A Body In Motion..

Have you ever heard the saying, “A body in motion stays in motion”?  Or is that a Bible verse?  I could Google it but I’m pressed for time but..you know the saying, right?

I made up my mind Saturday that I had to get myself back in to the habit of taking care of things I’ve neglected and I’ve been holding to it!

I cleaned this out of my wallet!

Two months worth of receipts!!  I do keep a checkbook in Excel so I had to enter all that info before I could take the stack to work and shred it!  This is what I did early Sunday AM when I was up early with a sick D!

I’m on this “eggs for breakfast” kick and have been fixing eggs for D and me every morning!
One day I didn’t have time to make us eggs and I noticed I was starving less than an hour later.  So..definitely making a point to make sure that both D and I have some source of protein in the morning with breakfast!
I think D loves the idea of mommy fixing her breakfast every morning…and brushing her hair..and pulling it out of her face..and brushing her teeth.  SPOILED!!

I was so proud of my packed lunch this AM!

Mostly because of the honey crisp apple – delicious!

I love getting surprises in the mail…like this!

Meeting C 12 years ago changed my life-TRUE STORY!!!!  D is super excited about the Starbucks gift cards!!  Thank you, C!!!!  I love you!!!

In other fun, exciting news, M and I booked our flight for the Tinker Bell half marathon weekend today because Southwest is having a fabulous sale!!  Our travel dates fell within their travel restrictions so..score!  Round trip for $139 can’t be beat!  Imagine our excitement when we registered for the race and then our excitement when we reserved the hotel room and now our excitement that we have our flights booked!

Been busy but I’m feeling good.  I’m getting my mind and body prepared to go for a run tomorrow morning.  I am just way too tired in the afternoon to run so I need to change things up and get my runs done in the morning’s.  This is a total switch for me so it’s going to be an adjustment.  We’ll see how it goes!

What’s your favorite kind of apple?

Do you keep a checkbook register and balance it every time you get a statement?

Are you running the Tinker Bell half marathon?

Do you pack your lunch or buy every day?

Curiouser and Curiouser…and other Random Thoughts…

I was so busy today at work that I skipped taking a lunch and ate at my desk.  But then I ended up finishing my work by the “8 hour mark” so packed I up and headed out.  Normally, I would have stayed until my regular quitting time but since I had a date with the bike lane – I was really happy to be getting out earlier than expected so I could get my run on!!!

Can I just tell you how giddy and happy I felt racing home to go for my run?  Here are some random thoughts I had during today’s “supposed to be speed training” session:

  • Bald men in sports car convertibles make me giggle.
  • “We’ve become the walls we raise..” so true.  So deep, Matchbox Twenty!
  • Ah…I see the newborn pigeons are finally hatched just in time to crap all over the roofs in my neighborhood for the winter.
  • Why is it that I can seem to run the normal pace but my walking pace has drastically reduced?
  • My breathing is a lot more controlled today.  So thankful the lungs bounce back so quickly!
  • If you’re not supposed to drink and drive then how is it that there are so many broken bottles out here in the bike lane?  Or do people ride their bikes and then toss their bottles?  Or do people just hang out on the sidewalk drinking?  I am very curious.
  • The only crap part about putting dinner in the crock pot before work is that I am starving all day as a result.  So weird.
  • Dear Left Leg…you have never been a good running partner.  You’re the one always acting up.  Shameful!
  • I wonder if anyone just saw me totally rock out to that song?
  • Why is the grass at the park all brown? It was all green Sunday?  I wonder if it wasn’t grass but instead just green weeds?
  • I’m feeling very curious on this run today.
  • I hope that UPS man is heading to my house with D’s eye patches.
  • Hmm..I’m not liking my profile in that shadow.

I ran/walked 1.87 miles in 26:32 minutes, a 14:11 pace.  The leg wasn’t nearly as sore as it was when I ran on Sunday!

Do you have a leg that always gives you problems?  

Do you giggle when it’s time to go for your run?  

What’s for dinner tonight?

Night and Day

On Sunday I was telling M that my eating habits have been really bad since I lost my job in July.  Surprisingly, I’ve only gained 3 pounds which isn’t awful considering my training was derailed and then I got injured.  Then we were talking about how much different my old job is from my new job.

In my new role, I hardly have the time to sit back in my chair. I’m always sitting on the edge of the chair and am up and down all day.  One of my coworkers commented today that she feels bad for me because I’m always up and walking back and forth.

She feels bad for me?  I’m actually thankful for the up and down, back and forth, and the in and out.

Then today..I was sitting at my desk working on a project and noticed I was sweating.

At my last job, I use to have to keep a heating pad on my lap to keep me warm!

Say what?!

In other news…my leg felt “stiff” today but not sore.  A coworker commented on me limping, and I noticed it too, but I didn’t feel any pain.  Just felt stiff or tight.  I’ve been stretching my foot like crazy by bringing it up to a knee high footstool and then leaning in on the foot.  For whatever reason, it seems to be loosening things up in my leg.  I’m starting to wonder if my injury is originating from my foot?!

So..that’s all for me this Tuesday – sweating at work and the mysterious injury!

I’m making a stew in the crock pot tomorrow so I’ll be able to get my run on after I get home from work! (Please note: I have not tried this recipe before but I found it super quick when I was grocery shopping and found stew meat on special!)  Can I just tell you – I am really excited to resume my regular running schedule??!!!

Do you sweat at work?

Have you ever had a mysterious foot injury?

Would you rather park it in the chair all day at work or be up and down/back and forth?


Great News and Salad!

Happy Monday!

Yesterday my leg was sore but it wasn’t anything like it was after the Disneyland half marathon.  When I stood to walk, I didn’t yelp out in pain.  By the evening time, I didn’t feel much pain at all.  I didn’t let myself freak out yesterday worrying about “what if” but instead decided to see how things were on Monday.

Great news!!!…it’s Monday and my leg is feeling a’okay!  Know what that means?  I reinstate my regular running schedule on Wednesday.  *Doing the happy dance!*  I’ll still take it slow and easy but at least I’ll be hitting the bike lane again – running towards oncoming traffic, of course!

In other great news…today I transitioned from being a contractor to being a full time employee with benefits and everything!

Yesterday I did a little grocery shopping after my coffee date with M.  I normally shop with the family and do everything I can to get in and out as quickly as possible.  But since I was solo yesterday, I had a little more time to look around.  I was thrilled to see these!

Kid friendly salads!!!  Sometimes D has to take a sack lunch for field trips and it has to be something they can get in to easily!  On the last field trip she went, she chose a salad from the deli but it turned out to be too much food.  These little salads would be a perfect size for her.

In case you missed it – yes, my daughter chose a salad over some other preservative ridden junk!  It was a proud moment in my world! It made me realize that the example I am setting for her is actually getting through.

Have you seen these Disney kid-friendly salads?

Any great news to share this Monday?

Are you on or off the injured list?


Not So Sure I Should Have Done That…and other Random Thoughts..

I was awake at 7:30 and decided I would go through with my 3 mile run!

Since I haven’t run since the Disneyland half marathon, it took me awhile to locate all my running gear.  But before long, I was outside ready for the challenge of a first run since my injury.  First thing I noticed is the weather is a lot cooler in the mornings now than what it was when I was training just a  month ago!

Some random thoughts during today’s run:

  • OMG, I can’t breathe.  I hate how quickly the lungs get out of shape.  It’s only been a month, though.  WTH!?!
  • Seriously, I sound like someone who has never run before, I’m going to wake up the  neighborhood with this heavy breathing-NOT sexy.
  • Wow, the entire side of that roof is tiled in solar panels.  I thought that was against HOA?!
  • Yeap, there’s the ache in my leg, exactly where it was for Disneyland.  This blows.
  • Why did I say 3 miles instead of 1 mile?!
  • That is an awful lot of pigeons in the middle of the park.  Nasty birds.  Hasn’t anyone figured out a way to make those vial creatures go extinct??
  • I’m sorry, Katy Perry, but I am nothing like a firework right now but thanks for thinking of me, girl!!
  • These new shoes make my feet sore.
  • Poor girl, if she got a better running bra she wouldn’t have to hold down the girls while she ran.
  • So excited for my coffee date with M this morning…I hope I don’t require a wheelchair to get in and out of the building.
  • K is gonna be mad at me if I’m limping all over the house later today..I did promise not to hurt myself!  Whoops!
  • Perhaps it’s not the shoes making  my feet sore but the fact I haven’t run in a month?

I ran/walked 3 miles in 42:11 minutes, a 14:03 minute mule mile pace.  I’m gonna shower and tape up my leg to see if that helps in any way.

How did your Sunday run go?

Do you meet your friends for coffee dates? 

Are pigeons an issue in your neck of the woods?

Do I Dare to Run??

I missed my chiro appointment on Friday because I had to work late.  So I do not have doctor’s clearance to run.

But…I’m thinking of going for a 3 mile run in the morning.  I vow to do the following:

  • Run slowly..it’ll be more of what I call a “runner’s shuffle”.
  • Head home the moment I feel any kind of pain.

I just gotta get back out there and run again.  The bike lane is calling my name – it misses me and I miss it!

Due to my extremely hectic work schedule this past week, I didn’t do any of the workouts I had planned to do.  Lesson learned…the last week of the month will require morning workouts – whether I like it or not.

Do you think I’m crazy to attempt a small run without doctor’s “okay”?