A Body In Motion..

Have you ever heard the saying, “A body in motion stays in motion”?  Or is that a Bible verse?  I could Google it but I’m pressed for time but..you know the saying, right?

I made up my mind Saturday that I had to get myself back in to the habit of taking care of things I’ve neglected and I’ve been holding to it!

I cleaned this out of my wallet!

Two months worth of receipts!!  I do keep a checkbook in Excel so I had to enter all that info before I could take the stack to work and shred it!  This is what I did early Sunday AM when I was up early with a sick D!

I’m on this “eggs for breakfast” kick and have been fixing eggs for D and me every morning!
One day I didn’t have time to make us eggs and I noticed I was starving less than an hour later.  So..definitely making a point to make sure that both D and I have some source of protein in the morning with breakfast!
I think D loves the idea of mommy fixing her breakfast every morning…and brushing her hair..and pulling it out of her face..and brushing her teeth.  SPOILED!!

I was so proud of my packed lunch this AM!

Mostly because of the honey crisp apple – delicious!

I love getting surprises in the mail…like this!

Meeting C 12 years ago changed my life-TRUE STORY!!!!  D is super excited about the Starbucks gift cards!!  Thank you, C!!!!  I love you!!!

In other fun, exciting news, M and I booked our flight for the Tinker Bell half marathon weekend today because Southwest is having a fabulous sale!!  Our travel dates fell within their travel restrictions so..score!  Round trip for $139 can’t be beat!  Imagine our excitement when we registered for the race and then our excitement when we reserved the hotel room and now our excitement that we have our flights booked!

Been busy but I’m feeling good.  I’m getting my mind and body prepared to go for a run tomorrow morning.  I am just way too tired in the afternoon to run so I need to change things up and get my runs done in the morning’s.  This is a total switch for me so it’s going to be an adjustment.  We’ll see how it goes!

What’s your favorite kind of apple?

Do you keep a checkbook register and balance it every time you get a statement?

Are you running the Tinker Bell half marathon?

Do you pack your lunch or buy every day?

The I’s of Me

Injured.  Injury started 8/23.  I really pissed it off with the Disneyland half marathon on 9/2.  Doctor’s orders on 9/7 for no exercise 2 weeks from the time of the half marathon.  On Wednesday, 9/12 I felt absolutely no pain in my leg all day long.  Been going strong ever since.

Ill.  Mid morning on Thursday, 9/13 my nose started running.  Perhaps it felt sympathy for my legs not being able to run because it started running and would not stop!  I left work early on Friday because I was running a fever.  I’m still sick.

Inclined.  Before I run again, I need to visit my local running store to pick up a new pair of shoes. I’d like to return to my running routine on Wednesday…nice and slow like the doctor said!

I miss Boston.  The blog world is all a-buzz about Boston right now.  I have my fingers crossed for many of you that you’ll get in!!!  Chances are excellent I will never run Boston…for 1) I don’t have a desire to run a marathon  – a requirement to qualify and 2) I am a slow runner – people finish full marathons in the time it takes me to run a half!

D is Arizona born and raised so in October 2010, I took her to visit my sister in Boston for the very first time.  I absolutely love Boston, fall is my favorite time of year there, and I think everyone should visit this amazing city!  To further spike the Boston marathon fever, below are a couple of my favorite pictures from our first 24 hours in Boston October 2010.

Hitching a ride from the North End!

Make Way for Ducklings…and D!

Sending the Boston-marathon-acceptance-good-vibes-to-my-blogger-friends!

What is your favorite season?

What is your favorite city?

What is your favorite fall treat?



I Crossed the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon…

On Monday I emailed K and told him I felt like I was depressed.  His response, “cause you are injured?”  My response was no.

Why was I depressed?

I wasn’t sure. I just wasn’t feeling happy.

Maybe it was because it was the anniversary of 9/11?  I’m not going to go in to all the reasons why 9/11 is so important to me but..9/11 changed my life completely.  Yesterday, I allowed myself to feel sad.  I watched the History channel all evening and cried when I wanted to cry.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with allowing yourself to relive that day and feel whatever emotions you feel – as long as you don’t cause harm or pain to anyone else!

A couple of things I’ve been doing this week is returning to the eating habits I had before my unemployment.  This week I’ve had my Fage yogurt, my vegetable soup, and my veggies as snacks during the day.  I haven’t paid a great deal of attention to my eating habits since I lost my job – I’ve had other things to consider.  But maybe I can help this “funk” I’m in by being better about what is going in to my mouth?!

Since I saw the chiro on Friday and she told me “no exercise,” I have followed her orders to the T!  I have always listened to every word and instruction my chiro has given and I bounce back as quickly as she says I will!  There have been days I’ve been tempted to go for a walk or come home and do some pilates but she said “NO EXERCISE” and being the rule follower that I am…I have done NO EXERCISE!!!  *gasp*  But today…there has been a significant difference in my leg.  There has been ZERO pain, some soreness at times but no pain!!  Do I dare to dream there may be a run in my near future?

I keep reading from people on Twitter and in blogs that fall is hitting the rest of the country.  In Phoenix..we don’t have fall.  We just go from “freakin’ hot as H.E. Double Hockey Sticks” to you can actually stand outside for a moment without bursting in to flames.  I love fall, especially in New England.  For the past two years, I was able to visit my sister in Boston around this time of year.  In fact..last year, I crossed the Boston Marathon as my sister watched on in hysterics!

Because I will never cross the finish line in the actual race, I went out on to the street, facing oncoming traffic and “crossed” the finish line.  True Story!!!

Did you register for Boston this week?

Do you follow doctor’s orders to the T?

Have you crossed the finish line of  the Boston Marathon?  For real or for fake (like me)?

My Leg is Fired or Not!

I haven’t run since Sunday hoping the rest, icing, KT taping,  foam rolling and the compression sock wearing would beat my leg in to submission.

Fat chance.

Today at the expo I stopped by the KT Tape booth for more tape.  A very informative man at the booth helped me out, asked me about my “injury”.  BTW, it was like a stake through my heart for him to use that word – injured.  Am I injured?!?  I hadn’t thought of myself as being injured but I guess when you walk with a limp..you just might be!

So I described my leg issue and even though I talked about the pain starting in my foot, feeling it in my calf and settling on the inside of my thigh..he kept referring to the hamstring.  I had taped the back of my leg earlier in the week, okay, okay – K taped my leg, but it didn’t seem to help.  I love KT Tape…when I’ve used it before, it feels like the tape takes my little boo-boo and just holds it so tenderly, taking the pain away.  The guy at the booth told me to be sure to place the tape directly over the pain in my leg and use more than 1 piece if I don’t feel that relief.  So..I can’t wait to shower and strike the pose for K to administer new tape to my leg!

We run the Cars Land 5K Rally in the early morning.  D is finally excited for the race.  Yay!!!  I may not be back for a blog posting until after the weekend but if you’re following me on Twitter @RunsInBikeLane then you can keep up with me on our adventures.

Oh!  The weather here in So CA is actually rather warm and a lot of runners seem really concerned about the heat.  For once, I am so thankful for all my training in 100+ temps!  Score one for ole Jac’o!  🙂  But for the runners that aren’t prepared, I do hope they heed the warnings of taking it slower and drinking a lot more fluids!  Hydration is key..let me repeat, hydration is key!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Are you running any races this weekend?

Are you on Twitter?

What’s the weather like where you are?

I Haven’t Lost It!!

So..yesterday was Tuesday..  I was mentally prepared for Tuesday.  Thanks to you wonderful readers, I was ready to show Tuesday who’s boss.  And I did pretty good, all things considered.  Even when I got the rejection of the “dream job” I interviewed for..I still held it together.  Even when I ended up on the couch at 9:30 pm..I was still doing good. I figure that since I didn’t cry all day, I defeated Tuesday!

Yesterday, I picked up my favorite bread from Fresh & Easy and later picked up almond butter because M says I can’t eat peanut butter any more..something about mold?  So this morning, I had my breakfast of toast, nut butter and chia seeds..

I don’t know if I’m a huge fan of almond butter. I missed the flavor of peanut butter. It was really weird eating the breakfast I typically had at “work”..since I got laid off, I’ve been eating eggs, waffles, or nothing at all (bad, I know)!

Skipping to this afternoon!

When I left the house to pick D up from school, I immediately noticed an absence of something..scorching sun burning my skin!  Overcast skies..nice!  When I got in my car, I noticed the absence of a sweat downpour on my face and I didn’t burn my hands when I touched the steering wheel.  Say what?  It’s 97*?!  It’s almost jacket weather in Phoenix today.  Okay, not quite jacket weather but I didn’t have to put the A/C on full blast!

Then I got super, super stoked as I realized I was excited to go for my run.  I’ve been worried that I’ve lost my interest in running. I’ve basically forced myself to do my 1 mile per day but haven’t managed to do much more than that, unless I go with D and K for their 5k training, since I lost my job.  I was practically pacing, waiting for K to come home so I could go on my Wednesday run of speed work.  Even though I was happy to be happy to go out for my run, I was willing my iPod to only play my angry music when I put it on shuffle!

Some random thoughts during today’s run:

  • Wow, there’s actually people at the park today..guess they got the memo about the cooler temps!
  • Okay, dude, you don’t look cool riding your cruiser around the park and not wearing a shirt.  Please, for the love of the innocent, put your shirt back on!
  • There’s a lot of debris in the bike lane thanks to that storm last night.
  • I don’t know how people manage a 6:13 pace for longer than 30 seconds..this pace is killing me.
  • It’s kinda pathetic that I feel this happy to run in 97*!
  • Now shirtless man is doing lunges on the park benches.  I wonder who’s more excited about these cooler temps, me or him?
  • iPod, you are not failing me…one angry song after another.
  • I hate being unemployed.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.
  • If the temps were cooler, I’d be a running maniac during this unemployment time.
  • Moving my long run to Saturday, when the temps are supposed to have a high of 97*!
  • I am so happy doing this run right now.  So happy!
  • Careful in this area..I think this is where D nearly stepped on that dead bird yesterday!
  • “The Way I Am” (Eminem)  is a great song to run to!

I ran 2.24 miles in 26.30 minutes.  Today I did my “normal” speed training workout. I can’t tell if I struggled at times because:

  1. Of the heat?
  2. I haven’t been doing my normal training?
  3. I’m stressed?
  4. All of the above?

I started to worry that I’m not going to hit my goals for the Disneyland half marathon in 2 1/2 weeks. Then I told myself that I need to give myself a break and realize life has thrown me a major curve ball and I’ve allowed it to derail my training plan.  But can I just tell you how very excited I am that I realized today I haven’t lost my love of running?!?

Tonight at dinner, we all had a lovely glass of chocolate milk!  It was so tasty!

Do you like almond butter?

Do you eat the same thing for breakfast every day?

Do you like to make your own chocolate milk or buy it “ready made”?


Last night, D, K and I went out for another training run.  K said his legs were super sore from Sunday’s run and I realized we failed to do what you really should do after a run – stretch!  Whoops.  We’ll chalk that up as a “fail” for this impostor “Running Coach”.

Our run went very well.  The weather was nice..for Phoenix in July.  We did Week 2 Day 2 of the Ease Into 5k, the routine consisted of a 5 minute warm up walk and then:

  • Run 45 seconds
  • Walk 60 seconds
  • Run 60 seconds
  • Walk 90 seconds
  • Run 90 seconds
  • Walk 2 minutes

We repeated that 3 times and finished with a 5 minute cool down walk.  We completed 2.21 miles in 33:54 minutes, a 15:20 pace. D did much better this run – no crying or whining.  She actually seemed pretty happy!  K was very quiet but he’s a trooper, running nonstop for 90 seconds is no joke and he did excellent.  Very proud of both of them.

For the Disneyland Family Fun Run 5k we must maintain a 16 minute per mile pace or we risk being swept.  I think we’ll be fine but I may have to sit down with D and determine which characters along the route she will insist on posing for pictures with and which ones we can skip.  I think I know her pretty well and can guess that Buzz Lightyear and Woody will be a  “must do”!

These were taken in 2008 and she’s still a huge, huge fan.  In fact, when I ran the Tinker Bell half marathon with M in January, Buzz and Woody were the only characters I said I would stop for!

After we were home from our run, I lead the team in some stretching moves.  It cracked me up to stand in front of them and lead them like we were in a class or something.

I’ve been absent from blog writing and reading mostly because I suck and have become so consumed in my stress.  I know that sounds awful but it’s the truth.  I don’t want this blog to turn in to my whining about being unemployed, that’s boring and unproductive!  I haven’t kept to my personal running schedule but I have managed to stick to the 1 mile per day challenge.

After I dropped D off at school this morning I dreaded going home to sit and be alone with my thoughts for hours on end.  I decided to swing by Starbucks.  I ordered a coffee and just sat in the shop for an hour listening to the hustle and bustle of people.

I bet people thought I was crazy for taking a picture of these flowers but daisies are my favorite and I thought they were pretty!

Even if they are fake!

Starbucks was a great distraction from being alone in my head – which is absolutely dangerous at this junction.  I’ve determined that’s also probably why I’m not motivated to do my longer runs – I don’t want to be alone with my thoughts right now.  I do need to force myself to get back out there and run my longer distances because my next half marathon is in 1 month.  *Gulp!*

Who is your favorite Disney character?

Are you running the Disneyland half marathon this year?

Are you drinking your recommended daily water?  (I’m not…need to get back on that!)

Random Thoughts During Today’s 45 minute Run…6.27.12

Have you heard about the fires in Colorado, particularly Colorado Springs?  There hasn’t been a lot of media coverage on it, today I checked and the headline was 6th in line.  It’s a pretty massive fire!!  My sister was in CO for a conference and she alerted our family to the extreme situation they were facing.  Before we knew it, she called to inform us she was being evacuated from her hotel.  She soon posted this picture on her Facebook!

I’ve been following the reports of the fire all day today.  My heart breaks for the residents who are fleeing their homes and watching this fire rage on.   My prayers are with everyone in Colorado Springs.  My sister was able to evacuate and is now traveling to be with my parents.  We’re very thankful she’s safe but our hearts and prayers are still with those in CO!

I figured I would lead with that story so you might have some insight as to why today’s thoughts while running are probably on the grumpy side.  I wasn’t feeling this run going in to it but I did as any good runner would do, laced up my shoes and forced myself to go any way thinking, “I’ll get in to it,” or, “When it’s over I’ll be glad I did it.”  Spoiler alert: At no point did either of those things come true for me today!

  • Gym is a little less busy than a normal Wednesday.  Maybe I won’t have any issues with morons today.
  • Alright, teenager walking in the wrong direction at a slow pace…pick a side..quickly…okay…*I zigged, he zagged*  *slam* *I scream out loud* SH*T!!!!!  Well…just as I predicted, I have slammed in to someone and I wasn’t even going that fast.  WTF?!?!
  • Now I’m pissed!!!
  • What is this dude doing?  Runs super hard and fast for 10 seconds and then slows to a snails pace.  What is he doing?  He’s not getting anywhere.  Is this some sort of weird cardio workout?
  • Alright, now I’ve seen it all – that dude is working out in slippers!  That can’t be a good idea.
  • I’m really tired of the people that walk in the wrong direction on this flippin’ track.  How can people be so oblivious or have such lack of concern for the dangerous situation they’re creating?!?  Gawd..people suck sometimes!
  • Yes, it seems like a great idea to do lunges on to a step that is 3 feet high while balancing a weight bar on your neck.  Then as you step backwards off the step – mind you ON TO THE RUNNING TRACK – without looking and nearly whack me in the face with your weights…don’t bother to pay me any attention, I’m just running in my rightful spot!
  • I realize you’re getting your walk on, lady, but would you mind not swinging your arms like that?  You’ve hit me a couple of times now and surely you must feel it when your hand makes contact with my person!  Ugh…I am so annoyed today!
  • Cherries are on sale at Sprout’s this week, I really need to swing by there and get some. I won’t even have to share my 4 lb bag with D!
  • This guy is jogging and keeps coming up behind me but isn’t passing me. I’m starting to think he’s checking out my butt!  I don’t know if I should be flattered or creeped out?
  • I need to run 11 miles this weekend and I’m already regretting it.
  • Am I burning out on this running business?
  • You cannot burn out on running!!  You love bling.  You just need to tough out the summer and then it’s back to running in the bike lane!
  • OMG, I am so glad this run is almost over!!!

I ran 4.15 miles in 45:01.  When I pulled in to the parking lot at the gym my car’s thermostat registered at 115*.  I swear, I’m so tempted to reduce my runs to 20 minutes 3x a week and just run outside.  I’m so tired of the idiots at the gym.

I did warn you I was a bit grumpy!

Smells like dinner is almost ready!  I picked up a free rental at Redbox on my way home from the gym.  I think we have some beer left from the brewery last night.  Time to unwind!

Have you ever slammed in to a person while running?

Do you swing your arms like a wild maniac while you walk or run?  

There are 7 days left in the Runner’s World Summer Running Streak Challenge – have you made it this far?

Motivated Monday 6.25.12

Happy Monday!!!

With J living in Ohio and D visiting family in California, today was my first day coming home to an empty house.  SO weird!!!!  What did I do with my freedom?  Sat down and finished my homework.  After my assignments were submitted, I went for my 1 mile run.  I was finished with the evening’s “to do” list before 6 pm!!  Nice!!!

Earlier today I was struggling with the guilt of canceling my long run this weekend.  Normally if I schedule a run for myself, I complete that run.  Then I got my Daily Mile email report:

That word “Fantastic” really inspired me.  I ran 12 miles last week.  I ran every single day last week.  That is pretty fantastic!

Then I checked my monthly total:

There are 5 days left in the month, 5 days that I will run, and I’m already at 63 miles for the month!  63 miles is the most miles I have logged in a month – ever.  Not just the past 12 months but the past 22 months (my entire running career)!  63 miles!!!  That’s freakin’ awesome!!!

Running, to me, is a competition with myself.  I want to become the best runner I can be.  Not the best runner my friends or other bloggers can be – just the best runner that I can be.  I definitely love talking to other runners about their experience, training, and accomplishments and I draw inspiration from them but I don’t ever compare that to myself.  As runners, we each have our own paths and goals.  I love that about this sport!

Today – I am completely motivated by how far I’ve come and what I’ve accomplished.

How has your Monday been?

Did you run the RnR Seattle this weekend? (I think I’m adding that race to my bucket list)

What are you motivated to accomplish this week?

Random Thoughts During Today’s Speed Training Run..6.20.12

Happy Wednesday!!

I tried the hemp hearts for the first time today. I found another article on them and thought it had some great information to share.  I eat peanut butter and Omega 3 seed toast (bread is from Fresh & Easy) for breakfast every morning.  I sprinkle the peanut butter with chia seeds but today I included the hemp hearts.

It was really tasty!  I didn’t taste the hemp hearts too much.  I did notice that it was much later in to the morning that I was finally ready for my mid-morning snack!  After lunch, I finished off what I had left of the serving of hemp hearts I brought (1 tablespoon) and I alternated between dipping my cherries in them or eating the hemp hearts straight up.  Either way, dipped, on toast or straight up, they were very tasty!!

This afternoon I stopped at the gym for my speed training run.  I really wasn’t feeling up to a run.  After all, I have run every single day for the past 23 days.  That’s quite a bit considering my normal run schedule is usually 3x a week.  I feel like I’m starting to burn out  but I committed to this challenge and I want to see it through.   With that said..let me share with you what I thought about during today’s speed training run:

  • I’m so glad D wants to learn Spanish..but when she’s a teenager, she might only speak to me in Spanish just to piss me off.  I might have to learn how to speak Spanish if she does.
  • Feels like I’ve been walking longer than 5 minutes for this warm-up..WTH!?  Stupid app…malfunctioned again!  Grrr!!
  • That’s right, runners, I’m running like a G6….vrrooooommmm!!!!!
  • Holy SH##!!!!  *Screamed out loud*  That moron’s fist just made contact with my throat!!!  WHO THE HELL swings their arms back like that?!?!
  • I can’t tell if my heart is pumping so hard from my run or from the near disaster with that guys fist??  Who the hell swings their arms back in a busy gym like that?!
  • OMG, you’ve got to be kidding me!!!  *Screamed out loud, again!*  2 dudes up in here swinging their arms back as if they’re the only people in the gym?!?  First my throat, now my boob!!!  Come to the gym, get the sh## beat out of you by arm swingers!
  • How do people not realize they’re in a gym full of people?  Who the hell would be swinging their arms all over the place without any concern for the people surrounding them?!
  • I’m so ticked off.  It’s more dangerous to run in this gym than it is to run in the bike lane, facing oncoming traffic, with the drivers behind the wheel text messaging. This is insane.  One week it’s slow moving walkers heading towards oncoming runners and next it’s arm swinging maniacs.  What’s next?
  • Seriously…why are dudes so threatened by a girl passing them?!  Dude..seriously, I’m working on speed today. I don’t run this fast when I do my regular longer runs.  I can tell that you’re clearly doing a long, consistent run.  You do not need to hurry your pace just because I’m going to pass you a couple of times.  Your manhood is still in tact if I pass you.  Geeze, Louise!
  • Someone needs to show that girl how to do push ups.  I think she’s going to hurt herself with her arms like that and her head hanging down between her shoulders like that.  That looks painful.  No wonder she looks so miserable.
  • I’m glad today is a short training session..

I ran 2.44 miles in 28:26 minutes.

Wednesday’s seem to be a really dangerous day to run at the gym on their indoor track.  D suggested I run on the treadmill.  I kinda have a goal to never run on a treadmill.  But after today’s punches to the throat and boob, I’m starting to reconsider this running indoors thing.  Thinking I might have better chances running in the 112* outdoors!

Have you ever been punched by a stranger at the gym?

Do you run on a treadmill?

What’s the hottest temperature you’ll run in?