I Need a Way Back Machine!

I got up around 8:30 am and had the brilliant idea I’d go for my long run since the weather report was 81*.  I suited up, had my toast, almond butter and chia seeds and hit the pavement.  I definitely had some thoughts today!

  • The weather people are big fat liar heads!  81* my sweaty butt!
  • The clouds in the sky look like the Toy Story clouds!
  • I’m going back to peanut butter, I don’t care if it has some funky mold – it’s delicious!
  • How is it that I can turn left and am in the breeze but a moment ago, I couldn’t feel it at my side?
  • Whose stupid idea was it to come out here for this run?
  • Note to self: cocktails the night before a long run is the dumbest idea – EVER!
  • If exercise is supposed to help with depression, how is it that when you’re depressed it’s super, super hard to exercise?
  • I cannot believe I allowed this unemployment to derail my training…stupid, stupid, stupid!
  • When I get home, I’m going to slam a glass of chocolate milk..
  • I’ll slam that glass of chocolate milk after I chug ice cold water!
  • Trying to go to a happy place but instead I’m stuck here in this miserable place.
  • Wonder what’s killing all the birds?
  • I’m pretty sure getting cold chills right now is a bad, bad sign.

I ran/walked 6.02 miles in 1:16:34.  Yesterday, I ran 3.63 miles in about 45 minutes..it was the longest run I’d done in a month.

I’m trying really hard to not beat the crap out of myself for allowing my training to be derailed.  The Disneyland half marathon is in 2 weeks and I know I’m supposed to start tapering but I’m toying with the idea of scheduling myself a 10 mile run for next weekend.

Do you think I should do a 10 miler next weekend?

Do you have a “way back” machine I can borrow?  

What’s on the agenda today?

I Haven’t Lost It!!

So..yesterday was Tuesday..  I was mentally prepared for Tuesday.  Thanks to you wonderful readers, I was ready to show Tuesday who’s boss.  And I did pretty good, all things considered.  Even when I got the rejection of the “dream job” I interviewed for..I still held it together.  Even when I ended up on the couch at 9:30 pm..I was still doing good. I figure that since I didn’t cry all day, I defeated Tuesday!

Yesterday, I picked up my favorite bread from Fresh & Easy and later picked up almond butter because M says I can’t eat peanut butter any more..something about mold?  So this morning, I had my breakfast of toast, nut butter and chia seeds..

I don’t know if I’m a huge fan of almond butter. I missed the flavor of peanut butter. It was really weird eating the breakfast I typically had at “work”..since I got laid off, I’ve been eating eggs, waffles, or nothing at all (bad, I know)!

Skipping to this afternoon!

When I left the house to pick D up from school, I immediately noticed an absence of something..scorching sun burning my skin!  Overcast skies..nice!  When I got in my car, I noticed the absence of a sweat downpour on my face and I didn’t burn my hands when I touched the steering wheel.  Say what?  It’s 97*?!  It’s almost jacket weather in Phoenix today.  Okay, not quite jacket weather but I didn’t have to put the A/C on full blast!

Then I got super, super stoked as I realized I was excited to go for my run.  I’ve been worried that I’ve lost my interest in running. I’ve basically forced myself to do my 1 mile per day but haven’t managed to do much more than that, unless I go with D and K for their 5k training, since I lost my job.  I was practically pacing, waiting for K to come home so I could go on my Wednesday run of speed work.  Even though I was happy to be happy to go out for my run, I was willing my iPod to only play my angry music when I put it on shuffle!

Some random thoughts during today’s run:

  • Wow, there’s actually people at the park today..guess they got the memo about the cooler temps!
  • Okay, dude, you don’t look cool riding your cruiser around the park and not wearing a shirt.  Please, for the love of the innocent, put your shirt back on!
  • There’s a lot of debris in the bike lane thanks to that storm last night.
  • I don’t know how people manage a 6:13 pace for longer than 30 seconds..this pace is killing me.
  • It’s kinda pathetic that I feel this happy to run in 97*!
  • Now shirtless man is doing lunges on the park benches.  I wonder who’s more excited about these cooler temps, me or him?
  • iPod, you are not failing me…one angry song after another.
  • I hate being unemployed.  I hate it, hate it, hate it.
  • If the temps were cooler, I’d be a running maniac during this unemployment time.
  • Moving my long run to Saturday, when the temps are supposed to have a high of 97*!
  • I am so happy doing this run right now.  So happy!
  • Careful in this area..I think this is where D nearly stepped on that dead bird yesterday!
  • “The Way I Am” (Eminem)  is a great song to run to!

I ran 2.24 miles in 26.30 minutes.  Today I did my “normal” speed training workout. I can’t tell if I struggled at times because:

  1. Of the heat?
  2. I haven’t been doing my normal training?
  3. I’m stressed?
  4. All of the above?

I started to worry that I’m not going to hit my goals for the Disneyland half marathon in 2 1/2 weeks. Then I told myself that I need to give myself a break and realize life has thrown me a major curve ball and I’ve allowed it to derail my training plan.  But can I just tell you how very excited I am that I realized today I haven’t lost my love of running?!?

Tonight at dinner, we all had a lovely glass of chocolate milk!  It was so tasty!

Do you like almond butter?

Do you eat the same thing for breakfast every day?

Do you like to make your own chocolate milk or buy it “ready made”?