I Crossed the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon…

On Monday I emailed K and told him I felt like I was depressed.  His response, “cause you are injured?”  My response was no.

Why was I depressed?

I wasn’t sure. I just wasn’t feeling happy.

Maybe it was because it was the anniversary of 9/11?  I’m not going to go in to all the reasons why 9/11 is so important to me but..9/11 changed my life completely.  Yesterday, I allowed myself to feel sad.  I watched the History channel all evening and cried when I wanted to cry.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with allowing yourself to relive that day and feel whatever emotions you feel – as long as you don’t cause harm or pain to anyone else!

A couple of things I’ve been doing this week is returning to the eating habits I had before my unemployment.  This week I’ve had my Fage yogurt, my vegetable soup, and my veggies as snacks during the day.  I haven’t paid a great deal of attention to my eating habits since I lost my job – I’ve had other things to consider.  But maybe I can help this “funk” I’m in by being better about what is going in to my mouth?!

Since I saw the chiro on Friday and she told me “no exercise,” I have followed her orders to the T!  I have always listened to every word and instruction my chiro has given and I bounce back as quickly as she says I will!  There have been days I’ve been tempted to go for a walk or come home and do some pilates but she said “NO EXERCISE” and being the rule follower that I am…I have done NO EXERCISE!!!  *gasp*  But today…there has been a significant difference in my leg.  There has been ZERO pain, some soreness at times but no pain!!  Do I dare to dream there may be a run in my near future?

I keep reading from people on Twitter and in blogs that fall is hitting the rest of the country.  In Phoenix..we don’t have fall.  We just go from “freakin’ hot as H.E. Double Hockey Sticks” to you can actually stand outside for a moment without bursting in to flames.  I love fall, especially in New England.  For the past two years, I was able to visit my sister in Boston around this time of year.  In fact..last year, I crossed the Boston Marathon as my sister watched on in hysterics!

Because I will never cross the finish line in the actual race, I went out on to the street, facing oncoming traffic and “crossed” the finish line.  True Story!!!

Did you register for Boston this week?

Do you follow doctor’s orders to the T?

Have you crossed the finish line of  the Boston Marathon?  For real or for fake (like me)?

I’m a Procrastinator and I Know It!!

I blew off homework all weekend and waited until the very last minute to complete an assignment.  Doing so puts me under a lot of pressure and makes me really irritable.  You’d think I’d learn to NOT procrastinate on my homework but NO!!!  I’m a slow learner, I guess!

So today’s Daily Mile report left me thinking I may be a procrastinator on homework but I am an overachiever on logging miles!  They may not post my GPA on my tombstone but do you think they could post my total miles run in a lifetime?  I think that would be awesome!!

Yeah, that’s one thing about me – when I’m in to something – I am ALL IN!!  I can’t register for 1 race, I have to register for 9.  I can’t have 3 medals, I need to have 16!  Although I don’t run the speeds of some of these bloggers that blow my mind and I may not log the miles they do…but that’s the awesomeness about running!!  It’s about your own individual path.

I often downplay my running achievements because I know others do more than me: they run faster, they log more miles, and they look like the runner I want to look like!!  I saw this today and loved it!


Do your runs come 1st over other tasks (homework, laundry, etc.)?

 Are you a procrastinator?

Have you figured out your fall/winter racing schedule?

2 Things Tuesday..

Happy Tuesday…even though I could have sworn all day today that it was Wednesday!  Alas, it’s just Tuesday.

I have 2 things to share this lovely, hot Tuesday!

  • A few weeks ago, before I started this blog, I went on and on about Chia seeds on my personal Facebook page and a friend recommended Hemp Hearts.  I found them on sale at Sprout’s yesterday for $5.99 and figured I would give them a go. I found this article on Livestrong.com.  I haven’t opened the bag yet but immediately after I finish blogging, I’m going to put the bag in the fridge!
  • My Daily Mile report in my email inbox yesterday gave me a thrill!  I’m glad to see so many of my friends posting workouts!  My friend ran one of those obstacle course races with a freakin’ mud pit at the finish.  She’s a rock star–I don’t think I could do one of those races!!  

D and I have been eating cherries these past two days like they’re going out of season – ha ha!  During my fitness class at the gym today, I started to feel hungry and decided right there in the middle of class I’d immediately go buy more cherries as soon as I released from my torture!  Hey..at least I was planning a healthy snack and not deciding I’d inhale a milkshake on the way home! 🙂

I ran 1 mile after my fitness class but oddly enough, I had no random thoughts. I don’t think there’s a whole lot of time to get in to the groove and zone out when I only do a mile.  Fear not…tomorrow is my speed training run so I will definitely have some thoughts to share after that adventure!!

Have you tried hemp hearts?  If so, how do you recommend eating them?  On yogurt? Toast?

Do you participate in the obstacle courses ending in a mud pit?  

How many miles did you run last week?

I <3 Jasmine Green Tea!

It’s true, I have a strange obsession with Jasmine Green tea.  I think it’s the bombest green tea on the planet (and green tea is SO good for you!!!)

Yesterday, this box caught my eye as I was grabbing lunch stuff at Target!

I was so excited this AM to drink some of my new, lovely Jasmine Green tea.  I took a sip and blech!!!

It didn’t taste anything like Jasmine Green tea.  I tasted something sweet!  I don’t like sweet in my tea!  I quickly turned the box over and read the ingredients.

WTH is all that crap doing in my Jasmine green tea??  Ugh..clearly, I did not read the small print on the front of the box or in the ingredient listing.  Double ugh…

I was able to make two decent cups using 1 bag so that’s always a bonus in my book–even if it isn’t Jasmine Green tea!!

Fortunately, I do have some other stand-by green teas in my work drawer.

I’m not a huge fan of either of the Tazo’s but..they’ll do when I need a green tea fix.

But alas, Jasmine Green tea is my ultimate favorite and I’m still on the hunt to find the perfect one.  Can you recommend one??

What’s your favorite kind of tea?

Can you recommend an amazing Jasmine Green tea?

Do you sweeten your tea?

True Story Tuesday! 5.29.12

  • My seester is so cool she can’t terminate phone calls even when she piles in to the back seat of a car with me and our Dad.  The phone convo continues as  my Dad and I are trying to take goofy pictures.  True story!
  • Postino’s boasts that drinking wine during lunch is not a crime–could not agree more!  True story.

  • This Bruschetta is the shiznit!!  True story!!!
  • Apparently some things are not obvious.  True story!

  • I wore long yoga pants to my fitness class at the gym today to distract me from obsessing on my fat knees.  True story!

What’s the strangest sign you’ve seen in a gym?  

Do you love bruschetta?

What’s your favorite thing about stay-cations?

True Story Tuesday 5.22.12

  • It felt like I was walking on my pants all day.  Guess they’re getting too long.  Soon my fat pants will be too big for me!  True story!

(This is the “behind” view.  Look, mom, no shoes!)

  • I am obsessed with Fage with cherries Greek yogurt.  Addicted!  I’m almost at a two-a-day habit for which I hope there is no recovery/support group!!  True story!

  • I buy TP in bulk!  I have no shame about it, either.   True story!
Is there a “good for you” food you are addicted to?  
What do you buy in bulk?

True Story Tuesday 5.15.12

  • I was sitting at a red light on my way in to work today and one of those Dos Equis commercials came on.  You know, the ones about the “Most Interesting Man”…except, those commercials do nothing but irritate me.  There is nothing “interesting” about this man and in fact, these commercials make me want to never drink their beer – ever.  True Story!
  • I stuck my hand in my purse to grab my wallet and instead, grabbed my sweat band from last night’s workout class.  At first I thought “gross” and then I was relieved it was there since I would need it for class tonight.  True Story!

  • Realizing that I had forgotten to pack my sweat band, I then realized I forgot to bring a hair tie.  Evidently I had this thought right out loud because then my cube mate offered me her hair tie.  She’s so sweet.  True Story!

(I took her up on her generous offer and quickly wrapped it around my wrist for safe keeping!)

  • My new camera arrived yesterday.  I’m too afraid to take it out of its packaging.  I took this picture with the camera the new camera is replacing. I thought that was morbid in some way.  But that’s how I roll!  True Story!

  • Whatever you do – do not get in between this girl and an artichoke.  She will cut you!  True Story!

  • I went to another fitness class at the gym tonight – total body conditioning.  Yes I have some lbs I need to drop but I’m not out of shape!  This class handed me my butt on a yoga mat!  I had to give major props to the little old ladies behind me that were hanging in there tougher than I was.  I left the class feeling like all my muscles were made of Jell-o. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it down the stairs.  But did I feel defeated?  NO!!  Did I feel that was the last time those 4 walls had seen the likes of me? Hell no!!!  The class may have won this round, but I’ll be back, I’ll show it who’s boss!  Game, set, match!  True Story!!!
What commercials make you change the station when they come on?  

True Story Tuesday!

  • I make a sad face when I get to the bottom of my Fage cherry yogurt cup and feel depressed for at least one minute.  This happens every weekday!  True Story!!

  • My BFF lives 34 miles away and in 6 weeks, she’s going to live 14 miles away!  Living closer together is going to make it a lot easier for us to do some long runs this fall/winter in preparation for the Tinker Bell race in 2013.  We had the best time at the race earlier this year and today I read her  race recap of our adventure (she never told me she wrote one..she’s so cheeky, that one!!)  Except..her recap doesn’t highlight the fact that around mile 11, I was singing out loud with the Ke$ha song playing on my iPhone, “Turn around boy, let me hit that,” belted from my lips  just as a male runner passed us.  He obviously heard me, because he stopped dead in his tracks, turned around and looked at us and then moved to the side to let us pass by.  Hysterical.  True story!!

I’m in the white shirt, BFF in the blue shirt!

  • When my husband saw these uncooked tortillas  on our stove, I think he was worried it would be hours before we finally got to eat tonight.   Heating these up took the same amount of time it takes to heat up any other tortillas we have and they only cost $1.  True story!

  • When I find a good deal on something, I am incapable of buying just one or two. I clear the shelf.  (BTW, these babies are on sale at Target this week for $1!!)  True story!

  • Watching the girl wearing these shoes walk in to the store I was in this evening was awesome comedic relief.  She couldn’t move more than 1 inch per step!!  True story!!!

  • The most important thing in this basket is the bottle of wine.  True story!!

  • And..finally..I’m currently using Weight Watchers to lose 35 pounds.   I attend the meetings every Thursday and thus, weigh in  every Thursday.  At work on Friday, a coworker inquired about my weigh in and I shared I had lost and am now down 15.6 pounds (I started WW December 8, 2011).  15.6 pounds isn’t a lot, in the grand scheme of things, I told my coworker.  To which she told me to go to the grocery store and hold 3 bags of 5 pound potatoes.  When she put it that way, it clicked in my head – 15 pounds is a lot!!  Then I tried to figure out where I’ve lost 3 bags of potatoes from!!  Nonetheless, this is how much weight I have lost from my body!  TRUE STORY!!!