks super retro, like something straight from the 50’s.

Then I chose this bag because a girl walked down the aisle and without slowing, she grabbed two bags of this off the shelf.  She seemed to know exactly what she was doing so I copied her!

And then I settled (finally) on these two tins!

Both of the tins have loose leaf tea inside and I like that because then I can make the tea as strong as I’d like and for me, I like a really strong cup of Jasmine Green tea!!

I got all 4 tea’s for about $10!!  I’m really hoping I fall in love with one of them because the stuff was a huge bargain!!!

In other news…went to the ab class at the gym tonight.  Wow!  I have like NO core strength whatsoever.  After the class I hit the track for a 1 mile run.  The Summer Running Streak challenge started 2 weeks ago and I’ve not missed a single day.  I’m pretty excited about that!!!  I start back to school tomorrow so the real challenge of staying on top of my running and workouts will soon be tested.   Eek!!