She Got a Job!!!!

Earlier today I tweeted this picture and asked, “Know why this girl is smiling so big??  Cuz she got a job!!!”

I did! I did!! I got a job and I start….TOMORROW!!!!!

God is good.  Even though it’s been hard and stressful and scary, I have trusted that God would provide and He has!!!  Whoo hooo!!!

As irony would have it, the first place I went when I lost my job on July 17th was straight to M’s office.  34 days later, right after I got the job today, I went straight to M’s office.  I crashed in on her lunch with A, but neither seemed to mind!  A was so excited for me she squealed and if you knew would know she is not a squealer!

Would you believe it took us 5 tries to get this photo right?  In one, A didn’t seem to know where to direct her eyes.  In another, M thought her neck looked like a giraffe.  I don’t know why my nose looks so sunburned.

I feel so much “lighter” now.  I have felt so suppressed and “heavy” for the past month.  It’s amazing how much power there is in 4 little words, “I got a job!”

Oh..remember how I lost my job on a Tuesday and since then, Tuesday’s have sucked for me?  How freakishly, amazingly awesome is it that I’m going to start my new job on a Tuesday?!?!  Tuesday is being reclaimed!

How is your Monday going?

Are you a squealer?

Any tips for my first day on the new job?  I haven’t started at a “new place” in over 9 1/2 years!



Cleaning out my…fridge!

A few years ago, a psychiatrist told me about a theory; when people experience trauma in their lives, the brain remembers it even if the person doesn’t on a conscience level…  So say you were 2 years old when your parents split up and it was around Valentine’s Day.  You’re 2, absolutely incapable of knowing what Valentine’s Day really is, and you actually forget, as you grow older, that the divorce happened around that time of year.  But ever since then..when Valentine’s Day rolls around, you just hate the day.  You could have the love of your life and all the happiness in the world but you cannot figure out why when Valentine’s Day you are just in a foul mood and go in to a funk/depression..whatever you want to call it!

I got laid off on a Tuesday.  Tuesday’s are becoming my “low” day in the week.  I don’t even think I make Tuesday a bad day on purpose.  For example, I jolted awake at 2 this morning and my brain immediately started flooding with all the fears and anxieties that I currently have.  I escaped to the couch as to not wake K with my tossing and turning.  I watched “Spanglish” on TV (thankful for some decent television at such an odd time of night) and just cried my eyes out.  Oh…wait..are you still stuck back there on “Spanglish”?  I love watching “Spanglish”…I think it’s a super cute movie .  Any way..I didn’t get back to sleep until almost 5 am and just knew it was going to be a rough day.

After I dropped D off at school this morning, I had every intention of coming home and going back to bed.  After all..Tuesday’s seem like a great day to spend the day in bed!  WRONG!!!  I watched “Real Housewives of NY”, declared those bitches CRAZY and got up to clean out the fridge.  After all, tomorrow is trash day and our fridge was in serious need of a clean out.

I didn’t bother to take any pictures of the before and after of the fridge but trust me when I tell you, before picture would = DISGUSTING!!!  So disgusting, I didn’t realize it ruined my lunch appetite until it was 3 pm and I was waiting to pick up D and could hear my stomach growling over all the noise of the elementary school children!  True Story!  I frightened 1st graders with the noise coming from my stomach.

Tonight, D, K and I went for our Week 3 Day 1 Ease Into 5k training.  We started with a 5 minute warm up walk and then:

  • Run 3 minutes
  • Walk 2 minutes
  • Run 90 seconds
  • Walk 2 minutes

We repeated the above 2 times.  On the first 3 minute run, K was not a happy camper runner.  In his defense, there is a heat advisory issued for Phoenix today and here we were shuffling along in the bike lane.  It was difficult to run in this kind of heat but we just took  it slow.  We wrapped it up with a 5 minute cool down walk.  1.7 miles in 27 minutes.  It’s important to slow your roll run when the temperatures are stupid extreme!

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this posting.  But you should thank me for sparing you the pictures of the disgusting contents that once inhabited my fridge.  You’re welcome!

What movie do you love to watch and most people would skip it?

When’s the last time you cleaned out your fridge?

Don’t you hate it when blog posts don’t have pictures?

Organization is key!

Yesterday afternoon, K, D and I headed out for their 5k training run.  We are a day behind on keeping to our schedule, we were not able to run last Thursday.  Yesterday we completed Week 2 of the Ease Into 5k program.  It was very hot out but we opted to go earlier in the afternoon for our run so D could have some time in the pool.  She was not a happy camper and continued to run far ahead of us.

She would try to speed up to patches of shade and then linger there waiting for K and I to catch up.  In spite of all her complaining and whining, she did great!  Her ability to run nonstop for 90 seconds in this heat tells me she’s going to kill that 5k!  I’m really proud of K, too!  He doesn’t whine or complain while we run because he is trying to keep D’s spirits up – he’s such a good daddy!  We completed 2.37 miles in about 36 minutes.

Happy to be home, but she wasn’t happy I paused for another family photo.

But I guess she’s good at putting on her game face and playing along with her crazy mother!

Confession time, I did not do my longer runs on Friday and Saturday.  I stuck to the 1 mile and called it good.  I felt super guilty for skipping the runs, especially as I read all my blogger friends blogging about how awful their long runs were. I felt like I’d failed to be supportive of my running friends by not suffering with them.  Does that make any sense?  I cannot, cannot, cannot blow off my longer runs any more.  As of yesterday, it is 4 weeks until my next half marathon, Disneyland!  I want to do a 9 mile run this weekend and a 10 mile run the following weekend.  Then that will be it for long runs and I will taper in preparation for the half marathon!

I wrote in my journal every day this weekend, something I’m trying to do so I can get my crazy thoughts out of my head and work through them on paper.  I told myself yesterday that I might as well take advantage of this time off unemployment period and take care of some things that normally get neglected!  I wrote myself a list of 4 things to do today!

After I dropped D off at school this morning, I started working on the disaster we call a pantry! Took about 1 1/2 hours and now you can actually find things without having things fall on your head!

Pantry before and after


Side pantry before and after


And now that I’ve written this blog posting, I have accomplished 2 of the 4 things on my list “to do” today!

Do you write yourself “to do” lists?

What’s for lunch today?

What’s for dinner?

Can you tell I’m hungry

Hello 60!

Yesterday D and I went to the produce market to buy some cherries (99 cents a pound, thank you very much!) and while we were there I discovered the market is now carrying the Vega brand!  I’ve been wanting to find a gel that is healthier so have been wanting to try these!!

I’ve read good things..can’t wait to try them out!

Today I had a very important interview for a job you might describe as my “dream job”!

How’d it go?  Honestly..I feel like I blew it.  I got so nervous and felt like I was having an out-of-body experience and wanted to slap myself!

D and I went for her 3rd run of the week following the same routine we did on Tuesday!

When we came within view of the park, D was super excited to see the sprinklers were on.  You would think that would have inspired her to run/walk faster to get to them but it didn’t.  As soon as we were much closer to the sprinklers, she took off

She did a couple of laps through the coolness!

That kept her somewhat happy for the next 10 minutes of our training but just like Tuesday, on the final round of the run/walk segments, she started to whine, whimper, and confess her “hate” of running!   We did 1.77 miles in 27:41 minutes.  She’s getting slower but it is hot outside.

We finally made it home and she felt fine enough to pose with me for an “after” picture!

In other news…I weighed in this morning!  Last Thursday I weighed in at 175.  Today..173.8! I have lost a total of 21.2 pounds since 12/08/11!

More great news, today marked the 60th day of consecutive running!  #RWStreakExtreme, a continuation of #RWRunStreak – going strong!

Have you tried the Vega Endurance Gel?

How many pounds of cherries have you eaten this summer?  (I think I’m up to 6!)

Do you ever cry while running?

It’s Like a Divorce!

I woke up around 8 this morning and refused to get out of bed. I decided now was a good time to catch up on my Tivo recordings of         “Secret Life of an American Teenager“!   Yes…I’m a grown ass woman and I watch this show.  What of it?

Oh…by the way…I’ve entered the “anger” stage of unemployment. I don’t think I’ve dropped so many F bombs in my life than I did today.  It might be a new world record!  I also used a lot of other choice 4 letter words.  It was awesome!!!!

So you know how I said the worst part of being laid off is that I would miss so many of my wonderful co-workers. 2 of those wonderful co-workers contacted me today and said my belongings were packed and they’d like to deliver them.  That was awesome because then it meant that some of my stuff wouldn’t get broken in “shipping”!  So D and I met them for lunch at On the Border.

I ordered a salad and mushroom & spinach enchilada.  The enchilada was nothing to write home blog about but at least there are pictures!

I’ve talked about one of my old co-workers here before but I’ve never named her. She’s officially being named now because 1) she’s awesome and 2) we’ll be doing some races together in the future.  So A and my other co-worker and I had a nice lunch catching up.  It was hard to look them in the eyes and see that they were really feeling for me.

This leads me to my next rant…you know who your true friends are by the actions they take!  I learned a very long time ago that words are “words” – they mean nothing. It’s the actions that people take that reveal their true character!

So here is all the stuff that use to fit in to my cubicle!

Yes, I had a lot of stuff.  I worked there for 9.6 years!  My cube was very decorated and full – it was my home away from home.  And here it all sat, in 2 large boxes!

I decided that being laid off is not like a death in the family – it’s like a divorce!

This afternoon I ran 1.08 miles and ran as fast and as hard as my legs could take me.  I was feeling so very angry and it felt good to take that frustration out on the pavement.

So for some good news…this morning I weighed myself and to my surprise, the scale said 175.0!  Wow!!  I’ve officially lost 20 pounds since December 8, 2011.  Here’s the breakdown since I started posting my weight on this blog:

  • 6-21-12 = 178.2
  • 6-28-12 = 178.6
  • 7-12-12 = 179.8
  • 7-19-12 = 175

I’ve lost 3.2 pounds in the past month.  I’ll take it.

Do you watch Secret Life of an American Teenager?

Do you run while angry?

What’s your favorite curse word?


Not Your Ordinary Wednesday!

Around 3 pm I had the brilliant idea to go out for my run.   D was home with me and I gave her the option to ride her scooter or bike.  Fortunately, she chose the bike!

2.08 miles in this 104* heat was BRUTAL!

As soon as we were home and changed, we hit the pool! refreshing, relaxing and void of thoughts!!

K stopped for dinner on the way home…

Eh…I haven’t had this in awhile but wasn’t in the mood to cook but this definitely did not look appetizing!


I read an article earlier today after I Google’d, “I was laid off now what”.  The article suggested I take a day or two to just mourn and process what was happening.  So that’s exactly what I was doing this afternoon…with awful food!  Ick.

To be honest with you, my head hasn’t worked right all day.  I’ve been in this fog.  D and I went to the eye doctor to sort out her new prescription and that was about all I could handle today.

I’ve decided to give myself a pass until Monday morning.  I have until Monday to kick this…whatever it is.  I did apply for a couple of jobs today but that’s all I’m going to focus on until Monday.  Most people put off diets until Monday but I’m going to put off unemployment until then!

As I dried off from our splashy time in the pool on this wonderful Wednesday evening, I looked towards the sky and saw this!

And I thought that under normal circumstances, I would not be laying there – looking towards the sky, seeing the beauty, hearing D giggling in the pool and having just enjoyed a fun hour of playing in the pool with my family.  Under normal circumstances, I would have been sitting at a computer, working on homework and preparing for the next work day.

I’m thankful for today!

Do you feel guilty when you eat food that’s bad for you?

What is one great thing that happened to you today?

What is one of your blessings?



I Cannot Run and Cry at the Same Time!

It feels like there’s been a death in my family.  There hasn’t been an actual death, for that I am grateful.  Today I was laid off from my job.  Our family suffered through unemployment last February 2011 when K lost his job.  Fortunately, his unemployment was short lived but it was a rough 4 months of uncertainty and scariness.  Still struggling to get back on our feet and readjusted and today I lost my job.

Last year…when we’d say K lost his job he would comment that he didn’t lose it – he knew exactly where it was and that someone had taken it from him.  I understand the sentiment behind that today!  It feels strange saying, “I lost my job!” like I lost a pair of sunglasses or something.

I know we’re just now getting to know each other and you aren’t terribly familiar with my past but I learned a long time ago that God is in control.  It may sound cliche to say but I believe that everything happens for a reason and when God closes a door – He opens a window.  I know this because I’ve lived it.  I’ve had many struggles and uncertainties but I’ve always trusted that I would make it to the other side in a better position than what I started in!

The hardest part about losing my job today is that I’m really going to miss the people I have worked with for the past 9.6 years.  We were like family.  I looked forward to seeing them every day and sharing in their lives.  I know we can stay connected via Facebook and things like that but it’s not the same as day-in and day-out interactions.  So many of them were there when I started my running adventures and they were so supportive and encouraging.  It’s like a piece of my past is dying and I’m so very sad about that.

When K got home from work today, I was in the middle of an emotional breakdown.  So many of my friends from work were reaching out to me and saying such nice things and it just made me that much sadder.  It’s so nice to feel so loved.  It felt so strange tightening the shoelaces on my running shoes while I was sobbing.

Today I learned that I cannot cry while I run. I can walk and cry –  no problem there.  As soon as I’d break in to a run, the tears would stop.  I was thankful for the temporary pause in tears…but then started to worry that if I continue to have these crying outbreaks, I’m gonna be logging a lot more miles!

You know you’re a runner when you are laid off and still do your 1 mile run for the #RWStreakExtreme!

Ugh…this is a depressing post but it’s helped me to write it out.  Thanks for suffering through this…if you’ve made it this far, that is!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, a new day!

This too shall pass!