Celebrate Good Times…C’mon!!

It’s a celebration!!!

Remember how happy I was on August 20th when I got a job?  I was pretty stoked.  What I didn’t explain at the time was that it was a contract job and came with a pretty hefty pay cut…but that wasn’t very important to me as I was just happy to be going back to work!

Fast forward to today…I got offered a permanent job with the same company and…a promotion!!!  The cherry on top of this delicious sundae..a comfortable bump in pay!!

I have always, always, always believed that God had a plan, He is in control, and He would provide.  Prayers answered!!!

Tonight, K, D and I had a celebratory dinner and beer (for me and K…Mr. Pipp for D) at ? – you guessed it – San Tan Brewing Co!!!

D enjoying her cheesey goodness!

Today brought a huge sense of relief for me and my family!!  So thankful to God and all His blessings!!

Tomorrow I will be going to my favorite running store to purchase a new pair of running shoes..going to test out Brooks, Asics and my original brand, Pearl iZumi!

I plan to run again, post injury, on Wednesday. I am really looking forward to running again.  I have another half marathon November 4th and to celebrate my new permanent job, I’m going to sign up for a 10k on Thanksgiving!!!

BTW..for anyone keeping track (like me) I got offered a permanent position 2 months to the day I lost my other job.  Yay!!!

What great thing happened to you today?

Do you have a favorite running store?

When is your next race?

Rain and a View

Had more than enough time this morning before work to treat myself to eggs and coffee!

Woke up this morning to the sound of pouring rain and I was so thankful I didn’t have to drive on the freeway to get to work this AM!  It ended up being a complete waste of time that I did my hair before work.  After ushering D in to day care and getting caught in the rain, my hair went completely straight!

Had a good, busy day at work.  At one point I looked out the window from my desk and saw this amazing view!

Hmm….love beer!  Love San Tan!

On the way home, I stopped and picked up some necessities for dinner and..a jar of peanut butter!

I told M I was going to eat peanut butter again and she asked me to at least make it organic!  Deal!

I ran 1 mile after I was home from work this evening, this running streak thing is going strong and I’m at day 89.  The continued streak is supposed to last until Labor Day.

I am completely psyched to run 10 miles in the morning.   Okay, maybe not “psyched” but I am on board to do it.

Do you eat breakfast at home or at work?

Do you eat organic peanut butter?  

How are your runs going?




Unemployed Housewife Makes Ribs

Confession time: we are not a family that eats at home as often as we should.  When I was working, with all the hustle and bustle of work, school, running, trying to spend time together as a family..we found it easier to eat out.  Except, it’s not the healthiest option.  Nor is it the most economic option.

Unemployment often forces the hand of changing habits.  Even if it’s just for the duration of the season.  When K was unemployed last year, we were very good about eating at home.  As soon as he was back to work, we were back to our eating out habits.  I guess that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Thursday I started preparing for our Friday dinner by putting together a potato salad.  On Friday, around 2:30 pm, I started the long, slow process of cooking ribs. I’ve never made ribs before so I was nervous they weren’t going to turn out right. I reviewed a lot of recipes online until I settled on this one, except I didn’t have the meat tenderizer, celery salt or ginger so I skipped that part.

I wanted to make a  nice meal for K to help him  unwind after a long week so I swung by our favorite brewery, San Tan Brewing Co., and filled our growlers!

Nothing says, “Ahh, it’s finally the weekend,” than a nice home cooked meal and a fabulous beer!

A couple of hours later, the ribs were finished. I was pretty stoked they actually turned out exactly as they should have!

Yummy potato salad!

The only thing missing from this plate is something green!

I was going to make spinach but D doesn’t like potato anything (or spinach) so I compromised with the corn.  I felt wrong putting 2 starchy items on the table but..I think we’ll live.   The ribs came out perfectly but next time I’d like to try the step I skipped!

Before dinner I went for a 1 mile walk and finished in 13:58 minutes.  (During the walk, I figured worse case scenario, I could walk the Disneyland half marathon and still finish in the required time limits.)  It was about 113* out and running was just not an option.  I checked the weather report to determine if I’d do my long run on Saturday and saw that it was going to be 90* at 5 am.  I told K it sounded too dangerous to attempt 9 miles in that kind of heat.  Our excessive heat warning is supposed to lift at 8 pm on Sunday so I was thinking maybe I can do my 9 mile run on Monday?  Then this girl ran 6 miles this morning and Tweeted about it.  She said it wasn’t “unbearable”..so now I’m contemplating going for the 9 miler tomorrow instead.

What are you doing this weekend?

Nobody Likes a Negative Nancy!

Yesterday, D and I met a friend for lunch at my favorite brewery, I bet you’ll never guess which one!  San Tan Brewing Co!  Even though I always order the same beer, Hop Shock I.P.A., I often switch up what I order to eat.  I love that about this place…and it’s about the only place I eat where I don’t eat the same exact thing every time!  Awesome!

Yesterday, I had the Turkey Pasta Salad and it was really good!

But like I said, I haven’t had anything here that I don’t like!

Last night, friends of ours came over for a swim.  It was a good time with great friends and a nice distraction from thinking too much!

I was feeling pretty low this morning.  Seems this unemployment stuff is an emotional roller coaster.  Yesterday, I felt pretty good.  This morning, I felt bad again and sulked for awhile playing the, “Should have, would have, could have” game.  That was annoying!  What good is all that going to do me?!  Last I checked, I don’t have a “way back” machine so games like that are pointless!

Annoyed with myself and not wanting to hear it from me any more, I dressed for my run.  I’m not pulling the normal running routine this week but I am sticking to the 1 mile a day game!

Running often clears my head.  For short runs, there’s not a lot of time to think about a lot other than your form, pace, debris in your way, etc.  As I was running along in the bike lane, I was thinking about how much stress I have left out there on the pavement over the past 2 years!  (I started running in August 2010 because I was under a lot of stress and worried it was going to really affect my health.)  So here I was, again, purposely running to burn off some stress.  Then I found myself feeling thankful that I have running to help me cope with stress and clear my head.  Even though my run was short, I made the decision that it’s time for me to play the Glad Game!

  • I’m glad I have running!
  • I’m glad I have connections that may help me.
  • I’m glad I have a half marathon coming up to look forward to.
  • I’m glad I have the love and support of all my friends and family.
  • I’m glad we are healthy.

After all, nobody likes a Negative Nancy – and I don’t like Negative Nancy living in my head!  She’s so fired!

How is your Saturday going?

The Weekend Situation (so far), Excuses and Random Thoughts!

My normal weekend routine typically goes like this:

  • Friday night – Run and early bed
  • Saturday – Early AM run, errands, cleaning, and some resting (if I’m lucky)
  • Sunday – Up in the air…but usually stay home and do whatever needs getting done

This weekend has been anything but normal!

Friday night we had a late night out having dinner with my seester and D – both of whom had early morning Saturday flights to leave Arizona (seester going home and D going to CA for two weeks)!

D was super excited about her solo trip and her “big head” was growing larger and larger by the minute. I was starting to wonder how she’d fit her big girl head in the airplane but it seems to have made it in!

I don’t see anything sticking out that shouldn’t….do you?

Big firsts for my children yesterday: J got his driver’s permit in Ohio and D took her first airplane ride all alone!

After K and I were home from the airport, I did some homework and then went for my 1 mile run.  After I was home K insisted I shower so we can go to lunch which ended up being at the San Tan Brewing Co…Oh Yeah!!!

From there..the afternoon gets blurry! 🙂  We did meet up with M and her family because it was M’s birthday and they were in the area.  I always laugh a lot when I’m with M and we had a lovely visit!!

So here’s my thing..  I get up on the weekdays between 5:15 am and 5:30 am.  On the weekend, during the summer, I have one day that I have to set the alarm and get my run on before the sun comes up too much.  That said, with Saturday’s early AM trip to the airport..I didn’t want to have to set my alarm Sunday morning. I need at least one day a week that I can sleep until my body is ready to get up!  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Additionally, my heart was not in this 10 mile run I had scheduled for myself.  I’ve been running every single day since May 28th and the lack of rest days is taking a toll. I just needed a break and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me taking a step back and saying, “I won’t do a long run this week!”  So..there you have it.  I gave myself permission to cancel my long run.  If someone would like to come collect my “Runner’s Club Card” just let me know.  But I highly doubt I’m going to get kicked out of the club because I just didn’t feel like running 10 miles on a 1/10th of a mile indoor running track.  Anyone here want to blame me for that?  I didn’t think so!

But the “you need to go for a run longer than a mile” voice in my head kept nagging at me.  So today, after I finished my 2 hours of homework, I set out for a run.  Told K I didn’t know how long I’d be or how many miles I’d do but I’d be back when I felt like it-which isn’t a very wise plan considering it’s so hot here, I normally like to tell K when he should expect me home so he can come look for me if he has to.  I was going to do that thing where you run for feel and freedom and not for time or pace or mileage.

So…yeah…it’s hot out there!!!!!!!!!!  There’s also a bit of humidity in the air – YUCK!!!!  Here’s what I thought about along the way:

  • I like that my tan line shows where my running socks start/stop on my ankle!  Tan lines to be proud of.
  • It feels weird not looking down at my running watch every 15 seconds. I wonder what my pace is…
  • It would be okay if I just ran my usual 1 mile.
  • You can do longer than 1 mile, maybe 1.5.
  • C’mon, at least do a 5k.
  • Who am I kidding?  What crazy person runs in this heat?
  • 11 minutes in and I’m already through one bottle of water.  There is no flippin’ way you could run 10 miles out here in these conditions.
  • If I was in a race right now, they’d have to put up black flags to warn runners.  I wonder if everyone would still get the bling?!
  • I’m going to finish the length of this road and then head home…this is stupid!
  • Don’t drivers have anything better to stare at than me?  Have they never seen a runner before?
  • I’m so glad I got most of my paper done for class.
  • When race season kicks up again, do I want to run a half marathon every month or every other month?  How about a 10k in between half marathon months?  Hmm…I gotta get all that figured out!
  • I could finish this “10 mile” run at the gym….or not.
  • I vote “not”!

I ran 2.03 miles in 23:21 minutes.  A far cry from the scheduled 10 miles but…better than nothing! I won’t be at the top of the leader board on Daily Mile this week but that’s okay!  It’s more important that I listen to my body and not burn out on this running business.  After all, I have a date with a half marathon to set a PR on September 2, 2012!

 Do you feel guilty when/if you deviate from a running plan?

Birthday Celebrating Part 1!

K’s birthday was Wednesday but D’s early morning puke fest terminated all future plans of the day..  Poor K…and D (she was the one throwing up, after all).

I reassured him I’d make it up to him so I had every intention of making Saturday all about celebrating K’s birthday…after I did my 8 mile run, of course!

We started the celebrating by seeing Madagascar 3.  K and D have seen the first 2 movies but I haven’t because I’m a Disney snob.  It’s true – I own it.  While I waited to buy snacks, I was wishing we were seeing this instead….

But alas, it hasn’t been released yet.  I don’t only see Disney movies, there are times I have been dragged to branched out, Despicable Me (non-Disney) is the shiznit!!  Me and K laughed our butts off at that movie!!

Madagascar 3 was pretty good for a kids movie.  The theater was packed and a family sat their 3 boys next to K and then sat 3 rows away.  Who the hell does that???  Thanks for letting us babysit your Icee slurping, chair rocking, “Where’s the popcorn?” askin’ brats!!!  So irritating!!!!  I keep saying I’m going to quit going to the theater because of all the rude people there but..we still get suckered in.

After the movie…we finally made it to The Keg for K’s birthday dinner!!!  K and I fell in love with The Keg during a visit to Niagara Falls, Canada a few years ago.  They make the bombest screwdrivers with fresh squeezed OJ!  OH Yeah!!!!

I was thoroughly entertained watching the butter for my crab melt!

I’m really a simpleton, if you haven’t figured that out yet!

Ahh!!!  The crab is attacking my filet mignon!

Fear not, I showed the crab who’s boss!

Fab dinner!!  Always amazing and delicious!!

Finished celebrating K’s birthday with shots at home!

Now it’s time for my birthday!!!!!!

I was up early because my allergies decided to flare up, lucky me!  Around 8:30, I decided to get my 1 mile run done and over with for the day!  I highly doubt I’ll be in any condition mood to do it later this afternoon!

After my run and a shower (you’re welcome); K, D and I went to breakfast.  We visited The Good Egg for the first time.  K picked it because it boasted “healthy options”.  I ordered the 7 vegetables (minus 2 of the featured veggies – onions and bell pepper) and egg white omelet!  Yum!

After breakfast we hit up Sprinkles for my free birthday cupcake (we picked up cupcakes for everyone, including my seester because Sprinkles makes the bomb gluten free cupcakes – or so she tells me.  The way she inhales them, I believe her)!

After we were home, it was present time!

Someone’s been reading my blog!!!  🙂

I don’t know that Part 2 of the birthday celebrating will be as long as Part 1 since it sounds like K and I are on our way to our favorite brewery!!!  Oh yeah!!