Another Post With No Photos..

Just a quick update on me:

  • Job is going good – the day seems to fly by (I love that)!
  • Still loving the short commute – can’t beat it!
  • Did my 45 minute run tonight instead of tomorrow (Friday) to prepare for my 10 miler this weekend!
  • For the first time in a month, I’m looking forward to Friday!
  • For once in a few weeks, I’m actually feeling excited about the Disneyland half marathon weekend!  For awhile, I was dreading the weekend but now I’m looking forward to it.

I’m behind on my blog reading and housekeeping.  I have hardly checked in with friends or family and I completely forgot to call my mom today for her birthday.  The first few days of a new job really seem to have put me on a different planet.  Mostly I feel exhausted after I get home – and I’m just loving it!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!!  I love you!!!!  I did think of  you today!!!

How has your week been?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Any long runs planned for the weekend?

Tuesday’s Have Been Reclaimed!

I started my new job today!  I gave myself 45 minutes to get to work because I needed to drop D off at day care.  Yeah…so, I got to work 30 minutes early!  How flippin’ awesome is it that I can get to work in 15 minutes, even with a day care pit stop!?!?  Before my lay off, my commute was 40+ minutes one way!

First day on the new job went fine.  I did the typical “first day” stuff since all my computer access hasn’t been completed.  I read the processing manual, opened the mail, and did some filing.  I actually like filing, I find it to be very therapeutic – and it beat the hell out of sitting on my couch, waiting for the phone to ring!

Trust me when I tell you that I resisted all temptation to randomly tell people around the office, “You may not know it now…but you’re going to love me. I am an awesome co-worker. I have some co-workers I could refer you to if you don’t believe me!”  Do you think that would have been too much?  I wasn’t so sure so I postponed my campaign!

I’m glad I had the presence of mind this morning to get dinner in the crock pot!  I wasn’t off until 5 this afternoon (my hours use to be 6:30 – 3:30) and after my super-short 5 minute commute home..K, D and I still needed to go out for a 5k training run!

The run went well.  D cried less than she did during our run on Sunday.  Her constant crying and whining is driving me crazy.  I told her I’m never going to sign her up for another 5k again, to which she cried more.  I don’t get it!

Despite the tears, we managed to accomplish 2.31 miles in about 34 minutes.

Fortunately for me, D actually loved the dinner I made tonight, so no tears or battles there.  She has been super picky lately but she gobbled this up and asked for more!

Doesn’t look that exciting, huh?  It’s called Slow Cooker Taco Pasta.  You top it with cheese and sour cream and it’s fabulous.  It’s definitely a recipe that will go in to our “rotation”.

How long is your commute to work?

Do you often search online for new recipes to try?

Do you like to file?