3 Things I’m Thankful for this Thursday…6.14.12

  • I’m thankful M and I are registered to run the Tinker Bell 1/2 marathon in January 2013!!!  We had such a great weekend in January and I think it’s good for the soul to get away with your besties!

(After the Tinker Bell 1/2 marathon in 2012, twinsies in the park! We totally wore our medals all day long!  We had a great day!!!)

  • I’m thankful for the wonderful birthday I had (thank you, K!!) and all the wonderful birthday wishes I received from my friends and family.  I felt lots of love on my birthday!!
  • I’m thankful I have a half marathon to run in 11 weeks.  I really love races and bling.  It’s been torture hard not having a race since March and reading about all the wonderful races others are doing right now–this girl has serious bling envy!!  I’m excited that my next race will be at the happiest place on earth and D, K and I will get a little mini vacation out of it.  I’m especially excited we’re all going to run the 5K together!!!  
What’s your next race?
Are you participating in the Disneyland half marathon in 11 weeks?
What is your “happiest place on earth”?  

3 Things I’m Thankful for this Thursday…5.31.12

I’m thankful my parents and seester were able to attend my son’s graduation last night.  I’m thankful he had a nice graduation and that he came home safe and sound from Grad Night!!  I’m thankful I didn’t cry through the entire graduation ceremony!!

I’m thankful I’m building on my mileage!!!  I’m pretty stoked with this month’s mileage.  This time last year I was training for a half marathon.  So to have more miles this month and no half marathon for another 3 months makes me very excited!!

I’m thankful I have a pool.  I’m about to go put my feet in it and relax a little before I have to start helping J pack.  He leaves/moves for/to Ohio tomorrow morning.

I just completed my 1.32 mile for the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak.  It was 95* when I finally had a chance to get outside and run, and it was only 11:30 am.  It’s going to be a scorcher today!!

What’s the hottest temperature you’ve run in?

Are you attending any graduations this season?  Yours or someone else’s?

Did you attend your high school Grad Night?  If so, what’d you do?

3 Things I’m Thankful for this Thursday 5.24.12

  1. I’m thankful for our servicemen and women!  They make this country a safer place to live!  
  2. I’m thankful for my son, J.  He’s a teenager and he makes me want to pull my hair out but I’m thankful he’s my son.  I’m thankful God blessed me with him 18 years ago!
  3. I’m thankful for the many friends and family members with varying perspectives and words of comfort.  Some friends give me a kick in the butt, some friends let me cry on their shoulder, some friends send me funny jokes to read so I can laugh through the tears, some friends have no words by sympathetic eyes, and some friends distract me from it all!  I’m thankful none of my friends and family are a cookie cutter of the other!
I meant to post this earlier on my lunch but I watched Bridezilla on my phone instead.  So that is another thing I can be thankful for – a wonderful phone allowing me the ability to escape reality a bit this afternoon!  🙂 
What are you thankful for this Thursday?

3 Things I’m Thankful for this Thursday 5.17.12

1. I’m SO thankful I found an indoor running track!! When the temps hit 108* yesterday, I was still able to get my run on!!
2. Coworker gifted me his fruit salad today because he hates pineapple. I didn’t have any fruit at home to pack in my lunch so I was very thankful for today’s gift!

3. My cubemate at work is hysterical and respectful. I’m so thankful for her because she doesn’t drive me crazy and she shared her hair tie with me on Tuesday. A horrible cubemate can make or break a long day at work. My cubemate rocks.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you’re thankful for today!

3 Things I’m Thankful for this Thursday

I had worked out this whole idea of what I was thankful for earlier this week:

  1. VW America offered to pay one of my car payments.
  2. I got my Daisy (VW Beetle) back Monday evening!
  3. The Zyrtec seems to be keeping my allergies more in control

Except, before I could even write today’s  post, 2 out of 3 of the things I was thankful for kinda fell apart

  1. One of the issues my car was in the shop for is still an issue.  So, Daisy has to go back in to the shop.
  2. My allergies were out of control today, thanks to yesterday’s weather!  Not to the extent they were on Saturday but bad enough to make me itch my eyes all day.  I guess that’s better than sneezing so often and violently that I pulled a muscle in my neck!

The situation with my car has really put me in a funky mood and I’ve been trying to play Pollyanna’s Glad Game all day!

  1. I’m glad it’s my car and not my kids
  2. I’m glad VW is taking it seriously and working with me to fix it
  3. I’m glad I have a car
  4. I’m glad I have my health
  5. I’m glad I have food
  6. I have nice friends

…you get the idea.

During my lunch I was watching a movie (Cruel Intentions) on my phone (I ❤ SmartPhones..especially my iPhone!!) and in the movie the people were sending each other letters, calling each other on an actual landline telephone, and showing up at each other’s doors to see if the person was home so they could talk.  I kept thinking, “Why don’t they just text or use their cell phones?  They sure are doing a lot of running around in this movie, sheesh!”  Then it occurred to me, because I’m dense, that the movie was made in 1999!  Hello!?!?   I also thought that my iPhone makes me lazy because instead of writing out some long old letter (like I use to, I had lots of pen pals in the 90’s), I just send texts, email, instant message or post on Facebook.  I can’t remember the last time I drove all the way over to someone’s house just to talk to them or to see if they were home.  Who does that?  My brain has been all over the place today – as you may notice.

On a happier note..I stopped by the rec center on the way home to check out the facility and walked the 1/10th of a mile indoor track (1 loop).   (History on me, I have been running since August 2010 but have never once run on a treadmill.)  I signed up for the 1 week free pass and plan to officially test out the indoor track tomorrow afternoon.  I’m excited and nervous, all at the same time.  The nice lady at the rec center also gave me a copy of their fitness classes and there are a couple that caught my eye, I’m going to try and check those out next week as well.  Fingers crossed this will all work out for me. I can’t run in this 90*+ temperatures for much longer and waking up at o’dark thirty and running in the dark doesn’t work for me, either.  So this rec center is my only hope/last resort!

What are you glad for?