It’s Early…I’m Up..and other Random Thoughts..

Changing things up and went for a morning run this Wednesday since I’m normally wiped out by the time I leave work. I don’t like running in the dark but…you do what you gotta do..with caution, of course!!

Some random thoughts during today’s run:

  • I wonder what that flashing orange light is up there?  I could go that way and find out.  Um…hello?!?  It’s probably to attract you that way so the boogie man can get you!  Ignore the orange flashing light!!!
  • Aww…all these people in their cars on the road at 5ish in the morning..that use to be me!
  • Ha! I use to be jealous of the runners out on mornings like this…now I’m the runner out on a morning like this!
  • Speaking of “mornings like this”– the weather is fabulous!!!
  • WTH, leg???  You’ve felt fine all week and now you’re gonna act like we’re at the very beginning of this injury???  Why do you hate me??
  • If my leg would cooperate, I could go a whole lot faster. It is horrible to not take advantage of this lovely weather and run faster!!
  • Okay, so I have a half marathon in 4’ish weeks…I guess I’m about to find out what it’s like to walk 13.1 miles!!!!
  • Is this injury ever going to heal??
  • Maybe I should just quit running for good.
  • Maybe I should get a second opinion about this injury in my leg?
  • Maybe I should stretch more religiously and perhaps ice the foot?!
  • Why is the body so complicated?
  • Why isn’t this run over already?
  • K is going to KILL me if I get hurt today and jeopardize our plans this weekend.
  • Maybe a run on Friday isn’t a good idea?!

I ran/walked 1.79 miles in 27:48 minutes, a 15:31 pace.  Which is a LOT slower than my pace was last Wednesday. I honestly do not get it.  But I don’t have time to ponder all the mysteries that is my injury, I must get ready for work!

Have a great Wednesday!!!

Got any theories about my mysterious leg injury?

What is your favorite day of the week?

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

The Weekend Situation (so far), Excuses and Random Thoughts!

My normal weekend routine typically goes like this:

  • Friday night – Run and early bed
  • Saturday – Early AM run, errands, cleaning, and some resting (if I’m lucky)
  • Sunday – Up in the air…but usually stay home and do whatever needs getting done

This weekend has been anything but normal!

Friday night we had a late night out having dinner with my seester and D – both of whom had early morning Saturday flights to leave Arizona (seester going home and D going to CA for two weeks)!

D was super excited about her solo trip and her “big head” was growing larger and larger by the minute. I was starting to wonder how she’d fit her big girl head in the airplane but it seems to have made it in!

I don’t see anything sticking out that shouldn’t….do you?

Big firsts for my children yesterday: J got his driver’s permit in Ohio and D took her first airplane ride all alone!

After K and I were home from the airport, I did some homework and then went for my 1 mile run.  After I was home K insisted I shower so we can go to lunch which ended up being at the San Tan Brewing Co…Oh Yeah!!!

From there..the afternoon gets blurry! 🙂  We did meet up with M and her family because it was M’s birthday and they were in the area.  I always laugh a lot when I’m with M and we had a lovely visit!!

So here’s my thing..  I get up on the weekdays between 5:15 am and 5:30 am.  On the weekend, during the summer, I have one day that I have to set the alarm and get my run on before the sun comes up too much.  That said, with Saturday’s early AM trip to the airport..I didn’t want to have to set my alarm Sunday morning. I need at least one day a week that I can sleep until my body is ready to get up!  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Additionally, my heart was not in this 10 mile run I had scheduled for myself.  I’ve been running every single day since May 28th and the lack of rest days is taking a toll. I just needed a break and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me taking a step back and saying, “I won’t do a long run this week!”  So..there you have it.  I gave myself permission to cancel my long run.  If someone would like to come collect my “Runner’s Club Card” just let me know.  But I highly doubt I’m going to get kicked out of the club because I just didn’t feel like running 10 miles on a 1/10th of a mile indoor running track.  Anyone here want to blame me for that?  I didn’t think so!

But the “you need to go for a run longer than a mile” voice in my head kept nagging at me.  So today, after I finished my 2 hours of homework, I set out for a run.  Told K I didn’t know how long I’d be or how many miles I’d do but I’d be back when I felt like it-which isn’t a very wise plan considering it’s so hot here, I normally like to tell K when he should expect me home so he can come look for me if he has to.  I was going to do that thing where you run for feel and freedom and not for time or pace or mileage.

So…yeah…it’s hot out there!!!!!!!!!!  There’s also a bit of humidity in the air – YUCK!!!!  Here’s what I thought about along the way:

  • I like that my tan line shows where my running socks start/stop on my ankle!  Tan lines to be proud of.
  • It feels weird not looking down at my running watch every 15 seconds. I wonder what my pace is…
  • It would be okay if I just ran my usual 1 mile.
  • You can do longer than 1 mile, maybe 1.5.
  • C’mon, at least do a 5k.
  • Who am I kidding?  What crazy person runs in this heat?
  • 11 minutes in and I’m already through one bottle of water.  There is no flippin’ way you could run 10 miles out here in these conditions.
  • If I was in a race right now, they’d have to put up black flags to warn runners.  I wonder if everyone would still get the bling?!
  • I’m going to finish the length of this road and then head home…this is stupid!
  • Don’t drivers have anything better to stare at than me?  Have they never seen a runner before?
  • I’m so glad I got most of my paper done for class.
  • When race season kicks up again, do I want to run a half marathon every month or every other month?  How about a 10k in between half marathon months?  Hmm…I gotta get all that figured out!
  • I could finish this “10 mile” run at the gym….or not.
  • I vote “not”!

I ran 2.03 miles in 23:21 minutes.  A far cry from the scheduled 10 miles but…better than nothing! I won’t be at the top of the leader board on Daily Mile this week but that’s okay!  It’s more important that I listen to my body and not burn out on this running business.  After all, I have a date with a half marathon to set a PR on September 2, 2012!

 Do you feel guilty when/if you deviate from a running plan?

Random Thoughts During Tonight’s Speed Training Run..6.4.12

After the fabulous weekend I had, I was too tired lazy to pack my gym clothes before heading to work this morning.  This meant I wouldn’t make the 4:30 ab class. I debated with myself if I’d do my Pilates for Dummies or Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD but then my seester called and said she was coming over.  I use to love my workout DVD’s but now I find them painfully boring and I look for any justification excuse not to do them!

As I lazily chatted with my sister – half watching Four Weddings – I started to feel guilty for not doing my workout.  After some negotiating with me, myself and I, we decided I would do the normally scheduled for Wednesday speed training session tonight.  After all, K’s birthday is Wednesday and I think he’d rather we go out to dinner!

So, 6:30 pm, 104* outside, I donned my running gear and headed out for my 26 minute speed training run.  I definitely encountered a few random thoughts to share with you:

  • OMG!  The sprinklers are on!!!  I’ve missed my fun friends!!…!
  • Damn it is hot out here!!!  Only a moron would run in this kind of heat.  Oh…wait!
  • At least the sun is a little further down so there’s at least a little shade, not that the shade does much to help but it’s better than having the sun burning holes in my skin!
  • Damnit, Garmin, stop beeping at me that your memory is low. I can’t do much about that out here, now can I?
  • I really wish I could sustain running in this heat because it’s so much nicer to run outside than inside..
  • Why am I holding my spit in? I’m outside.. I am free to spit away!!!
  • It’s only been a couple of weeks of running indoors and I’m already having massive separation anxiety from running outdoors.  This is going to be a long summer.
  • Running through the sprinklers never felt so good.
  • I’m starting to think my iPod is trying to tell me that Brass Monkey is my power song.  I definitely feel like my mood improves when the song comes on.  My iPod must know something I don’t!
  • Eww…I just missed stepping in dog poop!
  • Who lets their dog poop on a sidewalk?
  • You might have a running problem when you are running in 104* and are still trying to beat last week’s speed running mileage.  For crying out loud…I may need to have my head examined.
  • Yes, lady pushing the stroller – I’m running back and forth on this small stretch of sidewalk to increase my mileage.  Don’t judge!

I ran 2.21 miles in 26:32 minutes.

Hi, my name is Jac, and I’m addicted to watching my mileage increase week-to-week!

Do you get a “high” watching your mileage increase week to week?

What’s the temperature where you are today?

What is your ideal temperature for running?

Random Thoughts (or not) During Today’s 45 minute Run…6.1.12

Welcome to June.  June is one of my favorite months.  K and I celebrate our birthday’s this month!!

I was up early to take my parents and J to the airport.  I made the decision I would swing by the gym after I dropped them off so I can get my run on.  I didn’t realize I was going to accompany them in to the airport but we decided I should since J had his XBox in his carry-on and we weren’t sure it’d get through.  (You never know with TSA!!)

I got some interesting looks while walking through the airport. But I kept my head high.  I think my Coach purse completes the outfit, don’t you?  Oh, and you can’t see it, but I’m wearing sandals (because I only wear my running shoes to run).

I was at the gym around 9 am and running laps around the indoor track in no time.  Here are the random thoughts from today:

  • Grandma is sporting a tattoo’d arm band of a dragon.  Ha ha!  That’s awesome.  Rock on, Grandma!!!
  • You’re walking in the wrong direction on the running track so yes, I’m eyeballing you because I’ve almost run in to you twice now!!
  • People wear some interesting stuff to the gym to work out in.  That chick is wearing jeans and that dude is wearing a hand knit beanie in some ugly orange/yellow color.  SMH!
  • There are a lot less muscle dudes at the gym at 9 am on a Friday.  Too bad I can’t have this as my normal running time.  😦
  • I’ll be done with my run before my son’s flight even leaves the airport.
  • I know I said I didn’t like the RnR San Diego race last year but I’m really wishing I was running it this weekend.  A race sounds like the perfect thing to cheer me up right now.
  • It might be my imagination but it’s cooler in here, I wonder if it’s because there’s no one on the basketball courts.
  • That girl is going to hurt herself doing push-ups like that!  Ass down, ass down!!!

Ran 4.26 miles in 45:04 minutes.  My pace is definitely getting faster and I credit that to the strength training classes I’m doing.

Today was a run that I needed to clear my head and mostly focused on the music in my ears. I really tried not to think a whole lot.  I kept it together when I said goodbye to my son at the airport because I think he needed me to.  As soon as I finished  my run, I broke down in the locker room.

K just went upstairs to take a shower and text me this photo:

That’s D laying on J’s bed watching the iPad.  She’s been crying on and off all morning.  😦

Think we need to go find something to distract ourselves with.

What’s the craziest outfit you’ve ever seen on someone at the airport?

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen someone wear while working out at the gym?

 How many miles did you run today?

Random Thoughts During Today’s 45 minute Run…5.25.12

When I got to the gym I realized I had forgotten my Fuel Belt (water) and hair tie!  I thought, for one split second, that I wouldn’t bother with my run but I pushed on.  After all, it’s on my “schedule” and after yesterday’s brush with reality (mirrors in the exercise room that don’t lie), I had no real excuses to not run.  So I pulled my hair up and wrapped it around my visor as best I could:

(D took this picture for me..we don’t keep her around for her picture taking inabilities!)

Without further adieu, I present you with my random thoughts during today’s run:

  • It feels a lot lighter running without my Fuel Belt.  Next time I wear it I should weigh myself with the belt on and then weigh without it. I bet it weighs a good pound or two when all the bottles are full of water.
  • I still can’t figure out why these guys don’t realize they’re in my way and not vice versa!  This is the jogging trail..not the hold heavy weights and do lunges trail.
  • I’ve lapped those walking ladies 5 times now…
  • 1, 2, 3, 4…people texting while just hanging out on machines…or perhaps they’re blogging?!  🙂
  • Awe, my husband is being so sweet high-fiving me as I run by but I’m not feeling it today..
  • I can’t believe my son is moving away 1 week from today..
  • Whoa!  Water just dropped on my back arm..eww!!!!!  Wait…that “water” was the sweat from the back of my neck.  Ewww!!!  Gross.
  • Why am I grossed out by my own sweat?
  • I love that this place is not nearly as busy on Friday nights…there’s not nearly the amount of morons just wandering aimlessly on the track!
  • Those cross training classes seem to be working, I feel like everything is lining up a little easier today…
  • I don’t even care that those older dudes have lapped me….a couple of times now..but who’s counting?  Oh..right, they probably are!  I would!
  • The sucky part about running on an indoor track is the clocks they have everywhere.  Time seems to pass by so slowly!
  • Yes, please, just stand in the middle of the track and continue dribbling your ball while staring at me like a deer caught in headlights.. It’s my pleasure to completely weave around you!
  • 3 minutes until I’m done…time flies when you stop looking at the clock!

Ran 4.02 miles in 45:48 minutes.  The mileage was definitely lower than last weeks 45 minute run but I think that’s because I had to physically stop to drink water.  I stopped for no longer than 5 seconds each water break but that can definitely affect the time.  I wasn’t feeling the run before I even started but I knew I’d be glad I did it when I was done..I was right.

What are your plans this Friday night??

Random Thoughts During Today’s 45 minute Run..

Ran at the indoor rec center this, here are some thoughts I had:

  1. Interesting, that dude is doing crunches and texting at the same time…brings new meaning to the term “multi tasking” if you ask me.  That takes talent.
  2. Wow!!  That dude is so gangsta he can’t even dress down while at the gym!!  Who lifts weights while decked out in all their gangsta gear?  That guy!!
  3. It is really unfortunate I can’t spit in here!
  4. Dude!!!  You’re going in the wrong direction on the running track. You’re gonna cause a chest-on collision!!
  5. I know people come to the gym to work out so they can attract someone who may want to make out with them.  But I didn’t realize couples come to the gym to make out! Strange!
  6. Sweet!  My husband isn’t ignoring me this time!!
  7. Ha ha ha!!  That girl totally lost her balance while trying to stand on that ball and talk on her phone.
  8. There is a lot more to keep me entertained when I run outdoors.  Watching people lifting weights and staring at themselves in the mirrors is not entertaining!!!  Almost stepping on dead birds…that’s entertainment!!!
  9. I really miss running outside and it’s only been a week..this is gonna be a long summer.
  10. I must call my chiro!!!
  11. Yes, I’m singing out loud with my music.  It controls my breathing.  What of it??
  12. If all my running gear doesn’t advertise to these strangers that I’m a runner then surely my race shirt does the trick!

Ran 4.3 miles in 45:44 minutes.  I beat last week’s “best time ever” and recorded an average pace of 10:38.  I’m stoked!!! As a side note, I called my chiro on the way out of the gym to schedule an appointment for next week. I think the ache in my right hip and (literal) pain on the left side of my bottom isn’t normal – need an adjustment!!!  Happy Friday!!

Leave a comment below and tell me how you like to unwind on a Friday!  

Random Thoughts During Today’s 6.58 mile Run!

I normally do my long runs on Sunday but since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, I wanted to get the long run done and over with on Saturday.  Because, truth be told, my plan is to wake up and drink mimosa’s on Mother’s Day because that’s how I roll!

  • WHOA!!!  OMG!!!  I just almost stepped on that dead bird…**shudders**  OMG!!  So gross.  That would have been a disaster…
  • Seriously, Runner Dude?  I pull out on to the canal and you decide that’s a good time to take your shirt off?  Yuck!
  • I feel like I’m in a game of Frogger when I illegally run across these 6 lanes of traffic!  I hope I don’t go **splat**!!!
  • WTF?!  There’s a lot more traffic on the road at 6:30 am on a Saturday than there is on a Sunday?  Where is everyone going?
  • I know I put my iPod on Shuffle but why is it playing all these troubled relationship songs?  They can’t be the only types of songs on my playlist.
  • OMG, why do I always choke up when I listen to this song (Family Portrait)  by Pink?!  She really does a great job conveying her emotions in this song, damn.  *tear*
  • You tell that gold digging beotch where to go Eminem!!  “Now it’s time to f*cking step!”  (Sang that line right out loud to the cows I was running past.)
  • Seriously, bikers?!?!  You really can’t wiggle your fingers or nod to say “good morning”?!  I quit.  I bet if I flip off the next biker I see, there will be a reaction!  Jerk heads!!
  • OMG!!  That runner that just passed me (from behind) scared the crap out of me when she said ‘good morning’.  Good thing I wasn’t closer to the canal since I jumped over a good foot!  Sheesh.  Now she’s passed me, scared the crap out of me and is pulling away from me with ease..  I bet she goes home and blogs about that.
  • Interesting…the dude that removed his shirt in my presence has now put his shirt back on.
  • But that dude on a bike without his shirt on should REALLY put his shirt on.  Wow, when your love handles can almost touch the sides of your bike seat…you need to keep your shirt on!
  • I’m really struggling out here.  My hip hurts, my toe hurts, I feel like I’m going slow.
  • The nice thing about running outdoors…you can spit.  Couldn’t spit on the track yesterday, that was unfortunate.
  • Never mind what I said last week, I need to call my running store and find out what their return policy is!
  • On that note, I need to call my chiro!
  • Hey!  That’s the same runner dude I saw a couple of weeks ago being paced by two bikers.  He must be some kinda famous runner or something.  OMG!  He just tipped his hat at me and said ‘good morning’.  I could seriously cry!!!  I love when runners are so encouraging of other runners.  Would it be inappropriate if I run back and hug him??
  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…while you’re sitting on your ass tomorrow – remove Black Eyed Peas from your playlist.  WTF!?!
  • Why do drivers stare at me as they drive past me?  Like literally, turn this heads and look at me.  There is nothing sexy about me running.  Eyes on the road, drivers, eyes on the road!

Ran 6.58 miles in 1:17.  I don’t normally do back-to-back runs and there’s good reason for that, today was a nice reminder of why that is!  Now I’m off to do the long list of things I’d like to get done today!!  Have a great Saturday!!!